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Denmark March 2018: Nissan Qashqai leads, Mercedes up 30%, market down 4.9%

The Nissan Qashqai is the best-selling model in Denmark this month.

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2018 is starting to look like it might be a second year in negative for Denmark, with March sales plunging by 13.2% to 19.757 units and year-to-date volumes now down 4.9% to 56.952. Brand leader Volkswagen bucks the trend with a 1% year-on-year gain to 14.3% share, almost one percentage point above its YTD level, but the next six best-sellers all decline: Nissan (-20%) is the hardest hit followed by Ford (-19%), Citroen (-12%), Peugeot (-11%), Toyota (-11%) and Skoda (-5%). Mercedes posts the largest year-on-year gain in the Top 20 at +30%, wth BMW (+25%) and Volvo (+12%) the only two other gainers. Further down, Tesla (+800%), Subaru (+138%), Mini (+59%), Jaguar (+46%), Alfa Romeo (+38%) and Land Rover (+38%) all post spectacular improvements but don’t account for more than 0.4% share each.

Despite a 19% year-on-year decline, the Nissan Qashqai is the best-selling vehicle in Denmark this month, like it was a year ago in March 2017 and last November. The Peugeot 208 (-8%) however remains by far #1 YTD at 5.5% share vs. 4.7% for the Qashqai. The Citroen C4 Picasso (+139%), Mercedes A Class (+133%), Skoda Fabia (+78%), VW Golf (+60%), Peugeot 3008 (+44%) and Toyota Yaris (+31%) shine in the Top 20 whereas the VW Up (-43%), Renault Clio (-39%), VW Polo (-34%) and Ford Fiesta (-28%) struggle. The VW T-Roc continues to dominate recent launches (<12 months), edging up one spot on February to #17, ahead of the Opel Crossland X at #36 (+9), Skoda Karoq at #59 (+42), Opel Grandland X at #60 (+34) and Seat Arona at #61 (+32).

Previous month: Denmark February 2018: Peugeot 208 instant leader, VW T-Roc in Top 20

One year ago: Denmark Full Year 2017: Peugeot 208 holds on to #1, market down 0.5%

Full March 2018 Top 37 All-brands and Top 240 All-models below.

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Croatia March 2018: Opel Astra best-seller, VW T-Roc in Top 15

The Opel Astra is the best-selling nameplate in Croatia in March.

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New car sales in Croatia continue to evolve markedly higher than last year, with March sales up another 16.1% to 6.293 units, leading to a year-to-date volume up 27.2% to 13.839. Opel is the hero of the month, surging 55% to take the lead of the Croatian brands ranking with a formidable 15.8% share. It’s however not enough the topple Volkswagen (-10% this month) from the YTD top spot. Peugeot (+164%), Citroen (+108%), Hyundai (+53%) and Toyota (+42%) all frankly beat the market inside the Top 10 whereas Ford (-30%) freefalls. Subaru (+700%), Smart (+144%), Honda (+123%), Mitsubishi (+120%), Jaguar (+75%), Land Rover (+71%), Mini (+58%), Seat (+41%) and Kia (+36%) also impress further down.

Model-wise, the Opel Astra (+41%) comes from outside the January and February Top 20 directly to the top spot in March, a position it already held in March 2016 and 2017, so it has become a periodical routine that could be triggered by bulk orders by rental company in the lead-up to the summer holiday season. The Astra (+31%) shoots up to #2 YTD below the Skoda Octavia (+150%). The Renault Clio is up 8 spots on February to #2, the Opel Insignia is up 367% to #5, the Opel Corsa up 33% to #7, Nissan Qashqai up 131% to #8, Suzuki SX4 S-Cross up 50% to #9 and the Citroen C3 up 213% to #11. The VW T-Roc breaks into the Croatian Top 20 for the very first time, landing directly at #14 with 1.7% share.

