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Mexico Full Year 2011: VW Clasico ends Nissan Tsuru’s 8 year reign

VW Clasico

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Car sales in Mexico are up a healthy 10% both in December at 115,696 units and in the Full Year 2011 at 905,886 registrations, the best figure in 3 years. A once in a decade event happened this year in the Mexican models ranking: the market changed leaders!

Transformed into VW’s low-cost option with the arrival of the new generation Jetta in late 2010, the VW Clasico which is in fact a restyled 1998 Jetta/Bora, managed to break 8 consecutive years of Nissan Tsuru reign to snap up the pole position in 2011. It lead the Mexican market 7 times this year vs. 4 for the Tsuru and sells 57,782 units, up 40% at 6.4% share vs. 55,741, down 9% at 6.2% for the Tsuru.

Nissan Versa

The Nissan Tiida Sedan stays #3 with sales up 2 to 39,083 units and 4.3%, followed by the Chevrolet Aveo up 26% to 36,972 units and 4.1%. There are two more Nissans in the Top 10 vs. 2010, bringing that number to an outstanding 6! The Nissan Versa lands directly at #8 with 20,894 sales and 2.3%, it peaked at #2 and 5.3% share in October. The Nissan March arrives in 10th place at 18,995 units and 2.1% and peaked at #6 in December.

Chevrolet Aveo

In December, a third model is claiming a right to the Mexican throne: the Chevrolet Aveo. Still on sale despite the arrival of the Sonic, the Aveo could very well benefit in 2012 from the ‘low-cost’ effect the VW Clasico enjoyed this year… The Aveo sells 5,307 units in December and ranks #1 for the first time in the nameplate’s history in the country. Other December performers include the Nissan March up to #6 and the Ford Escape up to #11.

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Full Year 2011 Top 11 and December 2011 Top 13 Ranking Tables below.

Mexico Full Year 2011:

1VW Clasico57,7826.4%40%41,3615.0%2
2Nissan Tsuru55,7416.2%-9%61,1477.5%1
3Nissan Tiida sedan39,0834.3%2%38,2064.7%3
4Chevrolet Aveo36,9724.1%26%29,4093.6%4
5VW Nuevo Jetta24,8532.7%153%9,8351.2%n/a
6Chevrolet Chevy 3pts23,4982.6%19%19,7222.4%5
7Nissan Chasis Largo21,0622.3%10%19,0992.3%7
8Nissan Versa20,8942.3%new00.0% –
9Nissan Sentra 2.019,5822.2%0%19,5282.4%6
10Nissan March18,9952.1%new00.0% –
11Chevrolet Spark15,7181.7%n/an/an/a –

Mexico December 2011:

1Chevrolet Aveo5,3074.6%336,9724.1%26%44
2Nissan Tiida sedan5,0104.3%539,0834.3%2%33
3VW Clasico4,7284.1%157,7826.4%40%12
4Nissan Tsuru4,6614.0%255,7416.2%-9%21
5Nissan Versa3,8253.3%420,8942.3%new8 –
6Nissan March3,1412.7%818,9952.1%new10 –
7Nissan Sentra 2.02,6992.3%1019,5822.2%0%96
8Chevrolet Chevy 3pts2,3412.0%723,4982.6%19%65
9Nissan Chasis Largo2,2762.0%921,0622.3%10%77
10VW Nuevo Jetta2,0451.8%624,8532.7%153%5 –
11Ford Escape2,0351.8%1210,9381.2%n/a1615
12Chevrolet Spark (e)1,7181.5%n/a15,7181.7%n/a11 –
13Dodge Journey1,6001.4%1112,3211.4%n/a1311


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  1. The reality is that for almost every new car sold in Mexico,there is a used import from the U.S.A sold as well.If it wasn’t for this,there would be at least a couple of hundred thousand new cars sold in Mexico each year.

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