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South Korea Full Year 2017: Now with Top 170 All foreign models

The Mercedes E-Class cements its domination among foreigners in South Korea.

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The South Korean Full Year 2017 Report has now been updated with complete foreign models data. The Mercedes E Class (+42%) and BMW 5 Series (+40%) both post spectacular gains to cement their domination, followed by the BMW 3 Series (+15%) and Mercedes C Class (-1%) like in 2016. The Lexus ES is up 22% and two spots to #5, the Honda Accord surges 84% to #7 while the Ford Explorer (+27%) and Toyota Camry (+39%) also shine in the Top 10. Below, the Nissan Altima (+34%), Mercedes GLC (+23%), BMW X5 (+61%), Mercedes AMG range (+636%) and BMW X6 (+44%) also make themselves noticed while among newcomers the Infiniti Q30 (#54), Range Rover Velar (#75) and Volvo V90 (#92) are the most popular.

Azerbaijan Full Year 2017: Hyundai & Ravon Nexia R3 top market up 26.5%

Launched this year, the Ravon Nexia R3 lands directly in pole position in Azerbaijan. 

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Thanks to Farid Nurizada at we can share with you today exclusive Full Year 2017 data for Azerbaijan, with the first ever official Top 10 brands ranking established for this market. Note only sales by official dealers are counted, parallel imports not included. After two years of steep decline (-58% in 2015 and -47% in 2016), the Azerbaijani new car market returns to positive ground in 2017 at +26.5% to 6.979 units, although this is still a far cry from the 45.000-50.000 annual unit-level of 2013-2014. Favourable macroeconomic factors such as booming tourism and economic measures taken by the government led to a better availability of financing for new vehicles. As such, almost all carmakers present in the country posted double-digit year-on-year gains in 2017.

Hyundai is #1 in Azerbaijan with the Accent ranking #3 overall.

For the first time since 2014, Hyundai is the most popular brand in Azerbaijan thanks to deliveries more than doubling vs. 2016 at +110%, overtaking the leader for 2015 and 2016: Lada, down a harsh 53% on its 2017 winning score. The true star in 2017 is newly launched Ravon, available only this year in Azerbaijan but already third best-seller with a stellar 13% share just below Lada. Toyota (+78%) and Kia (+74%) mechanically each drop one spot to #4 and #5 respectively even with sturdy gains. Chinese carmakers have become a lot more opipoular in the country this year, led by Changan estimated to rank #6 overall, followed by BYD outside the Top 10. Note that Lifan assembles locally in partnership with NAZ, but although the brand ranked #9 in 2016, it has disappeared from the 2017 Top 10.

The Lada 4×4 is knocked down to #2 but remains the brand’s best-seller in Azerbaijan.

Mercedes (#7) is back above Lexus (#9) to lead the premium segment, followed by Audi at #10. Finally, notice Dodge starting local operations this year with the brand’s largest showroom in the world in the capital Baku. Over in the models ranking, the Ravon Nexia R3 lands directly in pole position thanks to sustained interest from local taxi companies. The Lada 4×4 is knocked down to #2 with the Hyundai Accent rounding up the podium.

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Full Year 2017 Top 10 brands ranking vs. Full Year 2016 data below.

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Mexico January 2018: Kia hits record share, Chevy sinks 53% in market down 11.4%

Kia sales in Mexico are up 37% to reach a record 7.3% market share.

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The Mexican new car market continues to contract in this start of 2018 with January sales down 11.4% year-on-year, marking an 8th consecutive month of decline and 2nd consecutive double-digit drop after losing 17.5% in December. Nissan loses less ground than the market at -8%, resulting in a market share improved to 24.2%, almost double the #2 Volkswagen down 15%. Toyota goes against the grain with a fantastic 15% surges to 8.5% share, followed by Honda (-2%) while for Chevrolet it’s a month to forget with deliveries down an abysmal 53% on January 2017 to a paltry 7.7% share vs. 16.1% over the Full Year 2017. Kia continues to impress with a 37% year-on-year gain leading to a new record share at 7.3%, smashing its previous best of 6.4% established last September. Sister brand Hyundai also shines with a 17% uplift while Mazda improves its share to 4.3% thanks to deliveries down just 1%. Outside the Top 10, Jaguar (+500%), Land Rover (+265%), Lamborghini (+50%), Suzuki (+36%), BMW (+35%), Jeep (+30%), Isuzu (+29%), Peugeot (+18%), Volvo (+15%), Ferrari (+14%), Audi (+8%), Mini (+8%), Porsche (+8%), Buick (+3%) and Lincoln (+3%) all defy the surrounding gloom to post positive results.

