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Oman Full Year 2020: Nissan Sunny takes control in market sinking -34.6%

The Nissan Sunny is the best-selling vehicle in Oman in 2020. Picture

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The Omani new car market sinks -34.6% year-on-year in 2020 to 72.014 units. Market leader Toyota (-44.3%) takes a big hit and sees its market share thaw by almost eight percentage points to a still dominant 45.3%. Nissan (-1.2%) manages a superb hold and is rewarded with a 25% market share vs. 16.5% a year ago. Lexus (-45.2%) is also in trouble but gains one spot on last year like Kia (-29.8%) thanks to Hyundai’s freefall (-56.3%).  Below Isuzu (-10.9%) holding well, MG (+102%) shoots up from #13 directly to #7 with 2.4% share. Jeep (-13.3%) also resists in the remainder of the Top 10 unlike Mitsubishi (-31.9%) while Honda (+10.2%) misses out on a Top 10 finish for just 4 units.

Model-wise, we have a third winner in as many years as the Nissan Sunny (+35.2%) is helped by a new generation and decisively takes the lead with 13% share vs. 6.3% a year ago. The Toyota Land Cruiser Pickup (-11.9%) edges up one spot to #2 above the Toyota Hilux (-41.3%) down one to #3 and last year’s leader the Toyota Land Cruiser (-55.4%) down three to #4. In the remainder of the Top 10, the Nissan Sentra (-21.5%) and Toyota Camry (-29.4%) resist, the Lexus LX (-36.2%) almost matches the market but the Toyota Corolla (-57.9%) and Fortuner (-53.3%) both sink. Notice also the Nissan Micra up 13-fold from #99 to #13, the Nissan Kicks up 201.2% to #17 and the MG5 up 207.6% to #24. The Oman market wasn’t exactly rocked by new launches in 2020, with the Kia Seltos (#43) faring best above the Toyota Highlander (#75).

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