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Media post: How Does Car Insurance Work? & 4 Tips For Getting a Great Deal

IMG Source - Car insurance, just like any other insurance, provides cover against uncertainties, which in this case includes accidents, damages, repairs, and additional third-party liabilities that can financially ruin an individual. Most countries across the world mandate third-party coverage for all vehicles, with stiff penalties for non-compliance. Basically,…

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Media post: Are Electric Vehicles Safe?

In the past couple of years, multiple factors have led to thousands of new models being introduced within the electric vehicles industry. However, the two major factors include the prices constantly dropping for electric vehicles, followed by technological improvements and advancements in battery power and battery life. According to at…

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Media post: Which Engine Oil Do You Need?

By Mark Powell, Business Unit Director at Broughton Lubricants Choosing the right engine oil can make a significant difference to the efficiency of a vehicle. If you understand the specific needs of your engine, and have some awareness of the technical specifications you should look for, you can deliver enhanced…

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