The Toyota C-HR lands directly inside the Mexican Top 100. 

After being toppled by the Chevrolet Beat in December, the Nissan Versa – the best-selling vehicle in Mexico for the past two consecutive years – reclaims its throne with sales actually up 16% to 7% share, with the Japanese carmaker placing four nameplates in the Top 5 this month: the Pickup (-7%) at #2, the March (-3%) at #4 and the Sentra (-10%) at #5. The odd one out is the VW Vento (-7%) rounding up the podium. Below the Chevrolet Aveo down 52% to #6, the Kia Rio shoots up 132% year-on-year to land at a record 7th place, beating its previous best of #8 established last September. The Honda CR-V (+116%) also impresses at #9 while the Chevrolet Beat drops 9 spots on December to #10 but remains by far the best-selling recent launch (<12 months) above the Hyundai Accent (#28), Renault Captur (#65) and Chevrolet Cavalier (#67). This month we welcome the Toyota C-HR at #97 and the Peugeot 5008 at #160.

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China LCV January 2018: Pickups soar 34.4%, other segments down

The Huanghai N3-Series makes its first appearance in the Chinese sales charts.

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China LCV data is available for January 2018 thanks to our partnership with Chinese consultancy outlet Cedars. Total light commercial vehicle sales are down 6% year-on-year this month to 116.271 units but the three different segments that compose this data behave vastly differently. The star of the month once again is pickup trucks surging 34.4% on their January 2017 score to 36.224 deliveries, but mini trucks (minivan-derived pickups) are down 8% to 46.106 and minivans continue to freefall at -27.3% to 33.941 units. As it has been the case for the past three years, the Wuling Mini Truck is the overall leader, seeing sales soar 42% year-on-year in January to over 25.000, that’s 2.5 times the amount of the 2nd best-seller, the Wuling Hongguang V minivan (-12%).

The Terramont is now ZX Auto’s best-seller in China. 

The Great Wall Wingle 5 leads the pickup charge as usual with deliveries up 30%, ahead of the Wuling Sunshine (+25%) and Dongfeng K-Series Mini Truck (+10%). Very strong performances also by the Jinbei Mini Truck (+136%), JMC Yuhu (+81%) thanks to its recent facelift, the Jinbei Haise (+63%) and JAC Pickup (+42%). The Chana Mini Truck (-58%) and Wuling Rongguang (-29%) on the other hand lose significant ground. Among recent launches, the Maxus T60 celebrates 1 year in market by breaking into the Top 20 for the first time at #18, the ZX Auto Terralord overtakes the Grand Tiger to become the brand’s best-seller at home and we welcome the Huanghai N3-Series at #30 with just under 600 sales.

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Full January 2018 Top 48 models ranking below.


France February 2018: Peugeot scores second straight month at #1

The 3008 (+75%) helps Peugeot stay #1 at home for a second straight month. Picture 

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The French new car market accelerates its pace this year with a 4.3% gain in February to 168.897 deliveries following a 2.5% uplift in January, resulting in a year-to-date volume up 3.4% to 325.743. Diesel sales continue to freefall at -10.1% whereas petrol sales gain 17.6%. Like in January, private sales pull the market up at +7.3% to 47.9% share vs. 49.2% last month. Fleet sales do even better at +14% for a 23.4% share after a 15.7% gain last month. Tactical sales retract considerably: carmakers’ self-registrations at -36.7% and short-term rentals at -18.2% but demo sales soar 12.2% to 14.2% share. For the first time this decade according to BSCB records, Peugeot manages to remain in pole position at home for two consecutive months thanks to sales surging by a very impressive 19% to 18.4% share vs. 17.9% (-1.3%) for Renault. Peugeot is rewarded for particularly high fleet sales up 45% to 10.617 vs. 9.462 for Renault while the latter suffers from tactical readjustments with demo sales (-22.2%) and short term rentals (-19.1%) hit hard while private sales are up 12.2%. In third place, Citroen is stable but falls under the symbolic 10% share milestone once again. Volkswagen (+4.9%) is back above Dacia (+8%) but the low-cost marque remains #4 year-to-date with deliveries up 11%. Fiat (+8.8%) also shines in the Top 10 while Opel (-13.7%), Ford (-5%) and Toyota (-3.3%) struggle. Further down, Jeep (+42.2%), Hyundai (+40%), Skoda (+22.8%), Suzuki (estimated at +20%) and Kia (+17.6%) all impress.