Previous month: Croatia February 2018: Market up 46.4% , Crossland X and Kona up

One year ago: Croatia March 2016: Opel Astra shoots to #1, Fiat Tipo up to #12

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New Caledonia (France) March 2018: Peugeot and 208 take the lead

The Peugeot 208 is the best-selling model in New Caledonia in March. Picture 

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New light vehicle sales in New Caledonia, a French Overseas archipelago located north-east of Australia, are down again in March at -10.8% to 705 registrations, pulling the year-to-date volume down 13.4% to 1.951 units. This month only for the third time in the past year, Peugeot is the most popular carmaker on the archipelago thanks to deliveries shooting up 65% year-on-year to 14% share and is now up to #2 YTD. Citroen (+5%) takes the second spot above Dacia (-6%) which remains in the YTD lead for just 3 sales and with Citroen 6 units below. Toyota (-13%), Renault (-17%), Ford (-52%) and Hyundai (-41%) follow but all struggle. Below, Land Rover (+140%), Mitsubishi (+73%), Subaru (+52%) and Volkswagen (+48%) impress. Justifying the brand’s surge this month, the Peugeot 208 (+129%) is the best-selling nameplate in New Caledonia for March and shoots up to #3 YTD in the process. The Dacia Duster (-34%) takes 2nd place and the Ford Ranger (-24%) round up the March podium but remains in the YTD lead (-4%), 5 sales above the Duster (-28%). Below a hard hit Toyota Hilux (-34%) the Citroen Jumpy is up 11-fold on March 2017 to land in 5th place, with the Subaru XV (+150%) and Peugeot 3008 (+157%) also posting spectacular gains in the Top 10.

Previous month: New Caledonia (France) February 2018: Hyundai Kona lands at #6

One year ago: New Caledonia (France) March 2017: Duster leads, Citroen C3 up to #3

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Germany March 2018: VW T-Roc takes off, Ford Focus at highest in almost 14 years

The VW T-Roc finally breaks into its home Top 50 without hurting the Tiguan, but the Golf is down.

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The German new car market is down 3.4% year-on-year in March to 347.433 registrations, yet at 878.611 units the year-to-date volume is at its highest since 2000, up 4% on the same period in 2017. Weak diesel sales, down 25% to just 31.4% share this month, have pulled the overall market down whereas petrol sales are up 9% to hit 64% share. Last month, a court decision gave German cities the authority to decide whether to ban diesel vehicles from their streets, likely to have dampened even further German buyers’ interest in diesel cars. Premium and luxury brands are hit the hardest this month with Bentley (-64%), Infiniti (-54%), Aston Martin (-39%), Tesla (-36%), Rolls-Royce (-35%), Maserati (-33%), Lotus (-31%), Volvo (-25%), DS (-19%), Lexus (-16%), Porsche (-14%), Audi (-13%), Jaguar (-11%), BMW (-5%) and Mercedes (-5%) all losing significant ground while among mass brand Opel (-23%) and Renault (-16%) in great difficulty.

The Ford Focus hasn’t ranked that high in Germany since September 2004.

Market leader Volkswagen bucks the overall trend for once with a 2% improvement, just like Hyundai (+11%), Seat (+5%) and Skoda (+4%) in the Top 10. Below, Mitsubishi (+43%), Honda (+22%), Smart (+16%), Alfa Romeo (+13%), Jeep (+10%), Dacia (+9%) and Peugeot (+8%) are the best performers among mass brand while Lamborghini (+90%), Cadillac (+88%), Chevrolet (+38% and Alpina (+15%) top small-volume brands. Over in the models ranking, the VW Golf puts an end to five consecutive months of 20%+ year-on-year gains with a 2% drop to 6.4% share, still 3 times as much as the next best-seller, the VW Tiguan up 5%. Likely boosted by generous discounts just as the new generation of the model is about to be revealed in China, the Ford Focus edges up one spot further to climb onto the monthly German podium for the first time in almost 14 years, since September 2004 when it ranked #2.

