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Egypt January-February 2016: Hyundai Tucson jumps to pole position

Hyundai Tucson Egypt February 2016The Hyundai Tucson is the best-selling vehicle in Egypt in February. 

* See the Top 120 All-models Ranking Tables by clicking on the title *

It’s a very difficult start of the year for Egyptian new vehicle sales: down 32% in January to 15.391 units and another 31% in February to 16.527, pulling the year-to-date total down 32% after two months at 46.702 registrations. In January, the Chevrolet TFR, leader in 2014 and 2015, holds onto the pole position with 9.2% share, keeping a comfortable distance with the Hyundai Verna (7.7%) and Nissan Sunny (5%) while the Nissan Pickup jumps 21 spots on December to a stunning 4th place and the Nissan Sentra is up 24 to #7.

Kia Sportage Egypt February 2016The new Kia Sportage lands at #30 in February. 

But the month of February belongs to one newcomer: after ranking #67 in December and #27 in January, the Hyundai Tucson spectacularly takes the lead of the Egyptian new car market thanks to 1.291 sales and 7.8% share. The Hyundai Verna (7.4%) overtakes the Chevrolet TFR (6.1%) which however keeps the year-to-date lead by just 7 units. The Peugeot 301 goes from #112 in January to a formidable 8th place in February, the Hyundai Creta is up to #16, the Solaris up to #22 and we welcome two all-nw models in Egypt this month: the all-new Kia Sportage (#30) and the Opel Mokka (#32).

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Full January and February 2016 Top 120 All-models Ranking Tables below.

Note: Medium and heavy commercials are excluded from these rankings.

Egypt January 2016 – models:

1Chevrolet TFR Single Cab1,4179.2%1
2Hyundai Verna1,1847.7%2
3Nissan new Sunny7745.0%3
4Nissan new Pickup S/C6334.1%25
5Suzuki Microbus6003.9%8
6Chevrolet Aveo4893.2%6
7Nissan Sentra4633.0%31
8Geely Emgrand 74613.0%12
9Chevrolet N3004402.9%18
10Mitsubishi Lancer EX4342.8%7
11Chevrolet New Optra4252.8%24
12Chevrolet Lanos3592.3%5
13King Long XMQ6500E3192.1%16
14Chevrolet Cruze2971.9%29
15Toyota Hilux2911.9%17
16Peugeot 5082891.9%60
17Opel Astra NB2681.7%28
18Golden Dragon Haice2511.6%15
19Subaru XV2501.6%50
20Kia New Picanto2401.6%48
21Jeep Grand Cherokee2111.4%44
22Skoda Octavia2001.3%13
23Renault Sandero2001.3%14
24Nissan new Pickup D/C1951.3%43
25Hyundai Accent RB1861.2%22
26Peugeot 30081761.1%71
27Hyundai Tucson1761.1%67
28Peugeot 20081661.1%83
29Toyota Hiace1641.1%20
30Opel Insignia1571.0%37
31Hyundai Solaris1531.0%75
32Kia Cee’d1300.8%69
33Hyundai Grand i101240.8%30
34Nissan Sunny1210.8%23
35Toyota Land Cruiser1110.7%53
36Toyota Fortuner1010.7%39
37Jeep Renegade980.6%126
38Suzuki Pickup960.6%47
39Hyundai new Elantra950.6%9
40Ford Kuga890.6%61
41Hyundai i10810.5%65
42Toyota Corolla800.5%11
43Suzuki Ciaz800.5%27
44BMW X3730.5%58
45Daihatsu Terios700.5%62
46BMW 3 Series660.4%40
47Kia Soul640.4%68
48Kia All-new Carens600.4%41
49Daihatsu Van550.4%73
50Hyundai Accent HB540.4%76
51Toyota Yaris530.3%26
52Suzuki Van480.3%74
53DFSK (DongFeng) K01470.3%99
54BAIC (Beijing Auto) MZ40440.3%64
55Opel New Corsa430.3%113
56Toyota Prado430.3%55
57Opel Meriva350.2%91
58BMW 2 Series Active Tourer320.2%93
59Jinbei Haise300.2%54
60Fiat Linea300.2%
61Nissan Qashqai290.2%56
62BMW 5 Series290.2%79
63BMW X5230.1%87
64Honda City200.1%78
65Subaru New Impreza200.1%109
66Changhe Super Panda160.1%98
67BMW 4 Series160.1%127
68Kia New Rio150.1%32
69Mitsubishi Pajero130.1%117
70Toyota Coaster120.1%70
71Ford Fusion120.1%82
72Brilliance X30110.1%102
73Brilliance V5100.1%59
74Nissan Juke100.1%51
75Range Rover100.1%114
76Suzuki New Alto 80090.1%46
77Toyota Auris90.1%108
78Ford Mondeo90.1%155
79Ford Ka90.1%137
80Land Rover Discovery Sport90.1%134
81Jeep Wrangler70.0%57
82BMW 1 Series70.0%129
83Jaguar XF70.0%147
84Opel Cascada70.0%143
85Kia All-new Cerato60.0%21
86Geely Pandino60.0%45
87Hyundai H-1 Starex60.0%115
88Toyota Avanza60.0%85
89Fiat Qubo60.0%167
90Fiat Doblo60.0%96
91Fiat 50060.0%135
92Alfa Romeo Giulietta60.0%130
93Jaguar XJ60.0%161
94Jaguar XE60.0%154
96Suzuki Ertiga50.0%80
97Nissan Urvan50.0%92
98Peugeot 30850.0%120
99Ford Fiesta40.0%110
100Mini Cooper40.0%104
101Hyundai Creta40.0%90
102BMW X130.0%103
103Peugeot 20830.0%107
105BMW X430.0%197
106Mitsubishi Attrage20.0%49
107Ford Focus20.0%66
108Peugeot 500820.0%111
109BMW 7 Series20.0%119
110Jinbei H220.0%177
112Peugeot 30110.0%33
113JMC Pickup S/C10.0%100
114Brilliance FSV10.0%182
115Hyundai i3010.0%151
116Ford B-Max10.0%132
118Daihatsu Pick-up10.0%165
119Jaguar F-Type10.0%173
120BMW X610.0%191