Despite the C3 (+34%), Citroen sales are back below the symbolic 10% share mark. Picture

The Renault Clio (-0.5%), Peugeot 208 (+11%), 3008 (+75%) and Citroen C3 (+34%) replicate the Top 4 ranking of both January and the Full Year 2017. The Renault Captur (+2%) rounds up the Top 5 above its archenemy the Peugeot 2008 (-2%) while the Sandero (-0.2%) and Duster (+31%) make it two Dacias in the French Top 10 for the third straight month. The Renault Twingo leaps up 16% to return inside its home Top 10 for the first time since last September. Although down 15%, the Peugeot 308 still frankly outsells its direct competitor the Renault Megane (-13%). The Renault Scenic is up 39% to #12 ahead of the Toyota Yaris (-1%), #1 foreigner for the 2nd straight month.

The Peugeot 3008/5008 tandem is the unofficial best-selling vehicle in France in February. 

The Citroen C3 Aircross drops 4 spots on last month to #14 with the VW Polo (-8%) and Golf (+19%) in tow with only 4 foreigners in the Top 20. Up 10-fold on a year ago, the Peugeot 5008 now ranks #15 year-to-date. For the third time in the past 4 months, cumulated sales of the Peugeot 3008/5008 tandem place it at #1 at home, this month with 9,525 units or 5.6% share. Further down the ranking, the Ford Ecosport is up 113% year-on-year and 41 spots on January to break into the French Top 50 for the first time, landing directly at #30! The Nissan Micra is up 132%, the Fiat Panda up 158% while the VW T-Roc is up 19 ranks on last month to a new all-time best #41, its first time inside the French Top 50 – a milestone it still hasn’t reached in Germany.

The Ford Ecosport scores its first Top 50, Top 40 and Top 30 in France in February. 

The Dacia Sandero remains the favourite choice of private French car buyers, up 5.2% and containing the assaults of the Peugeot 208 (+25.6%) and Renault Clio (+29.2%). Most of the remainder of the Top 10 showcase spectacular gains, such as the VW Golf (+37.2%), Peugeot 3008 (+33.6%), Renault Twingo (+30.9%), Dacia Duster (+28.7%), Renault Captur (+26%) and Toyota Yaris (+23.2%). The Peugeot 3008 is a faraway leader in the company sales channel with deliveries up 41% to 8.7% share with the 208, 308 and 5008 (3.7% share) also in the Top 5. The Citroen C3 ranks third at 6.7% share while the VW Tiguan is the best-selling foreigner to companies. As far as lease sales are concerned, the Peugeot 3008 is less than 300 units below the leader, the Renault Clio, holding 9.6% share. The Megane, Scenic and Captur also rank high as does the Peugeot 5008 and the Nissan Qashqai, #1 foreigner for leasers. It’s also the Qashqai that tops the demo sales channel this month (+53%) ahead of the Peugeot 208, Citroen C3, VW Golf (+80%), Citroen C3 Aircross and C4 Cactus.

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Full February 2018 Top 20 brands and Top 90 models below.