The Opel Grandland X hits a record #52 in Germany in March. Picture

The VW Passat surges 41% to #4 but the VW Polo isn’t benefitting from its new generation with a steep 26% drop at #5, ahead of the Skoda Octavia (+5%) and VW Touran (+2%). Further down, the Mitsubishi Space Star (+77%), Mercedes GLC (+46%), Hyundai i20 (+42%), Nissan Qashqai (+30%), BMW X1 (+22%), Hyundai Tucson (+22%) and BMW 2 Series (+21%) impress. The VW T-Roc finally gets its break: up 26 spots on last month to break into its home Top 50 for the first time – and by far – at #32, also becoming the most popular new launch in the country. Looking at the Golf and Tiguan behaviours (see above), there doesn’t seem to be any cannibalisation happening just yet, but we will pay special attention to Golf figures in the coming months. The T-Roc is now followed by the Opel Crossland X at a best-ever #43 (+14), also hit last November, the Opel Grandland X also breaking its ranking record at #52 (+14), the Skoda Karoq at #56 (-2) and the Seat Arona at a record #67 (+13).

Previous month: Germany February 2018: Ford Focus at highest in over 7 years, market up 7.4%

One year ago: Germany March 2017: Opel, Renault up, largest Q1 volume this decade

Full March 2018 Top 50 brands and Top 325 models below.

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India March 2018: Tata up 31%, Maruti up 15% in record market

The new Nexon helps Tata up 31% in March.

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The Indian new car market gains 6.1% in March to an estimated 297.861 wholesales, a new record for the month lifting the Q1 2018 volume up 7% to 855.983 units, also a new record. Brand leader Maruti manages to more than double the market growth at +15% to 49.4% share, exactly the same level as YTD (+11%). Hyundai follows the market at +7% to 16.1% also equal to its YTD share, while Mahindra trails it slightly at +4% to 8.1%. Tata continues to stun with a fifth consecutive 30%+ gain at +31% to 6.8% share in 4th place, passing the 20.000 monthly unit-milestone for the second time this year after January. Reversely Renault (-37%), Honda (-28%) and Volkswagen (-22%) are all in great difficulty.

The Maruti Alto manages to snap the #1 model spot for only the 2nd time in the past 8 months thanks to wholesales up 24% year-on-year. It however remains #2 YTD below the Maruti DZire, up 40% to #2 this month. The Maruti Swift (+24%) benefits from the arrival of the new generation to rank #3 both in March and YTD, ahead of the Maruti Baleno (-1%) and Wagon R (+17%). The Maruti Vitara Brezza (+31%) also shines in a Top 10 obliterated by Maruti and Hyundai: among all other manufacturers present in the country (23), only the Mahindra Bolero manages to rank among India’s ten favourite nameplates. The Hyundai Verna (+377%), Maruti S-Cross (+88%), Tata Tiago (+76%) and Mahindra TUV300 (+38%) also make themselves noticed while the Tata Nexon tops all recent launches at #23 above the Jeep Compass at #33.

Previous month: India February 2018: Maruti DZire posts 6th win in past 7 months

One year ago: India March 2017: Maruti Baleno shoots up to #2 in market up 12%

Full March 2018 Top 25 All-brands and Top 85 models below.

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Turkey March 2018: Fiat Egea back on top in market up 3.4%

The Fiat Egea is the best-selling vehicle in Turkey in March.

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The Turkish new light vehicle market gains 3.4% year-on-year to 76.345 units, lifting the year-to-date tally up 1.5% to 158.430 registrations. Renault holds onto the brands pole position despite sales down 2% while Volkswagen remains at #2 but drops 4%. Ford (+4%) overtake Fiat (-10%) for third place with Hyundai (-3%) remaining at #5. Dacia (-3%) soars 6 spots on February to #6 with Toyota (+35%) and Peugeot (+13%) posting the largest gains in the Top 10. Below, Skoda (+118%), Volvo (+117%), Mitsubishi (+85%), Jeep (+57%), Land Rover (+56%), Nissan (+28%), Mazda (+24%), Suzuki (+24%) Audi (+21%), BMW (+18%) and Subaru (+15%) make themselves noticed.

