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Egypt Full Year 2020: New free trade agreements lift market up 20.2%

Toyota is now the #2 brand in Egypt, with the Corolla the best-selling passenger car.

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Free trade agreements and the resulting tax exemptions on a large number of vehicles as well as new brands now sharing sales data have cancelled the effects of the coronavirus in Egypt this year. Light vehicle sales are indeed up 20.2% to 219.687 in 2020. There is now a new Egyptian-European partnership, a Free Trade Agreement with Turkey and the Agadir Agreement which allow custom exemptions from the European Union, Turkey and Morocco, in effect cancelling rates of 12% for cars between 1300 and 1600 cc, 30% between 1600 and 2000 cc and 40.5% above 2000 cc if they are produced in one of these three regions. This has had an impact on the new car landscape in 2020.

Chevrolet (-12.5%) remains by far the most popular brand in the country but sees its market share dive from 23% last year to 16.7%. Toyota (+24.7%) is up two spots to #2, overtaking Nissan (-2.6%) and Hyundai (+6.7%) both underperforming. Renault (+13.8%) remains in 5th place while MG now reports Egyptian sales and lands directly at an outstanding 6th place overall with 6.9% share. Opel (+975%), Fiat (+164.2%), Citroen (+149.3%), Chery (+76.4%) and Suzuki (+66.3%) also vastly outpace the market in the remainder of the Top 20 brands.

Model-wise, the Chevrolet “Tank” T-Series (+5.4%) aka Isuzu D-Max posts a 7th straight annual win but sees its share drop to 9.4%. The Toyota Corolla (+73.4%) made in Turkey becomes the best-selling passenger car in the country, toppling the Nissan Sunny (-2.6%) with the Fiat Tipo (+159.1%) also made in Turkey and Hyundai Elantra (+102.9%) in tow. The Renault Logan (+89.6%) made in Morocco and Opel Astra (+1033.5%) made in the EU also break into the Top 10, benefitting from tax exemptions. The MG5 becomes the best-selling Chinese vehicle in Egypt, landing directly at #10 for the year and distancing the King Long Minibus (#12), MG ZS (#13), Chery Arrizo 5 (#15) and BYD F3 (#18).

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Full Year 2020 Top 20 brands and models vs. Full Year 2019 figures below.

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