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Oman Q1 2024: Toyota Hilux #1, MG up to #3

The MG 5 ranks #5 in Oman over Q1 2024. The Omani new vehicle market amounts to 14,790 sales over Q1. Toyota smothers the competition with a staggering 53.6% share, almost 8 times the #2 Hyundai (7%). MG advances to third place with 6.6% of the market, with Isuzu and…

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Kuwait Q1 2024: Toyota Land Cruiser best-seller

Toyota Land Cruiser 32,887 new vehicles found a buyer in Kuwait over Q1 2024. Toyota remains the favourite with 27.7% share, way above Nissan at 10.7%. Mitsubishi rounds out the podium at 7%, just ahead of Ford at 6.8%. Chevrolet completes the Top 5, distancing Kia and a surging MG.…

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Iraq Q1 2024: Toyota Hilux topples Kia Frontier

The Toyota Hilux is now the best-selling vehicle in Iraq. The Iraqi new vehicle market amounts to 36,943 units over Q1 2024. Toyota overtakes Kia to lead the brands charts with 31.9% share vs. 26.5% for Kia. Hyundai comes in third with 11.4% of the market with all other brands…

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