In the models ranking, the Fiat Egea (+25%) reclaims the pole position for the first time in 2018 but remains almost 2.000 units below the Renault Megane (-2%) year-to-date. The Renault Clio (+39%) stays at #2 in the monthly ranking, while the Ford Transit/Tourneo Courier (+22%) leaps up 8 spots on February to #5 and the Honda Civic (+10%) rounds up the Top 5. The Toyota Corolla (+121%) and VW Passat (+65%) post the two largest year-on-year gains in the Top 15 with the Nissan Qashqai (+44%), Dacia Duster (+36%) and Peugeot 301 (+31%) in tow. Notice also the Mitsubishi L200 (+206%), Kia Cerato (+172%), Nissan Micra (+169%), Skoda Octavia (+140%), Superb (+130%), Hyundai Elantra (+125%) and Renault Captur (+115%) all more than doubling their sales year-on-year. The Opel Grandland X dominates recent launches (<12 months) at #61 (+19 spots on February) ahead of the Mercedes X-Class at #71 (+32), Skoda Kodiaq at #74 (+2) and Skoda Karoq at #81 (+58).

Previous month: Turkey February 2018: Renault gains 19%, places Megane and Clio on top

Previous year: Turkey Full Year 2017: Fiat Egea and Renault Megane top market down 2.8%

Full March 2018 Top 40 All-brands and Top 240 All-models below.

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Czech Republic March 2018: Skoda Karoq up to record #4

The Skoda Karoq is up to a record 4th place at home this month.

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Further indicating a plateau or decline in 2018, the Czech new car market endures its 5th year-on-year drop in the past 6 months in March at -8.7% to 24.453 registrations, leading to a YTD volume dipping its toes into negative territory at -0.3% to 67.873 units. Homegrown leader Skoda resists better than the market with a 1% drop to 31.6% shares vs. 33.4% YTD (+12%) but Volkswagen freefalls 23% both in March and YTD, however remaining in 2nd place in both rankings. Hyundai (-21%) is up one spot on February to return to the third place it held over the FY2017, while Dacia is down one to #4 but up 7% year-on-year, edging past Ford (-16%) for just 3 sales. Kia (+16%) and most strikingly Toyota (+37%) post the largest and only double-digit gains in the Top 15 while Opel (-32%), Seat (-28%) and Renault (-23%) are hit the hardest. Further down, Suzuki (+56%), Alfa Romeo (+39%), Mazda (+21%), Tesla (+20%) and Ferrari (+17%) impress.

In the models ranking, the Skoda Octavia (-10%), Fabia (+14%) and Rapid (+12%) hold onto their traditional spots while the Skoda Karoq is up one rank to a record 4th place with 3.4% share. This is now higher than the carmaker’s other recent SUV launch, the Kodiaq, which peaked at #5 in April 2017. The Nissan Qashqai surges 56% year-on-year and 6 spots on February to become the best-selling foreigner in the country at #5, followed by the VW Golf (-20%), Ford Focus (+119%) and Dacia Duster (+10%). The Ford Kuga (+121%), BMW 5 Series (+96%), Toyota Corolla (+94%), Mercedes GLC (+74%), Suzuki S-Cross (+69%), Toyota Yaris (+63%), Dacia Dokker (+34%) and Sandero (+28%) lodge some of the largest improvements in the Top 50 while the Opel Crossland X at #33 (+17 on February) follows the Karoq in the recent launches ranking, ahead of the Kia Stonic at #35 (+19), Seat Arona at #48 (+21) and Citroen C3 Aircross at #62 (+65).

Previous month: Czech Republic February 2018: First podium for Dacia, Skoda Karoq in Top 5

Previous year: Czech Republic Full Year 2017: Octavia #1, 4 Skodas in Top 4, record market

Full March 2018 Top 40 brands and Top 275 models below.

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Argentina March 2018: Chevrolet Prisma signs first win in record market

The Chevrolet Prisma is the best-selling vehicle in Argentina for the first time.