Egypt February 2016 – models:

1Hyundai Tucson1,2917.8%271,4674.6%467
2Hyundai Verna1,2317.4%22,4157.6%22
3Chevrolet TFR Single Cab1,0056.1%12,4227.6%11
4Nissan new Sunny9065.5%31,6805.3%33
5Mitsubishi Lancer EX6193.7%101,0533.3%67
6Suzuki Microbus6003.6%51,2003.8%58
7Chevrolet New Optra5933.6%111,0183.2%724
8Peugeot 3015623.4%1125631.8%1633
9Geely Emgrand 75363.2%89973.1%912
10Nissan Sentra5033.0%79663.0%1031
11King Long XMQ6500E3792.3%136982.2%1216
12Nissan new Pickup S/C3672.2%41,0003.1%825
13Chevrolet N3003652.2%98052.5%1118
14Golden Dragon Haice3622.2%186131.9%1415
15Opel Astra NB3582.2%176262.0%1328
16Hyundai Creta3262.0%1013301.0%2390
17Nissan Qashqai3061.9%613351.0%2256
18Chevrolet Cruze2931.8%145901.8%1529
19Toyota Hilux2601.6%155511.7%1717
20Subaru XV2221.3%194721.5%2050
21Toyota Corolla1661.0%422460.8%3411
22Hyundai Solaris1641.0%313171.0%2675
23Toyota Fortuner1631.0%362640.8%3239
24Opel Insignia1591.0%303161.0%2737
25Hyundai Grand i101560.9%332800.9%3130
26BMW 3 Series1540.9%462200.7%3740
27Toyota Hiace1510.9%293151.0%2820
28Chevrolet Lanos1440.9%125031.6%185
29Hyundai new Elantra1320.8%392270.7%359
30Kia All-new Sportage1300.8%1300.4%49
31Nissan new Pickup D/C1270.8%243221.0%2443
32Opel Mokka1240.8%1240.4%52
33Kia New Rio1220.7%681370.4%4832
34Skoda Octavia1180.7%223181.0%2513
35Renault Logan Sedan1080.7%1080.3%544
36BAIC (Beijing Auto) MZ401070.6%541510.5%4464
37Jeep Renegade1000.6%371980.6%39126
38Suzuki Pickup960.6%381920.6%4147
39Renault Sandero940.6%232940.9%3014
40BMW X3920.6%441650.5%4258
41Kia Soul860.5%471500.5%4668
42Hyundai i10840.5%411650.5%4365
43Jeep Wrangler830.5%81900.3%6057
44Daihatsu Terios810.5%451510.5%4562
45Peugeot 508810.5%163701.2%2160
46Proton Gen2770.5%770.2%6281
48Kia New Picanto600.4%203000.9%2948
49Toyota Yaris590.4%511120.4%5326
50Ford Fusion530.3%71650.2%6882
51Fiat Punto500.3%500.2%7363
52Toyota Prado490.3%56920.3%5955
53Daihatsu Van480.3%491030.3%5573
54Suzuki Van480.3%52960.3%5874
55Jeep Grand Cherokee460.3%212570.8%3344
56Proton Persona430.3%430.1%7684
57Kia All-new Carens400.2%481000.3%5641
58Opel Meriva380.2%57730.2%6391
59Hyundai Accent RB360.2%252220.7%3622
