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Mexico Full Year 2019: Nissan Versa #1 for 4th straight year, Nissan #1 for 19th year, Renault (+18.4%), Suzuki (+18.3%) impress in weakest market since 2014 (-7.6%)

The Nissan Versa is the best-selling vehicle in Mexico in 2019.

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The Mexican new light vehicle market endures a third consecutive year of decline in 2019: after -4.6% in 2017 and -7% in 2018, the fall accelerates to -7.6% to 1.317.937 units, the weakest annual score since 2014. Only January was in positive this year which means December marks a 30th year-on-year loss in the past 31 months. Nissan (-14.1%) retains the brands pole position for the 19th consecutive year despite falling almost twice as fast as the market and seeing its share drop from 21.9% to 20.3%. Chevrolet (-10.4%) also loses share from 15.9% to 15.4% and Volkswagen (-8.5%) is down slightly from 11% to 10.9%. Toyota (-2.8%) improves from 7.6% to 8% of the Mexican market while Kia (+1.4%) is the only Top 5 carmaker in positive, posting another record year and breaking its all-time monthly volume record in November. Mazda (+3.4%) also manages an uptick at #7 but the hero of the year is Renault (+18.4%) lodging a fantastic double-digit gain and the largest gain in the Top 20. Further down, Lamborghini (+112.2%), Volvo (+23.2%), Suzuki (+18.3%), Peugeot (+12.8%), Mitsubishi (+11.9%), Isuzu (+11.4%), Ferrari (+10.8%), Subaru (+8.7%), Land Rover (+5.7%) and Seat (+5.4%) are among the most dynamic further down, but it’s the Chinese that make themselves noticed: JAC (+63.5%) has decided to disclose both 2018 and 2019 data this year and joins BAIC (+58.9%) inside the 2019 Top 25.

Over in the models ranking, the Nissan Versa (-4.6%) posts a 4th annual win in a row and limits its fall thanks to the arrival of a new generation in October which spectacularly lifted the nameplates to 3 consecutive all-time monthly records: 9.309 in October (+27.8%), 9.849 in November (+12.1%) and 9.870 in November (+15.8%)… The Top 4 remains unchanged on 2018 with the Chevrolet Aveo (-13.5%), Beat (-0.8%) and Pickup (-6.1%) in tow. The Nissan March (-8%) overtakes the VW Vento (-14.5%) for 5th place despite losing more ground than the market, just as the Kia Rio (+11.6%) climbs to #7 and the Mazda3 (+10.2%) is up 5 spots to break into the Top 10 at #9, the only two Top 10 nameplates in positive. Just below, the Kia Forte (+1%) is up to #11, the Honda HR-V (+31.6%) is up 11 spots to #15, the Toyota RAV4 (+120.6%) is up 33 to #22, registering the largest gain in the Top 50, with the Toyota Corolla (+82.6%), Renault Oroch (+78.7%), Ford Ranger (+55.1%), Ram 1500-3500 (+39.4%), Chevrolet Silverado (+22.5%) and Hyundai Grand i10 (+18.9%) also posting spectacular gains. The Renault Kwid (#51) is the most popular 2019 above the VW Virtus (#65), Mazda CX-30 (#107) and Chevrolet Blazer (#130).

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