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It’s a third record month in a row for Argentinean new car sales, up 9.4% to 83.954 units, beating the previous March record of 81.901 established back in 2012. The year-to-date volume now stands at a record 272.159, up 19.9% on the same period in 2017. Chevrolet soars 13% and gains two spots on February to snap the brands top spot with 14.2% share, just 44 units above Volkswagen (-10.1%) at 14.1%. Renault (+14%) drops one spot to #3 at 13.4%, distancing Ford (+8%), Fiat (+19%) and Toyota (+13%) all above 10% share. The remainder of the Top 10 features great performers Nissan (+38%), Citroen (+18%) and Peugeot (+17%) while Mercedes (-11%) is the worst performer. Further down, Dongfeng (+1250%), Geely (+525%), Smart (+213%), Subaru (+113%), Suzuki (+106%), Audi (+103%), Lifan (+96%), JMC (+89%), Jeep (+81%), Agrale (+70%) and Dodge (+37%) stand out.

Model-wise, Chevrolet posts a stunning 1-2 with the Prisma lodging its first-ever monthly win thanks to deliveries up 51% (previous best: #5) and the Onix up 24% to #2, cementing its year-to-date leadership with sales up 52% to 4.1% share. The Toyota Etios, #1 in February, is down to #3 but holds onto a solid 2nd place YTD. The Ford Ka is up 32% year-on-year and 7 ranks on last month to #4, the Toyota Hilux is up 13% but down 3 spots to #5 while the Renault Kwid edges up one spot to break its ranking record at #9 and the Ford Escosport is up 77% and 12 spots to #10. The VW Polo is propelled up 7-fold to #12 by the new generation, the Fiat Argo is up 9 spots to #14 and the Fiat Cronos up 22 to #32. The VW Virtus lands at #123.

Previous month: Argentina February 2018: Toyota Etios posts first win in record market

One year ago: Argentina March 2017: VW Gol and Renault Sandero on top

Full March 2018 Top 45 All-brands and Top 212 All-models below.

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USA March 2018: Largest gain in over 2 years, Jeep beats volume record

Jeep improves its monthly record by 8.000 sales and is now just 1.600 units off 100.000.

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Updated with amended Tesla figures

In March, new light vehicle sales in the U.S. post a sturdy 6.4% year-on-year gain – the largest since February 2016 – to 1.655.864 registrations, lifted by heavy discounts, strong fleet deliveries and one additional weekend of sales. The Seasonally Adjusted Annualized Sales Rate (SAAR) rallies back up to 17.49 million, the highest so far in 2018, vs. 16.82 in March 2017, 17.12m in February of this year and 17.18m in January. The Q1 2018 volume is up 2% on the same period in 2017 to 4.117.766 units. Light trucks sales continue all guns blazing with a 16.3% year-on-year surge in March to a new all time record 1.116.280 units or 67% share vs. a steep 9.2% decline to 539.584 passenger cars at 32% share, with light trucks now outselling passenger cars almost 2 to 1. Year-to-date, light trucks are up 9.8% to 2.736.038 whereas passenger cars are down 10.8% to 1.374.507. Looking into the detail of light truck segments, it’s once again crossovers that pull the market up with an outstanding 27% uptick to 572.829 and up 18.2% YTD to 1.415.954 – alone outselling passenger cars for the third month in a row – while pickups are up 7.9% this month to 260.949 and up 2.8% YTD to 653.891 and SUVs up 6.6% to 747.837 in March and up 1.2% YTD to 436.587.

Despite the up-trend over Q1, 2018 sales are still expected to drop on 2017 over the Full Year, potentially hampered by a rise in interest rates. According to Edmunds, average interest rates on new vehicle loans are at their highest since 2009 at 5.7% vs. 5.2% in February and 5% in January. The continuous shift from cars to light trucks is lifting the average transaction price to $35.285 in March according to Kelley Blue Book, up 2% or $703 year-on-year but down $23 on last month. According to ALG, average incentives are up 8% year-on-year to $3.750 or 10.6% of the average sticker price, the 20th time it matches or exceeds the 10% benchmark in the past 21 months. The most generous manufacturers are BMW at $5.324 per car (+18%), General Motors at $5.082 (+12%), Daimler at $4.997 (+13%), FCA at $4.424 (+4%), Nissan at $4.206 (+6%), Ford at $4.150 (+1%), Kia at $3.886 (+15%) while carmakers below the market average are Subaru at $1.390 (+55%), Honda at $1.884 (-13%), Toyota at $2.510 (+16%), Hyundai at $2.760 (+27%) and Volkswagen at $3.681 (+6%).