Italy February 2018: VW up 20%, Fiat (-17%) and Lancia (-42%) sink

Fiat Tipo sales are up 39% but Fiat as a whole drops 17% at home in February. Picture

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The Italian new car market marks a pause in February with sales down 1.4% to 183.147, the first year-on-year decline in the country since April 2017, yet the YTD volume remains in positive at +1.1% to 362.735. But the picture would have been much worse without the efforts, again, of rental and company sales. Rental deliveries surges 18.9% to 54.216 or 29.6% share vs. 24.6% a year ago with short-term rentals up 15.1% to 26.283 and long-term/leases up 22.7% to 27.933. Company sales gain 7.8% to 36.501 or 19.9% share vs. 18.2% in February 2017 but for private sales, it’s a hell month: down an abysmal 13% to 92.430 units or 50.5% share vs. 57.2% a year ago. Year-to-date, private sales are down 9.5% to 194.888 (53.7% share vs. 60% in 2017), rental sales are up 17.4% to 95.137 (26.2% vs. 22.6%) and company sales up 16.1% to 72.710 (20% vs. 17.4%). Once again diesel sales resist better than petrol at -0.9% to 103.177 and 56.3% share with petrol sales down 5.4% to 58.459 and 31.9% share. Gpl sales are down 10.1% two 10.484, methane sales up 62.6% to 4.287, hybrid sales are up 18.6% to 6.249, plug-in hybrids up 65.5% to 245 and electric sales up 105% to 246. In terms of body types, sedans/hatches tumble down 12.4% to 89.070 units or 48.6% share vs. 54.8% a year ago whereas crossovers surge 34.1% to 51.110 or 27.9% share vs. 20.5% in February 2017, 4WDs are up 19.5% to 16.549 and station wagons are down 11.1% to 11.442.

Imminent death? The Lancia Ypsilon falls 42% to its lowest ranking in over 5 years.

In the brands ranking, leader Fiat once again posts very disappointing results at -17% to just 17.8% share, its 5th straight year-on-year decline and 7th consecutive month below 20%. Volkswagen on the other hand is very healthy at +20% to 8.9%, the brand’s highest share since August 2014 and its largest year-on-year gain since December 2016. Ford (-1%) rounds up the podium above Peugeot (+13%) and Renault (-4%). In the remainder of the Top 10, Jeep surges 80%, Dacia soars 49% to #9 (highest ranking since last July) and Citroen is up 24%. Further down, notice Jaguar (+38%), Seat (+34%), Alfa Romeo (+19%), Skoda (+15%), Maserati (+14%) and among smaller brands DR Motor (+97%), Lamborghini (+78%) and Lada (+50%). Reversely quite a few carmakers register steep declines, the highest profile being Lancia down a harsh 42%. Sold exclusively in Italy since 2015 and with just the Ypsilon to show for a lineup (we reported on this back in May 2014), the days of this once majestic brand founded in 1906 now truly look like they are counted, with Lancia to be added to Fiat’s atrocious track record at keeping marques alive after the deaths of Autobianchi in 1995 and Innocenti in 1996 after just 6 years of Fiat ownership. In 2013 we reported on rumours of an Autobianchi revival as Fiat’s low-cost brand in Europe but this never came to fruition. Other brands hit hard in Italy in February include Infiniti (-75%), Tesla (-63%), Smart (-32%), Mahindra (-30%), Volvo (-30%), DS (-27%) and Honda (-24%).

The VW T-Roc improves its best ranking to #33 while the Golf (+22%) and Polo (+14%) shine.

Atop the Italian models ranking, the Fiat Panda endures another difficult month at -35% to 5.6% share, yet that’s still double any other nameplate in market. With the Tipo up 39% to #2 (35% for the station wagon leader in its segment), the 500 up 2% to #3 and the 500X up 8% to #4, Fiat monopolises its home Top 4 for the first time since last June and also does so YTD. The VW Golf soars 22% to #5, becoming the best-selling foreign nameplate in Italy for the 2nd time in the past 4 months (it ranked #2 in November) above the Citroen C3 (+25%) and VW Polo (+14%) all very dynamic. As detailed above, the Lancia Ypsilon is down 42% to #9, its lowest ranking since December 2012, while last month’s foreign leader of last month the Ford Fiesta (-13%) is down to #10 and last 4 years’ foreign leader the Renault Clio (-15%) is down to #11.