60Fiat 500X320.2%320.1%81
61Jinbei Haise320.2%59620.2%6954
62Fiat Linea300.2%60600.2%70
63Subaru New Impreza290.2%65490.2%74109
64Toyota Coaster280.2%70400.1%7770
65Brilliance X30270.2%72380.1%78102
66Land Rover Discovery Sport270.2%80360.1%79134
67Peugeot 2008270.2%281930.6%4083
68Peugeot 3008250.2%262010.6%3871
69BMW 5 Series240.1%62530.2%7279
70BMW 2 Series Active Tourer230.1%58550.2%7193
71Opel New Corsa230.1%55660.2%67113
72BMW X5220.1%63450.1%7587
73Honda Civic220.1%220.1%87106
74DFSK (DongFeng) K01200.1%53670.2%6599
75Jinbei H2200.1%110220.1%88177
76Ford Fiesta190.1%99230.1%86110
77Ford Focus190.1%107210.1%8966
78Nissan Sunny190.1%341400.4%4723
79Range Rover180.1%75280.1%83114
80BMW X1160.1%102190.1%91103
81Changhe Super Panda160.1%66320.1%8098
82Ford Mondeo160.1%78250.1%84155
83Toyota Land Cruiser160.1%351270.4%5153
84Mini Cooper140.1%100180.1%92104
85BMW 1 Series120.1%82190.1%90129
86Hyundai Accent HB120.1%50660.2%6676
87Nissan Urvan120.1%97170.1%9692
88Toyota Avanza120.1%88180.1%9485
89Honda City110.1%64310.1%8278
90Chevrolet Aveo100.1%64991.6%196
91Ford Kuga100.1%40990.3%5761
92Suzuki Ciaz100.1%43900.3%6127
93Mini Countryman90.1%90.0%103124
94BMW 4 Series80.0%67240.1%85127
95Ford Ka80.0%79170.1%95137
96Opel Cascada80.0%84150.0%97143
97Ford B-Max70.0%11680.0%105132
98Toyota Auris60.0%77150.0%98108
99Mitsubishi Pajero50.0%69180.1%93117
100Toyota RAV450.0%50.0%117112
102Brilliance V530.0%73130.0%9959
103Hyundai H-1 Starex30.0%8790.0%101115
104JMC Pickup S/C30.0%11340.0%119100
105Kia Carnival30.0%30.0%122141
106Mazda CX-930.0%30.0%123181
107Hyundai ix3520.0%20.0%12710
108Nissan Juke20.0%74120.0%10051
109Skoda Rapid20.0%20.0%12977
110Alfa Romeo Giulietta10.0%9270.0%106130
111BMW 7 Series10.0%10930.0%120119
112Brilliance Cross10.0%10.0%13188
113Brilliance S3010.0%10.0%133131
114Chrysler Town & Country10.0%10.0%134153
115Daihatsu Pick-up10.0%11820.0%126165
116Daihatsu Sirion10.0%10.0%135159
117Fiat Doblo10.0%9070.0%10796
119Mazda CX-510.0%10.0%139
120Peugeot 500810.0%10830.0%125111

Source: AMIC, many thanks to Ldman for sharing the data.

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