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Media post: A Brief History of the Stoplight

In the early 1900s, on the streets of America’s cities were automobiles, horse-drawn carriages, bicyclists, trolley cars and pedestrians, all of which believing they had the right of way. This, of course, lent itself to thousands of collisions every year, many of which were fatal. In 1913, the same year…

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Media post: How concept cars began

In 1939, General Motors, surprised the automotive industry when they were the first major manufacturer to formally unveil a car that was not in actual production, or even in the planning stages.  The car was a futuristic new design and was dubbed the “Y-Job.” The Y-Job was the brainchild of…

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Media post: Teen driver Safety Tips

No matter how old they may get, your children will always be your children and seeing them go off to new things can be worrying, to say the least. Perhaps the most stressful of these times can be when they start to drive. Sure you’ll ride with them for a…

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