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Madagascar 2018: Renault takes the lead

The Renault Kwid has launched in many Indian Ocean countries, including Madagascar, Sri Lanka (pictured) and Mauritius. Exclusive sales statistics for Madagascar, a traditionally tricky market to follow, is now available for 2018. If in 2017 only the first two quarters were available, this year we have progress and access to…

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Media post: How a car lease works

Interested in leasing a car instead of buying one? Not sure what exactly leasing a vehicle entails? Well, don’t worry we are here to break down the basics of what it means to lease a car and how it works. Leasing a vehicle every few years is still an immensely…

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World: 1960-2018 Historical Data now available

The Toyota Corolla was #1 in the world 1980. 20/08/2019 update: Now with information for 1983 (1 new and 2 updated articles). The direct links to 35 Historical World posts are below. Thanks to Florian at Interautonews I can now share with you the world's best-selling models in much more detail for selected…

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