The Ford F-Series sees its average transaction price climb to $46.800.

Group-wise, General Motors (+15.7%), FCA (+12.1%) and the Volkswagen Group (+12%) post the only double-digit gains in the Top 10. This is GM’s last sales report until July as the company announced this week it would switch to quarterly reports. According to Automotive News, “GM will also no longer report monthly sales in China or Brazil. The company will provide monthly sales data to the U.S. Federal Reserve, other government agencies and industry associations across the globe but that data will not be made public.” This is a major and surprising hit to the transparency of U.S. new vehicle sales reporting setting us back to the 1980s which could have a ripple effect throughout the entire industry. In this context, GM retail sales are up 14%, fleet share is 22% vs. 20.7% a year ago, crossover sales are up 41%, light truck sales up 15% and car sales down 11%. GM has achieved strong results this month thanks to incentives soaring up 12% to 15% of its average transaction price (ATP) of $34.912, itself down 3.8% year-on-year.

As for FCA, this is its first year-on-year gain since August 2016, putting an end to 18 straight months of decline, with retail volumes up 11% and fleet accounting for 25% of its March total vs 23% a year ago. Here too incentives are above average at 13% of its ATP of $34.240 (+3.5%). Subaru is up 5.9% to post a new March volume record and extend its sales streak to 76 consecutive months of year-on-year gains. Despite a 55% hike, Subaru still manages to keep its incentives to the lowest in market at $1.390 or less than 5% of its ATP of $27.877. Honda Motor is up 3.8% with incentives at a low 7% of its ATP of $27.784. Ford Motor (+3.5%) posts its first gain of 2018 and boasts the highest average transaction price or all high volume brands at $37.197 (+3.3%) with incentives at 11% of this ATP. Toyota Motor is also up 3.5% with low incentives at 8% of its ATP of $32.085, hitting its highest Q1 volume in a decade at 507.000 units.

The Nissan Rogue breaks its all-time volume record at 42.151 units.

Hyundai-Kia is the hardest hit at -5.5%, the company’s 16th consecutive month of decline, and this despite generous incentives: Hyundai is at 12% of its ATP of $22.581 (-1.2%) and Kia is at a whopping 17% of its ATP of $23.033 (+1.3%). Nissan Motor has also spent a lot on incentives this month at 15% of its ATP of $27.438 (-0.5%) but drops 2.1% while luxury marques Daimler (-2.7%) and the BMW Group (-0.4%) also lose ground. Further down, Tesla (+61.6%), Volvo (+53.7%) and Mazda (+35.7%) all post spectacular gains with Jaguar Land Rover (+10.2%) also in great shape. Brand-wise, Ford (+3.7%) distances Chevrolet (+15.6%), Toyota (+4.5%), Nissan (-3.6%) and Honda (+2.6%), reflecting their respective groups’ results.

Jeep gallops ahead to a new all-time monthly record volume thanks to a 44.7% surge to 98.382 units, it’s not quite the six-digit figure that FCA hastily announced earlier this week, but still an almost 8.000 unit-improvement on the previous record of 90.545 set back in May 2016, at the time the 6th all-time record in the previous 18 months after March 2015 (71.584), April 2015 (71.759), May 2015 (79.652), August 2015 (80.804), December 2015 (89.654) and May 2016 (90.545). In other words, despite a hiatus of almost two years, Jeep’s U.S. sales record has improved by 37% in three years, and the much-awaited six-digit result should com with the arrival of the pickup variant of the Wrangler expected for 2019.