The new model propels the Ford Ecosport into its very first Italian Top 20. Picture

The Dacia Duster surges 89% to #12, its highest ranking since August 2014, and ranks #2 outright in diesel sales (+159%) below the Fiat 500X, the Ford Ecosport is up 68% to a record #19, the nameplate’s first incursion inside Italy’s Top 20, the Peugeot 3008 is up 150% to #22, also a record, the Ford Kuga is up 40% to an all-time high #23 also hit in August 2017, the Nissan Micra is up 49% and the Mercedes GLA up 102%. The Citroen C3 Aircross improves its best ranking by 8 spots to #30 and the VW T-Roc by 13 to #33.

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Full February 2018 Top 45 brands and Top 50 models below.


Germany February 2018: Ford Focus at highest in over 7 years, market up 7.4%

The Ford Focus thanks 4th in Germany, it highest since October 2010. 

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German new car sales are once again frankly above their year-ago level in February at +7.4% or roughly 18.000 units to 261.749 registrations, leading to a year-to-date volume up 9.5% to 531.178. For once, brand leader Volkswagen beats the market with a 12% year-on-year gain to 18.3% share, yet this is almost two percentage points below its January level of 20.2%. Audi (-4%) overtakes Mercedes (+1%) despite remaining in negative territory but remains #3 year-to-date while Ford and Opel (each up 7%) both pass BMW (-1%) to rank 4th and 5th respectively, in the case of Opel the brand’s best ranking at home since last October. Skoda (+18%), Renault (+12%), Hyundai (+10%) and Seat (+21%) all post very satisfying gains but remain at the tail end of the German Top 10. Beyond, Peugeot surges 44%, Smart is up 36%, Dacia up 31%, Volvo up 23%, Citroen up 19% and Porsche up 10%. Among smaller carmakers, DS (+129%) and Lamborghini (+41%) shine.

The 3008 (+86%) helps Peugeot up 44% in Germany. Picture

Model-wise, the VW Golf manages a stunning 5th consecutive month above +20% at +21% to 6.9% share and is followed like in January by the VW Tiguan (+11%) distancing the VW Passat (+6%). The Ford Focus surges 36% to 4th place, the nameplate’s highest ranking in Germany in over 7 years, since October 2010! The Audi A4 is up 13% to #5, the VW Touran up 38% to #7, the Skoda Fabia up 28% to #12 with the Audi Q2 (+48%), BMW X1 (+30%), Fiat 500 (+28%), Mercedes GLC (+26%), VW Caddy (+26%), Mercedes E-Class (+20%) the most dynamic in the Top 30. Notice also the Opel Insignia up 72% thanks to the new generation, the Citroen C3 up 83% (including the C3 Aircoss), the Dacia Duster up 57% and the Peugeot 3008 up 86%. Once again the VW T-Roc disappoints at a low 58th spot selling 1/4 of the more expensive Tiguan and beaten among recent launches (<12 months) by both the Skoda Karoq (#54) and Opel Crossland X (#57). Both the Seat Arona (#58) and Hyundai Kona (#89) break into the German Top 100 for the first time this month.

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Full February 2018 Top 48 brands and Top 320 models below.


USA February 2018: Toyota & VW Group stay afloat in market down 2.4%

Toyota Motor manages a 4.5% uplift in a negative market. The Tacoma is up 18%.

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U.S. new light vehicle sales return to negative in February and for the third time in the past six months after last October and December, down 2.4% year-on-year to 1.302.128 units which pulls the year-to-date tally down 0.8% to 2.457.013 units after gaining 1.2% in January. The Seasonally Adjusted Annualised Sales Rate (SAAR) is down for the second consecutive month at 17.12 million vs. 17.18m in January and 17.86m in December. It is however the sixth consecutive month above 17m, an encouraging stat that could point to a Full Year 2018 score above 17m after all. Passenger cars continue their freefall at -12.6% to 438.963 units and just 33.7% market share whereas light trucks manage to remain in positive territory at +3.8% to 863.165 deliveries and 66.3% share. In the detail, midsize cars are down 17.2% and small cars down 12.2% while on the light truck side, crossovers shine bright at +11.7% to 442.385 – outselling passenger cars – whereas SUVs are down 3.8% to 138.335 and pickup trucks down 4.6% to 206.111. Year-to-date, passenger cars are down 11.9% to 818.930 with midsize cars down 15.1% to 348.734 and small cars down 12.9% to 341.191, and light trucks are up 5.9% to 1.638.083 with crossovers up 12.8% to 843.074, SUVs down 2% to 262.579 and pickup trucks nudging down 0.3% to 392.942. Note luxury sales are among the healthiest in the market at +3.1% this month.

