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Taiwan March 2018: Lexus NX hits record 7th place overall

The Lexus NX hits its highest ever ranking in Taiwan this month.

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New car sales in Taiwan are up 3.2% year-on-year in March to 39.260 units, lifting the year-to-date volume up 6% to 114.161 registrations. Toyota unsurprisingly remains the most popular carmaker here but freefalls 18% to 21.2% share vs. 24.1% so far this year. Mitsubishi/CMC evolves like the market at +3% to 12% share in 2nd place, while Honda soars 29% to remains at #3 and now also ranks at that level YTD, overtaking Nissan/Infiniti (-11% this month). Lexus is by far the best performer in market this month wth sales up a stunning 127% on March 20178 to rank #7 with 5.1% share. Mazda (+36%) and Mercedes (+18%) also shine. Model-wise, the Toyota Corolla (-23%) and RAV4 (-28%) are on top like YTD and despite very steep drops, while the CMC Veryca is up 3 spots on February and 3% year-on-year in third place. The Honda CR-V (+103%) continues to evolve well above the previous generation a year ago, while the Toyota Sienta (+23%) rounds up the Top 5. But it’s the Lexus NX (+579%) that takes all the honours this month, up 12 spots on last month to reach an all-time record 7th place, its 2nd ever incursion into the Taiwanese monthly Top 10 after the #10 it hit back in February 2015.

Previous month: Taiwan February 2018: Honda CR-V up 3-fold in market up 11.4%

Previous year: Taiwan Full Year 2017: Toyota and Corolla lead, Honda up 25%

Full March 2018 Top 10 brands and Top 80 models below.

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UK nations March 2018: First podium for Seat Leon

The Seat Leon ranks third in Norther Ireland in March.

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Thanks to our partnership with SMMT we can share with you the Top 10 best-sellers for all UK nations in March. Keep in mind this is a zoom in by nation, all sales figures are included in the March 2018 UK update. This month all UK nations endure double-digit declines, with England (-15%) the best performing at 410.366 sales, followed by Northern Ireland (-16.8%) at 7.122 sales, Wales (-19.5%) at 16.340 and Scotland the hardest hit (-20.8%) at 39.646. Year-to-date, only Northern Ireland drops in the single-digits (-9.3%) at 17.200 units while England is down a relatively moderate 11.8% at 619.968 but Wales (-14.5%) at 23.924 and Scotland (-17.7%) at 55.994 both underperform. The Ford Fiesta tops 3 out of 4 nations: England, Northern Ireland and Wales where it posts it highest share as usual at 6.4% despite sales down 37% year-on-year, and ranks #2 in Scotland (-9%). The Vauxhall Corsa snaps the Scottish lead even though it falls 45%.

The VW Golf (+34%) is #2 in England and the Ford Focus (-31%) #2 Wales while the Ford Kuga (+20%) steps up to #2 in Northern Ireland, its highest ranking there since November 2015, and is #3 in Wales, making the podium 100% Ford like YTD. Two nameplates stand out with their March performances: the Seat Leon climbs on the Northern Irish podium with 3.1% share, its highest ranking since we started following all UK nations in 2011 and beating the #4 it hit both in March and July 2017. It’s the Leon’s third Top 10 finish in Northern Ireland since December 2014. The other great performer is the Fiat 500 up 99% to #3 in Scotland, its highest ranking there since last August (#2).

Previous month: UK nations February 2018: BMW 2 Series in Top 10, Vauxhall Crossland X in Top 5

One year ago: UK nations March 2017: Fiesta, Tucson and Qashqai shine in record market

Full March 2018 Top 10 models for each nation below.

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Pakistan March 2018: Toyotra Corolla reclaims control in market

The Toyota Corolla reclaims control of the Pakistani sales charts.

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According to PAMA, sales of locally-made light vehicles in Pakistan are up a very robust 9.1% year-on-year to 22.380 units, lifting the year-to-date volume up 12.3% to 68.596 registrations. Suzuki evolves exactly like the market at +9% to 50.3% share, markedly below its YTD level of 55.3%, while Toyota is down 2% but posts a strong 25.9% share vs. 23.8% YTD. Honda is once again the hero of the month at +41% to 23.9% share vs. 20.7% so far in 2018. Model-wise, the Toyota Corolla puts an end to 2 consecutive months of Suzuki Mehran reign (something that had not happened in 3.5 years) and reclaims control both in March despite sales down 11% and YTD in spite of a 13% drop. The Suzuki Mehran (+1%) is relegated to #2 in both rankings, followed by the Honda Civic (+22%) on the podium. The Toyota Hilux (+42%), Honda City (+24%) and Suzuki Cultus (+14%) also outpace the market this month.

