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Ukraine Full Year 2020: Toyota RAV4 secures first win in market down just -3.4%

The Toyota RAV4 is the best-selling vehicle in Ukraine in 2020. Picture

Note: September, October, November and December monthly data is also included in the data section of this article.

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New car sales in Ukraine manage to contain their loss to just -3.4% year-on-year in 2020 to 85.450 units. The market however remains far from its pre-Crimean crisis levels of 213.000 sales in 2013 and 623.000 in 2008. Renault (-1.6%) repeats at #1 in the brands charts and improves its share slightly to 16.8%. Toyota (+5.9%) does even better and lodges the only year-on-year gain in the Top 7, markedly advancing its market share from 14.2% to 15.6%. The next five carmakers all underperform, with Nissan (-28.1%) hit the hardest while Peugeot (+28.4%), Mazda (+14.5%) and Suzuki (+13.5%) post the largest gains in the Top 10, all at the tail end of it. Opel (+71.7%), Haval (+65.7%), Ford (+39.8%), Mercedes (+25.5%) and Chery (+18.1%) are among the best performers further down. The end of the year so a range of new Chinese entrants appear in the charts (Zhidou, BAIC, Ora, Xpeng) but their sales all remain in the single digits for now.

Over in the models ranking, the new generation boosts the Toyota RAV4 (+34.6%) up 3 spots to the overall pole position. The RAV4 leapfrogs past the Dacia Duster (+6.4%) also up, last year’s leader the Kia Sportage (-16.3%) and the Renault Logan (-11.4%). The Renault Sandero (-0.7%) remains in 5th place ahead of the Toyota Prado (-0.9%) and Hyundai Tucson (-10.9%) both overtaking the Skoda Octavia (-35%). The Mazda CX-5 (+16.1%) delivers the second largest uptick in the Top 10, up 3 spots on 2019 to land at #10. Notice also the Ford Kuga (+106.8%), Peugeot 301 (+59.4%), Mercedes GLE (+41.4%), VW Touareg (+28.8%) and Suzuki SX4 (+18.2%) all posting fantastic gains in the remainder of the Top 20.

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