Jeep sales are up 12.3%, with the Compass scoring its first ever Top 20 according to BSCB records.

Group-wise, both General Motors (-6.9%) and Ford Motor (-6.8%) lodge steep declines but end the month on top, distancing Toyota Motor up 4.5%. FCA posting a 13th consecutive decline (-0.9%), Nissan Motor (-2.6%), American Honda (-5%) and Hyundai-Kia (-9.3%) lodging a 15th consecutive year-on-year drop are also in negative while the Volkswagen Group (+9.5%) posts the largest increase of any large group, followed by the BMW Group (+7.5%). Over in the brands ranking, the Top 8 remains unchanged on January, with Ford (-6.1%), Toyota (+4.4%), Chevrolet (-8.8%), Nissan (-4%) and Honda (-5.6%) in the lead Jeep managing the largest year-on-year gain by far at +12.3%, Subaru celebrates a 75th straight month of gains (+3.8%) and Hyundai the hardest hit at -13%. Further down, notice Alfa Romeo (+254%), Mini (+42.3%), Tesla up an estimated 36.4%, Volvo (+35.1%), Porsche (+20.5%), Land Rover and Mitsubishi both up 18.8%, Cadillac (+14%), Mazda (+12.7%) and Audi (+12.4%) – astoundingly celebrating 100 consecutive months of year-on-year gains. At the other end of the scale, Smart (-69.5%), Fiat (-42.1%), Jaguar (-37.3%), Lincoln (-23.4%) and Ram (-14.1%) suffering the harshest drops.

The Nissan Rogue manages a 2nd ever podium ranking in the U.S. Picture

The Ford F-Series goes agains the market and posts a 3% year-on-year gain to its largest February volume this decade. In contrast, the Chevrolet Silverado drops 16% and the Ram Pickup is down 15% to #4 like in January. At a stunning third place for the second month in a row (and ever), the Nissan Rogue surges 15% year-on-year to a new January volume record at 38.119, almost double its score of two years ago (21.561 in February 2016). The Toyota Camry manages a 4th consecutive double-digit year-on-year gain at +12% thanks to the new generation. At #6, despite having a new generation on the cusp of being revealed (set for end of March in New York), the Toyota RAV4 is up 13%, comfortably above the Honda CR-V down an uncharacteristic 19% this month.

The Hyundai Kona has reached U.S. shores.

Year-to-date, the Nissan Rogue leads the SUV race by almost 20.000 sales already, keeping in mind U.S. sales figures include the Rogue Sport aka Qashqai. Excellent performances in the Top 50 of the Toyota Tacoma (+18%), Dodge Grand Caravan (+20%), the Jeep Compass (+486%) scoring what is potentially the nameplate’s very first Top 20 ranking, the Jeep Wrangler (+17%), Mazda CX-5 (+69%), Honda Pilot (+49%), Subaru Crosstrek (+61%), VW Tiguan (+173%) and Nissan Frontier (+69%). The VW Atlas (#77) tops recent launches (<12 months) above the Toyota C-HR (#82) and Ford Ecosport (#125) up 83 spots on its inaugural month in January. In February we welcome the Hyundai Kona (#239) and Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross (#266) into the U.S. sales charts.

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Full February 2018 Top 15 groups, Top 40 brands and Top 282 models below.


Canada February 2018: Jeep, VW and Chevrolet shine in record market

The Jeep Wrangler posts another stellar month in Canada at +175%. 

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Following up on five consecutive record years and a new January record last month, the Canadian new light vehicle market doesn’t seem to want to slow down with sales up another 2.2% year-on-year in February to 126.026 units, the 4th consecutive February record Canada has posted. Accordingly, the year-to-date tally, up a sturdy 3.9% to 243.770, is a new all-time record after two months. Continuing on a years-long trend, passenger cars continue to skid down 6% to 35.879 and just 28.6% share whereas light trucks continue to gallop ahead at +5.6% to 89.651 and 71.4% of the Canadian market, figures being slightly lower than above as Desrosiers doesn’t include some luxury brands such as Tesla.