Audi has now been growing for 101 consecutive months (since December 2007)…

Among other brands posting very strong results this month, Alfa Romeo is up 364.1% with the arrival of the Giulia and Stelvio, Land Rover is up 37.8%, Buick up 28%, Mitsubishi up 21.7%, Acura up 15.7%, Chrysler up 14.9%, Cadillac up 12.7% and GMC up 11.4%. At the other end of the scale, Smart (-71.7%), Fiat (-47.2%), Jaguar (-34.2%), Bentley (-33.7%), Maserati (-32.5%), Genesis (-21%), Ram (-13.3%), Mercedes (-11.1%) and Hyundai (-10.9%) endure the most painful falls. We’ll end on the most impressive streak of year-on-year gains in market: Audi, thanks to deliveries up another 7.4%, has now been growing for an uninterrupted 101 months…

Model-wise, the Ford F-Series is up a solid 7% year-on-year to post its best March score since 2000, seeing its average transaction price grow by $1.700 per vehicle vs. March 2017 to reach $46.800. This means Ford U.S. banked $4 billion worth of revenue just on this nameplate in March. The Chevrolet Silverado impresses with a 24% gain in 2nd place while the Nissan Rogue is up 7% to break its all-time volume record at 42.151 including the Rogue Sport aka Qashqai. The Ram Pickup (-11%) is stuck in 4th place ahead of the Toyota Camry (-1%), RAV4 (+9%) and Honda Civic (+3%). Over the First Quarter of 2018, the Rogue leads the SUV race with an almost unsurmountable 25.000 unit-advantage over the RAV4. The Chevrolet Equinox (+41%) crosses the 30.000 monthly sales milestone for only the second time in the nameplate’s career at 31.940, 2nd best-ever below the 32.784 of last December.

Record Crosstrek sales help Subaru to a 76th consecutive year-on-year gain.

Partly justifying Jeep’s all-time record in March, the new Wrangler smashes its volume record thanks to a 70% year-on-year surge to 27.829 units vs. a previous best of 22.615 in March 2015. The Wrangler is up 11 spots on February to #11, also believed to be the nameplate’s highest U.S. ranking, beating the #17 reached in June 2016 and 2017. The Jeep Cherokee (+63%), Toyota Tacoma (+21%), Jeep Compass (+553%), Mazda CX-5 (+91%), GMC Terrain (+99%), Buick Encore (+82%) reaching an all-time best, Chevrolet Traverse (+41%), Honda Pilot (+42%), Subaru Crosstrek (+88%) beating its volume record, Chrysler Pacifica (+40%), Chevrolet Colorado (+52%), Hyundai Tucson (+31%) and Honda Odyssey (+28%) also impress in the Top 50: that’s not a single passenger car, 9 SUVs, 2 MPVs and 2 pickups. The best-selling recent launches are the VW Atlas (#77), Toyota C-HR (#83) and Tesla Model 3 (#113) selling a record 3.820 in March and 8.180 in Q1 according to official Tesla reports. The Hyundai Kona is up 97 spots on its inaugural month in February to #142 and the BMW X2 (#197) as this month’s new arrival.

Tesla Model 3.

Tesla says it sold 8.180 units of the Model 3 in the U.S. over Q1 2018, making it the brand’s best-seller for the first time. All Model 3 produced were sold in the U.S., with worldwide deliveries of the Model S at 11.730 and of the Model X at 10.070. 4.060 Model S and X vehicles were in transit to customers at the end of Q1, 68% higher than at the end of Q4 2017. An additional 2,040 Model 3 vehicles were also in transit to customers. Tesla Q1 production totals 34.494 units, up 40% on Q4 2017 and the largest volume in Tesla history. 24.728 were Model S and Model X, and 9.766 were Model 3. Tesla announced on April 3 that in the past seven days 2.020 Model 3 were produced and 2.000 more would be produced in the following seven days, matching the amount of Model S and X combined. As of mid-April 2018, Model 3 volume now exceeds Model S and Model X combined.

