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Mexico Full Year 2020: Nissan celebrates 20 consecutive years as #1 brand, market falls -28% to lowest since 2011

The Versa helps Nissan to a 20th consecutive annual win in Mexico.

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The Mexican new car market falls -28% year-on-year in 2020 to 949.121 units compared to 1.317.927 in 2019. This is the lowest annual tally since 2011 and the first time Mexican annual sales fall below the million mark since 2012. In the brands charts, Nissan (-27.5%) celebrates 20 consecutive years by slightly outpacing the market to 20.5% share. In contrast, Chevrolet (-29.9%) and Volkswagen (-30.6%) underperform to 15% and 10.5% share respectively. Toyota (-27.5%) like Nissan is just above the market evolution at #5 while Kia (-22.9%) improves from 7.2% to 7.8%. The Top 9 brands are unchanged on 2019, with Mazda (-23.2%) also beating the market and Ford (-35.4%) hit hardest. Suzuki (-16.8%) delivers the best hold near the top and is rewarded with a Top 10 spot at #10. Below, Subaru (+12.2%), Volvo (+4%), Ram (+1.4%) and GMC (+0.8%) defy the depressed context with the only year-on-year gains in market.

Over in the models ranking, the Nissan Versa (-21.9%) celebrates five consecutive years as the country’s favourite, improving its share from 6.6% to 7.2%. That means it widens the gap with its followers, led this year by the Nissan Pickup (-29.2%) up two spots to #2 despite falling faster than the market and leapfrogging past the Chevrolet Beat (-40.4%) and Aveo (-56.1%). For its part the Nissan March (-22.4%) advances one rank to #4. The Kia Rio (-21%) continues to climb the ladder, up one spot to #6 as it overtakes a VW Vento (-43.3%) in great difficulty. The most successful launch this year by far is a model that has already achieved best-seller results in other Latin American markets notably in Brazil: the Chevrolet Onix. It lands directly at #8 with 2.7% share and peaked at #3 in both November and December. The next best-selling launch can be found at #14: the Kia Seltos, cracking the monthly Mexican Top 10 in October.

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