Previous month: Pakistan February 2018: Suzuki Mehran wins 2 straight months for 1st time in 3.5 years

One year ago: Pakistan March-April 2017: Honda engine of growth

Full March 2018 Top 3 Pakistan-made brands and Top 12 models below.

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Ireland March 2018: Nissan Qashqai snaps YTD lead in market down 10.7%

The Nissan Qashqai is now Ireland’s best-seller in 2018.

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The Irish new car market posts a 15th consecutive year-on-year decline in March at -10.7% to 17.767 registrations, leading to a year-to-date tally down 5.5% to 71.805 units. Thanks to deliveries up 13% to 11.9% share, Volkswagen remains in the brands pole position and reclaims the YTD lead at 10.5%. Nissan (-23%) is up one spot on February to #2 despite a steep drop, with Hyundai (+19%), Ford (-20%) and Toyota (+5%) in tow. Kia and Skoda both gain 5% but the remainder of the Top 10 falls painfully: BMW is down 49% and Renault down 21%. Further down, Subaru (+155%), Jeep (+78%) Honda (+57%), Seat (+29%), Peugeot (+16%) and Mitsubishi (+12%) defy the odds with double-digit gains.

Model-wise, the Nissan Qashqai (+1%) frankly dominates the March charts with 5.1% share vs. 3.5% for the #2, the VW Golf (+19%) and as a result snaps the #1 YTD spot off the 2016 and 2017 leader the Hyundai Tucson, down 22% to #4 this month. The Kia Sportage (+25%) climbs 5 spots on February to #3, making it 3 SUVs in the March Top 4. The Nissan Micra (+53%), VW Polo (+42%), VW Tiguan (+28%) and Toyota Yaris (+18%) also impress in the Top 10. The Hyundai Kona tops recent launches again at #16 (-2) ahead of the Skoda Karoq at #28 (+11), VW T-Roc at #34 (+4) and Kia Stonic at #44 (-1).

Previous month: Ireland February 2018: Dacia Duster leaps up 147% to #2 in stable market

Previous year: Ireland Full Year 2017: Volkswagen back to #1, Hyundai Tucson repeats

Full March 2018 Top 33 All-brands and Top 235 All-models below.

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Switzerland March 2018: Ford & Volvo lone gainers in market down 7.8%

Ford Kuga sales are up 34% year-on-year in Switzerland in March.

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March sales down 7.8% to 28.126 registrations pull the Swiss year-to-date volume into negative territory at -0.9% and 72.089 units. However 4×4 sales behave better than the market once again with a slim 1.7% drop to 13.826 sales or 49.2% share vs. 46.1% a year ago. Q1 4×4 volumes are up 4.3% to 35.513 and 49.3% share vs. 46.8% over the same period in 2017. Despite a steep 16% year-on-year fall, Volkswagen manages to reclaim the brands top spot after a historical win by Mercedes last month, itself down 2%. BMW (-6%), Skoda (-8%) and Audi (-15%) complete a Top 5 entirely in negative. Volvo (+23%), Ford (+17%) and Dacia (+9%) are the only brands to gain ground in the Top 15. Further down, Ferrari (+128%), Cadillac (+127%), Lamborghini (+42%), Kia (+38%), Jeep (+35%), Mitsubishi (+31%), Ssangyong (+31%), Mini (+29%), Citroen (+13%) defy the odds with double-digit gains while Alpine makes its (re)appearance with its first 2 sales in Switzerland.

Despite hefty drops, the Skoda Octavia (-23%) and VW Golf (-31%) remain in control of the models ranking with the VW Tiguan (+1%) rounding up the podium like in 2017 and so far in 2017. The Mercedes GLC (+23%) and Ford Kuga (+34%) complete the Top 5 and point by far the largest gains in the Top 10. Below, the Mini Countryman (+129%), Mercedes GLA (+91%), Audi Q5 (+90%), Suzuki Swift (+73%), Peugeot 3008 (+65%), Volvo XC60 (+46%) and Ford Focus (+36%) impress. There are three recent launches (<12 months) inside the Top 50: the Skoda Karoq at #35 (-8), VW T-Roc at #36 (+21) and Hyundai Kona at #50 (+6).

