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Norway Full Year 2020: Audi e-Tron, Tesla Model 3, VW ID.3 best-sellers, electrified share up to 83.4%

The Audi e-Tron is the best-selling vehicle in Norway in 2020…

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December 2020 is the largest month in Norwegian history at 20.574 units, up 82.8% year-on-year as manufacturers rushed registrations to lower their average CO2 emissions for the year and avoid fines. The share of electrified vehicles hits a record 92.5%, that includes HEV, PHEV and BEV, the latter accounting for 66.7% of all December sales (+300.8%). The Tesla Model 3 (+238.3%) posts its 2nd largest monthly volume in Norway at over 4.200 sales and 20.6% share, the VW ID.3 follows at #2 with over 2.300 sales and 11.2% share ahead of the Volvo XC40 (+383%) and Nissan Leaf (+125.4%). The Polestar 2 is up 6 spots on November to #5, already its third Top 5 finish in Norway, distancing the Toyota RAV4 (+206.7%), BMW X1 (+915.4%) and Jaguar i-Pace (365.8%) all posting surreal year-on-year gains. The Mazda MX-30 breaks into the Top 10 of any market for the first time at #9 while the Suzuki Across is up 6 spots on last month to #16, also a world best. Launched in November, the Xpeng G3 already breaks into the December Top 50 at #44.

…ahead of the Tesla Model 3…

The December surge reduces the Full Year 2020 year-on-year fall to a minuscule -0.7% at 141.412, making Norway the best performing market in Europe. Norway is more than ever the paradise of electrified vehicles, accounting for a whopping and world-best 83.4% share in 2020 thanks to sales up 21.3% to 117.940. This is to be compared with 68.3% share in 2019, 60.2% in 2018, 52.2% in 2017, 40.2% in 2016 and just 7% in 2012. BEV sales gain 27.3% to 76.804 and 54.3% share vs. 42.4% in 2019, PHEV is up 49.8% to 28.905 and 20.4% vs. 13.5% last year and HEV drops -30.3% to 12.231 and 4.9% share vs. 12.3% in 2019. As a result petrol vehicle sales drop to 8% share vs. 15.7% in 2019 and diesel is down to 8.6% vs. 16%. Note in December petrol sales accounted for just 2.7% of the Norwegian market and diesel 4.8%.

…and VW ID.3.

The brands ranking is significantly reshuffled this year apart from the top spot held again by Volkswagen (+1.7%). Toyota (-13.5%) advances to 2nd place ahead of Audi (+38.9%), BMW (-6.8%) and Volvo (-6.4%). Tesla (-53.5%) loses more than half its 2019 volume and drops from #2 to #6, ahead of Mercedes (+132.1%) up 6 ranks to #7. Skoda (+3%) and Hyundai (+2.6%) also post gains in the remainder of the Top 10. This year we welcome Polestar at #17 – but peaking at a spectacular 4th place overall in September – and Xpeng at #34 with just one full month of sales.

The Polestar 2 peaked at #3 in September.

Model-wise, the Audi e-Tron (+71.6%) scores its only pole position in the world and ranked #1 from January to April and in July. The Tesla Model 3 (-50.5%) loses half its volume but only drops one spot on 2019 to #2 overall, it topped the charts in December as we saw above. The VW ID.3 lands directly in third place just 16 sales below the Model 3 and topped Norwegian sales from September and November, actually ranking #2 YTD by end November and losing that spot at the last minute to the Model 3. The Nissan Leaf (-14.8%) makes it four EVs in the Top 4 for the first time in any country in the world. The VW Golf (-49.4%) rounds out the Top 5 and ranked #1 in May and June. Launched in December 2019, the MG ZS directly breaks into the Top 10 at #8 and peaked at #3 in October and November, the Mercedes EQC is up to #9 and the Polestar 2 lands at #12 but peaked at #3 in September.

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