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Mexico January 2021: Toyota (-3.6%), Suzuki (-1.5%) resist in market down -22.5%

Toyota Hilux sales are up 119.3% year-on-year in January.

New light vehicle sales in Mexico drop -22.5% year-on-year in January to 81.203 units for what is an 11th straight double-digit fall. Brand leader Nissan (-15.6%) resists better than the market and sees its share rise to 21.8% vs. 20.5% over the Full Year 2020. Followers Chevrolet (-29.1%) and Volkswagen (-33.7%) aren’t that lucky and endure market share losses to 13.8% and 9.9% respectively. Toyota (-3.6%) posts the best hold in the Top 9 and improves to 9.6% share vs. 8.1% over the FY2020, with Suzuki (-1.5%), Kia (-13.6%) and Mazda (-21.2%) also solid in the Top 10 but Honda (-48.1%), Hyundai (-34.3%) and Ford (-29%) struggling. Expendig our reach to the Top 30, Volvo (+26.5%), Subaru (+12.1%) Peugeot (+6.6%), Ram (+6.3%), GMC (+4%) and Porsche (+0.8%) post rare year-on-year gains.

Model-wise, the Nissan Versa (-29%) remains the overall best-seller despite a harsh fall, and Nissan monopolises the podium this month with the Pickup (+0.4%) and March (+11.8%) in splendid form. The Chevrolet Onix (+547.8%) celebrates one year in market but drops one spot on December to #4. The Kia Rio resists (-15.3%) and ranks inside the Mexican Top 5 for the 5th time in the past 6 months. It is followed by the Chevrolet Beat (-62.9%) in freefall and the Toyota Hilux (+119.3%) surging ahead. The Toyota RAV4 (+14.5%) is also up at #12. The Chevrolet Tracker (#15) is the best-selling recent launch (<12 months) above the VW Taos (#47) brewing into the Top 50 for its second month in market, and the Suzuki Jimny (#70).

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