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Azerbaijan Full Year 2020: Khazar LD/SD holds onto top spot in market down -14.2%

The Khazar LD/SD is the best-selling vehicle in Azerbaijan again in 2020.

New car sales in Azerbaijan drop by a measured -14.2% year-on-year in 2020 to 9.106 units. Local manufacturer Khazar, launched in 2018, is already in difficulty at -27.1%, almost double the rate of the market decline, and drops from 15.3% to 13% share, holding onto the brands lead for a mere one sale. Lada (-16.7%) resists much better but also sees its share drop slightly from 13.3% to 13%. In fact the Top 5 brands are unchanged on 2019, with Hyundai (-38.8%) faring the worst but staying in third place ahead of Toyota (-20.9%) and Kia (-34%) both falling faster than the market also. Ravon breaks into the Top 10 at #6 as does Skoda at #8 while Mercedes (-18.1%) and Nissan (-46.6%) underperform. Model-wise, the Khazar LD/SD, a locally produced rebadged Iran Khodro Dena, remains the best-seller for the year, ahead once again of the Lada 4×4, while the Lada Granta lifts from outside of the 2019 Top 5 directly into third place, pushing the Hyundai Accent down to #4. The Ravon R4 also makes its entrance into the Top 5 at #5.

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Full Year 2020 Top 10 brands and Top 5 models vs. Full Year 2019 info below.

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