Previous month: Switzerland February 2018: Mercedes topples Volkswagen to #1 brand

Previous year: Switzerland Full Year 2017: Skoda Octavia ends 23-year long VW Golf reign

Full March 2018 Top 50 All-brands and Top 340 All-models below.

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Slovenia March 2018: Nissan, Fiat, Hyundai outpace market up 20.1%

Nissan sales are up 68% in Slovenia this month, and the Qashqai is up 150%.

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The Slovenian new car market shoots up 20.1% in March to 7.855 registrations, lifting the year-to-date volume up 8.9% to 20.359. Volkswagen (+14%) solidly reclaims the helm of the brands ranking with 15.6% share ahead of Renault soaring 45% to 12.5% but Skoda is down 1% to 8.9%. Five of the seven next best-sellers frankly beat the market, with Nissan (+68%) the most impressive, ahead of Fiat (+60%), Hyundai (+58%), Opel (+41%) and Ford (+28%). Further down, Smart (+400%), Honda (+64%), Suzuki (+57%) and Mazda (+42%) stand out. Strikingly, 10 of the Top 11 best-selling models outpace the market this month, with the Renault Clio (+48%), VW Polo (+38%) and Golf (+58%) on the podium. The Fiat 500 (+423%), Ford Focus (+268%) and Nissan Qashqai (+150%) post the most extravagant gains in the Top 10, while the Fiat Panda (+520%), Skoda Kodiaq (+170%), Hyundai i30 (+167%) and Suzuki Vitara (+133%) are the best performers just below. The Opel Crossland X (#20) is the best-selling recent launch albeit only 10 sales above the VW T-Roc (#22).

Previous month: Slovenia February 2018: Renault leads, Dacia Sandero on podium

Previous year: Slovenia Full Year 2017: Renault Clio marks 20 years at #1

Full March 2018 Top 35 All-brands and Top 215 All-models below.

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Poland March 2018: Audi Q5 breaks record, T-Roc and Karoq in Top 50

The Audi Q5 hits an all-time high #26 in Poland in March.

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New car sales in Poland continue to surge ahead at +3.1% in March to 57.282 units, leading to a Q1 volume up 10.4% to 155.227. Brand leader Skoda follows the market at +3%, but its two followers both lose ground: Volkswagen is down 5% and Toyota down 6%. Opel (+2%) overtakes Ford (+2%) to rank 4th like in 2017 above Renault (+7%) while Dacia soars 42% to #7, passing Kia also very healthy at +25%. Audi (+33%), Hyundai (+21%) and Peugeot (+11%) shine but Fiat (-27%) struggles and Volvo breaks into the Polish Top 15 for the first time since March 2016. Model-wise, the Skoda Octavia (-5%) remains on top for the 2nd month running above the Fabia (-4%) but the latter is still #1 YTD. The Opel Astra (+18%) is up two spots on February to climb on the podium while its archenemy the VW Golf (-22%) is in great difficulty. The Renault Clio (+65%), Dacia Duster (+41%) and Toyota Yaris (+25%) post the largest gains in the Top 10. Further down, notice the Dacia Sandero (+52%) and Kia Cee’d (+34%) while the Audi Q5 shoots up to a record 26th spot and both the VW T-Roc (#40) and Skoda Karoq (#41) break into the Polish Top 50 for the first time.

Previous month: Poland February 2018: Skoda (+26%) again outpaces market up 8.8%

One year ago: Poland March-April 2017: Opel Astra leads in market up 11%

Full March 2018 Top 15 brands and Top 50 models below.

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Chile March 2018: Chevrolet reclaims lead, Chinese up 39%

Thanks to the new T60, Maxus sales in Chile are up 4-fold so far in 2018.

* See the Top 50 best-selling brands by clicking on the title *

The February 2018 post has now been updated with the Top 20 models

The Chilean new car market continues to evolve at record heights in 2018, up 12.5% year-on-year in March to 33.355 registrations, a new best for the month lifting the Q1 result up 21.5% to 98.104 units, also a new all-time high eclipsing the previous best of 90.285 established in 2013. SUVs are up 28% to 11.281, pickup trucks up 15.3% to 3.246, light commercials up 12.5% to 5.370 and passenger cars up 1.7% to 13.458. Leader year-to-date, Chevrolet reclaims the monthly top spot off Suzuki in March but trails the market at +8% to 9.6% share above Kia at 8.1% (+2%). Suzuki (+18%) takes the third spot ahead of Nissan (+20%) whereas Hyundai implodes (-16%).

