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Media post: 7 Best 7 Seater Cars in 2022

Not that long ago, if you had a large family or transported your 5-a-side team anywhere, you needed a people carrier. Now you can choose from an SUV, people carrier, large estate or something completely different. Choice isn’t always a good thing though. What used to be a straight up…

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Media post: 3 Maintenance Tips for Diesel Engines

Soot, smoke, noise, and lacklustre performance were correlated with diesel engines in the past. But as time goes on, the ultra-low sulphur diesel fuel has improved because of technological advancements. The diesel engine became quieter, more robust, and more dependable than before. The dawn of turbocharging and common-rail direct injection…

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Media post: 6 Reasons to Upgrade your Car’s Exhaust System

Because automobiles are mass-produced today, manufacturers use standardized, affordable parts designed to fit the wide variety of vehicles that roll off their assembly lines. Due to bulk manufacturing standards, automakers aren't overly concerned about enhancing every car's performance – particularly when it comes to maximizing the vehicles' horsepower and torque.…

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Media post: 5 Common Road Traffic Injuries

Traffic accidents can be a major headache, especially when concerning your wellbeing and health. You may experience a large number of injuries that can be a financial drain and an emotional drain as well. When you speak to a New York City auto accident attorney after your recent car crash,…

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