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* Full Year 2020 Reports * 45 markets available

The Toyota Yaris/Yaris Cross tops the regular car charts in Japan.

This article is the portal to all Full Year 2020 Reports, covering 39 countries and 6 regions and territories, for a total of 45 markets.

You can find below the links to all updates already live. Please check again later if the country you are after isn’t on the list yet as this post is is updated in real time as more Reports get published.

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All markets available in alphabetical order:

Argentina 2020: VW and Toyota Hilux remain #1, Fiat Cronos up to #3 in market down -25.5%

Australia 2020: Toyota Hilux #1 for 5th year, RAV4 up to #3, Holden out in weakest market in 17 years (-13.7%)

Austria 2020: Skoda Octavia repeats at #1, VW places 6 models in Top 9, sales down -24.5%

Belgium 2020: BMW (-0.7%) catches up on Volkswagen (-24.9%) in market down -21.5%

Brazil 2020: Chevrolet and Onix on top but challenged, Jeep shines, sales down -26.6%

Bulgaria 2020: Renault Clio and Dacia Dokker top freefalling market (-37.2%)

Canada 2020: Cadillac only gainer, Ford F-Series leads for 12th straight year, market down -19.7% to lowest since 2009

China wholesales 2020: SUVs outsell cars for the first time, Nissan Sylphy snaps first win, market down just -1.9%

Croatia 2020: Skoda Octavia remains #1, VW Polo and Kia Stonic shine, sales freefall -42.7%

Czech Republic 2020: Skoda monopolises Top 5 for the first time, Scala up to #3 in market down -18.8%

Denmark 2020: Peugeot 208, Citroen C3 and Ford Kuga top market down “just” -12.2%

England (UK) 2020: Ford Fiesta and VW Golf top market down -29.8%, Tesla Model 3 in Top 10

Europe 2020: Market down -24.3%, Toyota (-12.7%), Skoda (-15.7%) resist

Finland 2020: Toyota Corolla secures first win in 13 years in market down -16.1%

France 2020: Peugeot 208 II secures first win, Renault Zoe #9 in market down -25.5% to lowest volume in 45 years

Germany 2020: Sales down -19.1% to weakest in a decade, VW Golf leads but drops -33.4%, ID.3 #3 in December

Hungary 2020: Suzuki and Vitara #1, Toyota (+15.6%), Fiat (+22%) go against market down -18.9%

India 2020: Kia up to #4, Maruti Swift topples Alto in market down -17.3%

Indonesia 2020: Market hit -48.3%, Honda Brio & Suzuki Carry Pikap end 14 years of Toyota Avanza domination

Ireland 2020: Toyota Corolla repeats at #1, VW ID.3 wins two months in market down -24.6%

Israel 2020: Hyundai and Toyota Corolla dominate market down -15.5%

Italy 2020: Market falls -27.7% to weakest since 2014, Fiat hits lowest volume since 1959

Japan 2020: Toyota holds best among top brands, Yaris and Raize top market down -11.5%

London (UK) 2020: Mercedes A-Class and Tesla Model 3 top market off -26.1%

Luxembourg 2020: Volkswagen (-24.2%) under pressure from Mercedes (-10.1%) in market down -17.8%

Mexico 2020: Nissan celebrates 20 consecutive years as #1 brand, market falls -28% to lowest since 2011

Netherlands 2020: Kia Niro, VW ID.3 and Hyundai Kona top market down -20%

New Caledonia (France) 2020: Positive market (+1.9%), Toyota and Dacia Duster maintain lead, Chinese come back

New Zealand 2020: Kia (+12.7%) island of growth in market down -22.6%, Ford Ranger signs 6th straight win

Northern Ireland (UK) 2020: Ford Focus, VW Golf topple Ford Fiesta in market off -29.7%

Norway 2020: Audi e-Tron, Tesla Model 3, VW ID.3 best-sellers, electrified share up to 83.4%

Pakistan 2020: Suzuki Alto signs first ever win in market down -33.6%

Philippines 2020: Sales down -40.3%, Toyota improves share, Geely up

Portugal 2020: Renault Clio, Mercedes A-Class & Peugeot 2008 top market off -35%

Romania 2020: Dacia Logan at lowest share, Duster and Sandero at highest in market down -21.8%

Russia 2020: Lada Granta repeats at #1, Chinese brands up 41.3% in market down -9.1%

Scotland (UK) 2020: Vauxhall Corsa snaps 10th win in past 13 years, sales down -27.8%

South Korea 2020: Market up 5.8%, Genesis up to #3 brand, Hyundai Grandeur best-seller

Spain 2020: Dacia Sandero ends 12 consecutive years of Seat domination in market down -32.3%

Sweden 2020: Podium 100% Volvo for the first time in history, VW ID.3 #1 in December

Turkey 2020: Fiat (+80.1%), Ford (+96.2%), Citroen (+128.4%) impress in market shooting up 61.3%

UK 2020: Market hit -29.4% by two Covid lockdowns, Ford Fiesta teased by Vauxhall Corsa, Ford Puma and Volvo XC40 in Top 10

Ukraine 2020: Toyota RAV4 secures first win in market down just -3.4%

USA 2020: Ford F-Series #1 for 39th year, Chevy Silverado & GMC Sierra up in market down -14.6%

Wales (UK) 2020: Vauxhall Corsa overtakes Ford Fiesta, MG ZS on podium

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