Volkswagen (+56%) also frankly beats the market in the Top 10 while below, Proton (+700%), the Chrysler Group (+141%), Mini (+128%), Jaguar (+118%), Honda (+53%), Renault (+42%), Opel (+35%), Lexus (+32%) and Ssangyong (+27%) all impress. Once again Chinese manufacturers post some of the most striking year-on-year gains this month. As such, Maxus (+258%), Dongfeng (+133%), BAIC (+131%), Lifan (+89%), Changan (+63%), ZNA (+45%), the Great Wall Group (+43%) and Foton (+37%) all gallop ahead. All-in-all, Chinese carmaker amount to 11.4% share of the Chilean market in March, up 39% year-on-year, vs. 12.3% so far in 2018 (+59%).

Previous month: Chile February 2018: Chinese manufacturers up 71% in record market

Previous year: Chile Full Year 2017: Hyundai, Mitsubishi L200 top market up 18.1%

Full March 2018 Top 50 brands ranking below.

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Bulgaria March 2018: Nissan up 106% to #1 in market up 12%

Nissan holds 9.4% of the Bulgarian market in March.

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Data has been amended to remove motorbikes that were inaccurately included for some brands.

The Bulgarian new car market is up another 12% year-on-year in March to 3.748 registrations, lifting the year-to-date tally up 17.3% to 10.133 units. This month Nissan more than doubles its sales year-on-year (+106%) to majestically take the lead of the brands ranking at 9.4% share, but Skoda (+27%) lurks just 9 units below and Dacia (+11%) is 16 sales behind. Year-to-date, Renault (+19%) remains on top and is the only carmaker to post a four-digit figure over Q1 with 10.8% share, ahead of Dacia (+4%) and Skoda (+40%). Back to March data with Volkswagen (+52%), Mercedes (+25%), Peugeot (+24%) and Ford (+17%) also outpacing the market in the Top 10 while below, Jeep (+1700%), Lada (+162%), Mini (+83%), Fiat (+58%), Mazda (+58%), Great Wall (+50%), Volvo (+48%), Audi (+46%), Lexus (+42%) and Citroen (+27%) stand out.

Previous month: Bulgaria February 2018: Renault soars 96% to #1, Lifan up to #11

Previous year: Bulgaria Full Year 2017: Dacia and Renault lead, Kia up 123% to #4

Full March 2018 Top 40 All-brands ranking below.

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Netherlands March 2018: Opel Karl tops the charts for the 2nd time

The Opel Karl is the best-selling vehicle in the Netherlands for the 2nd time ever.

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The Dutch new car market is once again in excellent shape in March, up a very robust 15.3% year-on-year to 42.194, leading to a year-to-date tally up 13.6% to 136.023. In spite of going against the grain with a 2% decline, Opel remains the best-selling carmaker in the country for the 2nd month running at 9.2% share, distancing Volkswagen up 55% to 8.4% and still #1 YTD at 11.8% thanks to an exceptional January score. Renault (-15%) drops one spot on last month to #3 and the remaining 7 carmakers in the Top 10 all beat the market, the best performing being Toyota (+51%), ahead of Skoda (+46%), BMW (+32%), Mercedes (+25%), Peugeot (+24%), Ford (+22%) and Kia (+17%). Further down, Tesla (+139%), Jeep (+54%), Mitsubishi (+50%), Mini (+42%), Dacia (+28%) and Mazda (+26%) also do extremely well. Over in the models ranking, the Opel Karl is the overall best-seller for the second time only after August 2016 even though its 5% year-on-year gain isn’t particularly impressive. It was a close finish for the pole position: its advantage over the the Ford Fiesta (+27%) is only 12 sales while it grows to 71 with the VW Polo (+117%) remaining #1 YTD. The Opel Astra (-10%) and Kia Picanto (+15%) round up the Top 5 while the Opel Crossland X tops recent launches at #36.

Previous month: Netherlands February 2018: Opel leads, Kia Picanto best-seller

One year ago: Netherlands Full Year 2017: Clio second Renault to rank #1 in 36 years

Full March 2018 Top 40 brands and Top 275 models below.

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