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World 2010: Toyota Hilux #1 in 28 countries

Best Selling Cars now covers 154 countries around the world, so we can rank models by the number of times they appear #1 in any given country (more on the methodology below). This is exclusive to Best Selling Cars, you won’t find it anywhere else! Toyota places 4 models in the Top 5, showing how established the brand is all over the world.

The Toyota Hilux is the model that appears most often in #1: in 28 countries, including 21 in Africa. The Toyota Corolla follows: #1 in 18 countries, and the only one across the 5 continents: Europe (1 country), Asia (6), Africa (9), America (1) and Oceania (1).

Then come the Toyota Camry, VW Golf (both 8 countries) and Toyota Yaris/Vios (7). For the list of all 57 models that appear #1 and in which countries they do so, see below.

Methodology: in case there is official data available, I have used the ranking in the latest year-to-date figures, and for a very small amount of countries the data can pre-date 2010 (eg Serbia, Portugal…). For the countries with no official data, the #1 models are estimations, but they are based on thorough observation of the streets of each country and therefore should be quite close to reality.

Number of countries in which the model ranks or is estimated to rank #1 best selling model:

28 for Toyota Hilux: Angola, Benin, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Central African Rep, Chad, RD Congo, Congo (Rep), Cote d’Ivoire, El Salvador, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Gabon, Iraq, Laos, Liberia, Malawi, Mali, Mauritania, Mozambique, Nicaragua, Panama, Senegal, South Africa, Sudan, Thailand, Yemen

18 for Toyota Corolla: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Belarus, Burundi, Georgia, Jamaica, Kenya, Myanmar, New Zealand, Niger, Nigeria, Pakistan, Rwanda, Taiwan, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe

8 for Toyota Camry: Cambodia, Hong Kong (China), Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Saudi Arabia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan

8 for VW Golf: Austria, Belgium, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Luxembourg, Norway, Switzerland

7 for Toyota Yaris/Vios: Bahrain, Greece, Guatemala, Malta, Oman, Peru, Philippines

4 for Chevrolet Aveo: Colombia, Ecuador, Egypt, Venzuela

4 for Dacia Logan: Bulgaria, Moldova, Morocco, Romania

3 for Chevrolet Corsa Classic: Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay

3 for Lada 2104/2105: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Russia

3 for Mitsubishi L200: Gambia, Honduras, Madagascar

3 for Renault Megane: Estonia, Ireland, Portugal

3 for Renault Symbol: Algeria, Tunisia, Turkey

3 for Skoda Octavia: Czech Rep, Poland, Slovakia

3 for Toyota Land Cruiser: Qatar, Somalia, United Arab Emirates

2 for Ford Focus: Cyprus, Hungary

2 for Ford F Series: Canada, USA

2 for Ford Ranger: Haiti, Sierra Leone

2 for Hyundai Accent: Chile, Cuba

2 for Kia Cerato Forte: Singapore, Syria

2 for Maruti Alto: Bhutan, India

2 for Toyota Prado: Guinea, Togo

2 for VW Polo: Iceland, Netherlands

1 for BYD F3: China

1 for Chevrolet Captiva: Albania

1 for Chevrolet Optra: Lybia

1 for Chevrolet Spark: Macedonia

1 for Daihatsu Terios: Costa Rica

1 for Fiat Punto: Italy

1 for Ford Fiesta: UK

1 for Holden Commodore: Australia

1 for Hyundai i10: Nepal

1 for Hyundai Sonata: South Korea

1 for Kia Picanto: Lebanon

1 for Mazda3: Israel

1 for Mitsubishi Lancer: Jordan

1 for Mitsubishi Pajero: Ghana

1 for Nissan Frontier: Dominican Republic

1 for Nissan Sentra: Bolivia

1 for Nissan Sunny: Sri Lanka

1 for Nissan Tsuru: Mexico

1 for Opel Astra: Croatia

1 for Perodua MyVi: Malaysia

1 for Peugeot 207: France

1 for Peugeot 3008: Lithuania

1 for Peugeot 405: Iran

1 for Renault Clio: Slovenia

1 for Seat Ibiza: Spain

1 for Skoda Fabia: Bosnia

1 for Toyota Avanza: Indonesia

1 for Toyota Aygo: Denmark

1 for Toyota Innova: Vietnam

1 for Toyota Prius: Japan

1 for UzDaewoo Nexia: Uzbekistan

1 for VW Gol: Brasil

1 for Volvo V70: Sweden

1 for Zastava Koral: Serbia

1 for ZAZ Lanos: Ukraine

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  1. Hello Matt’s, where can I see the detail 2010 car sales by make and model ?
    I mean those with the numbers of sales for the whole year 2010 from January to December.

    Please help me with the link.


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