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Full March 2018 Top 15 groups, Top 40 brands and Top 280 models below.

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Canada March 2018: Top Four 100% Full-size pickups, market down 0.5%

Hefty discounts ahead of the arrival of the 2019 model (pictured) push Ram Pickup sales up 7%.

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The Canadian new light vehicle market records its first year-on-year drop of 2018 at -0.5% to 186.993 registrations, but thanks to solid results during the first two months of the year, the year-to-date volume breaks another record at 430.856 units, up 1.9% on the previous record established in 2017. According to local consultancy Desrosiers whose figures are slightly lower due to the absence of some luxury brands such as Tesla, light trucks progress 5.2% to 132.515 sales or 71.1% of the market whereas passenger cars drop 12.4% to 53.932 or just 28.9% share. Year-to-date, light trucks gain 6.4% to 308.072 or 71.8% but passenger cars decline 8.2% to 121.186 or 28.2%. General Motors spectacularly regains control of the groups ranking both in March wth 16.1% share and year-to-date at 15.1%, leaving Ford Motor (13.9%), FCA (13.1%) and Toyota Motor (11.3%) far in the distance. FCA still ranks #2 YTD but is only 70 sales above Ford Motor. The Volkswagen Group posts a very satisfying 23.6% year-on-year gain this month and 26.2% YTD.

The Chevrolet Silverado is also up 7% this month in Canada.

Over in the brands ranking, Ford remains comfortably ahead at 13.5% share but drops 2.3% whereas Toyota soars 9.7% to 10.1%., the largest year-on-year gain in the Top 8. Chevrolet (+1.3%), Honda (-8.4%) and Nissan (-3.7%) round up the Top 5 while Hyundai is hit hard at -12.2%. Once again Jeep posts the biggest improvement among mass brands with a 43.8% surge lifting it to #9 just below Ram (+6.1%). It ranks #6 over Q1 2018. Below, Volvo (+39.4%), Mitsubishi (+39%), Volkswagen (+31.8%), Tesla (+28.6%), Lincoln (+26.1%) and Audi (+14%) deliver double-digit year-on-year gains while among smaller brands Alfa Romeo (+492.3%) and Genesis (+320%) stand out. There is also a handful of deep dives, the worst all being the property of FCA: Fiat (-84.6%), Dodge (-43.8%), Chrysler (-43.6%) and Maserati (-38.5%).

The Jeep Wrangler breaks it all-time volume record in Canada this month.

The Ford F-Series overcomes a steep 11% year-on-year drop to dominate a Canadian models ranking skewed particularity heavily towards full-size pickups this month: it distances the Ram Pickup (+7%), Chevrolet Silverado (+7%) and GMC Sierra (-5%), monopolising the Top 4 for the second time in the past four months. Traditional best-seller in the passenger car segment, the Honda Civic holds onto its throne but drops 23% to #5 overall. The Toyota RAV4 (+21%) leads all SUVs, unperturbed by the impending arrival of a new generation, ahead of the Honda CR-V (+11%), Nissan Rogue (-6%) and Ford Escape (-1%).

The new model propels VW Tiguan sales up 150% in Canada this month.

Just outside the Top 10, the Jeep Wrangler posts another fantastic result: up a whopping 217% on March 2017 to 3.839 sales – a new all-time volume record for the nameplate. The Jeep Compass (+987%), VW Tiguan (+150%), Subaru Crosstrek (+102%), Honda Odyssey (+49%), Mitsubishi Outlander (+49%), Mazda CX-3 (+41%), Mazda CX-5 (+36%), Audi Q5 (+32%) are the most dynamic in the remainder of the Top 50. The Nissan Qashqai (#25) continues to dominate recent launches (<12 months) head and shoulders, followed by the VW Atlas (#66), Toyota C-HR (#85) and Ford Ecosport (#86). This month we welcome no less than five newcomers in the Canadian sales charts: the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross at #133, the Jaguar E-Pace at #191, BMW X2 at #200, Volvo XC40 at #205 and Genesis G70 at #237.

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