The Tiguan (+76%) helps Volkswagen up 32.3% in February in Canada.

Group-wise, FCA Fiat Chrysler Automobiles dominates for the second month running despite sales down 1.2% to 15% share, less than 400 units above Ford down 2.4% to 14.7%. General Motors posts another impressive score, up 8.8% to 14.3% and up 11.7% year-to-date. Toyota Motor (-1.3%), Honda Motor (+1.5%) and Nissan Motor (+6.1%) follow but it’s the Volkswagen Group that lodges the best performance at +27.2%. In the brands ranking, Ford remains leader by far in spite of a 2% drop to 14.3% share, well ahead of Toyota (+0.9%) at 9.6% while Chevrolet soars 21% to 8.7%, overtaking Honda (+2.5%). Jeep once again stuns with a 45.7% surge at #7, Volkswagen gains 32.3%, with Alfa Romeo (+2525%), Volvo (+34.6%), Tesla (+28.6%), Mitsubishi (+27.2%), Genesis (+25%), Audi (+21.9%) the other carmakers managing a 20% gain or more.

The Ford Ecosport is up 76 spots on last month to #72.

Unsurprisingly, the Ford F-Series remains the most popular nameplate in the country but, like in January, it posts an uncharacteristically steep 16% year-on-year drop. The Ram Pickup does a little better in 2nd place at -10% while the Honda Civic drops 5% at #3. The Honda CR-V (+5%), Chevrolet Silverado (+9%) and Nissan Rogue (+8%) on the other hand all beat the market while the Jeep Wrangler impresses again with a 175% surge at #10, remaining in 5th place year-to-date. Further down, the Jeep Compass (+1370% due to the new model), Subaru Crosstrek (+114%), BMW X3 (+98%), Mitsubishi Outlander (+78%), VW Tiguan (+76%), Audi Q5 (+72%), Ford Transit (+70%), Toyota Tundra (+65%) and VW Golf (+52%) make themselves noticed in the Top 10. The Nissan Qashqai (#25) continues to dominate recent launches (<12 months) head and shoulders, followed by the VW Atlas (#66), Ford Ecosport (#72, up 76 on January) and Toyota C-HR (#84).

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Full February 2018 Top 15 groups, Top 37 brands and Top 260 models below.


India February 2018: Maruti DZire post 6th win in past 7 months

The Maruti DZire could end 13 consecutive years of Alto reign in India in 2018.

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India confirms its sturdy start of 2018 with February wholesales up 8% to 273.753 units leading to a year-to-date volume also up 8% to a record 558.122 deliveries after two months. Once again Maruti teases the symbolic 50% market share at 49.9% thanks to a 13% uplift, distancing Hyundai at 16.3% (+5%) and Mahindra at 7.5% (+8%). Tata surges 45% to 6.5% share in 4th place, posting its fourth consecutive 30%+ year-on-year gain. On the other hand Renault (-35%), Honda (-19%), Volkswagen (-19%) and Nissan (-17%) are all in dire need of fresh metal. Luxury brands all do extremely well except Audi but their sales are estimates.

The new Maruti Swift has finally landed in India, landing its first podium since last May.

Model-wise, the Maruti DZire soars 26% year-on-year to snap a third consecutive pole position and 6th monthly win in the past 7 months, logically ranking #1 year-to-date with deliveries up 25% to 43.481, now almost 4.600 units above the traditional #1 the Maruti Alto. As logical as it is, this is the first time the DZire ever ranks #1 in a YTD chart in India and it could have a serious shot at historically ending 13 consecutive years of Maruti Alto reign this year. The Swift, whose new generation is finally available in India, surges 40% to #3 and the Baleno more than doubles its sales year-on-year (+106%) to land at #4. The Wagon R (+3%) closes a Top Five 100% Maruti ahead of the Hyundai Elite i20 (+28%) and Maruti Vitara Brezza (+16%). The Mahindra Bolero (+24%), Tata Tiago (+25%) and Ford Ecosport (+19%) also shine in the Top 20.

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Full February 2018 Top 25 All-brands and Top 80 models below.

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