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Italy: 1928-2023 Historical Data now available

Fiat 600

See below for the direct links to 60 Italy Historical Data posts.

Detailed Historical Data is now available for Italy for the past 95 years. Annual sales volumes are available from 1928 onwards. From 1952 onwards, there is uninterrupted brands data. Production from 1952 to 1959 and sales from 1960 onwards. Starting in 1960, for most years a models ranking is available, making Italy one of the most complete countries on BSCB. The Fiat 600 was king from 1956 to 1963 before the Fiat 500 took the relay from 1964 to 1971

Fiat 128

…the Fiat 128 had its turn for two short years in 1972 and 1973, then the Fiat 127 led the market from 1974 to 1982. Witness also the solid careers of the small Fiat 850 and 126 or the larger 1500, 124 and 131, the success of the Alfa Romeo Giulia and Alfasud, and the Autobianchi Bianchina and Primula…

Fiat 131 Mirafiori Special

Discover also the strength of the Fiat Ritmo at over 200,000 annual sales for two years (19811982), the thundering arrival of the Fiat Uno in 1983 and its 1986 peak of 433,700 sales and 23.8% market share, both records that still stand today. See the consistency of the Fiat Panda, peaking at 11% share in 1982 and 223,410 sales in 1989

Fiat Uno

…and the instant success of the 1988 Fiat Tipo, reaching almost 14% share in December that year. Experience the exotic arrival on the podium of – shock, horror! – foreign models: the Renault 5 in 1985 and the VW Golf in 1986

Fiat Punto

The Fiat Punto took the lead in November 1993 at launch. Starting just under 20% share, four generations of the model, including the Grande Punto from 2005 onwards, helped keep the Punto nameplate on top of Italian sales for 18 consecutive years.

Lancia Lybra

Did you know the Lancia Lybra ranked #18 in 2000, the first generation Fiat Palio was #20 in 2000 or the Fiat Multipla #20 in 2001?

Fiat Panda

However the Fiat Panda 2, launched in 2003, has been gearing up all through its career to reach 8% share in 2009. The Panda 3, unveiled in 2011, takes the title of best-selling model in Italy in 2012 for the first time in the nameplate’s 32 year career, and has not looked back since, topping the Italian annual sales charts for the following 11 years.

Italy Historical Info:

Italy 1928-1950: Annual sales volumes now available (new)

Italy 1951-1955: Fiat Topolino boosts market to over 100.000 annual sales for the first time (new)

Italy 1956-1963: Fiat 600 the people’s favourite (now with 1956-1960 brands production data)

Italy 1964: Fiat 500 takes the relay in market down -12.8%

Italy 1965: Fiat holds 73.8% share in market up 6.8% (new)

Italy 1966: Fiat up to 74.1% share, Top 5 brands 100% Italian in first millionaire market (+14.5%) (new)

Italy 1967-1968: Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Innocenti dominate, NSU Prinz #1 foreigner in record market (new)

Italy 1969: Fiat 500, 850 and 124 on podium

Italy 1970-1971: Fiat 500 leads, Fiat 128 up to 2nd place

Italy 1972: Fiat 128 best-seller, Fiat 127 arrives

Italy 1973: Fiat 128 and 127 fight it out, Fiat 126 on podium

Italy 1974: Fiat 127 takes the lead, Autobianchi A112 up to #4

Italy 1975: Fiat 127 above 20% share, Fiat 131 lands at #5

Italy 1976: Renault 5 first foreigner to break into Top 5 in at least 20 years

Italy 1977-1978: Fiat 127 still on top, Fiat Ritmo lands

Italy 1979: Fiat 127 and 126 dominate

Italy 1980: Fiat 127, Ritmo and Panda on podium

Italy 1981: Fiat 127 and Ritmo neck-to-neck

Italy 1982: Fiat 127, Ritmo and Panda dominate

Italy 1983: The start of the Fiat Uno dynasty

Italy 1984: Fiat Uno and Regata shine

Italy 1985: Fiat Uno close to 22%, Renault 5 on podium

Italy 1986: Fiat Uno at its highest – 433,700 sales and 23.8% share

Italy 1987: Fiat Uno above 400,000 sales again

Italy 1988: Fiat Uno leads, Fiat Tipo close to 14% in December

Italy 1989: Fiat Uno, Tipo and Panda on podium

Italy 1990: Fiat Uno keeps pole position

Italy 1991: Fiat Uno and Ford Fiesta in command

Italy 1992: Fiat Uno and Panda dominate, Fiat Cinquecento arrives

Italy 1993: Last year of reign for the Fiat Uno

Italy 1994: Fiat Punto takes control

Italy 1995: Fiat Punto close to 19% share, Fiat Cinquecento #2

Italy 1996: Fiat Punto and Bravo/a dominate

Italy 1997: Fiat Punto, Bravo/a, Panda and Cinquecento on top

Italy 1998: Fiat Punto, Panda and Lancia Y dominate

Italy 1999: Fiat Punto best-seller for 6th consecutive year

Italy 2000: Fiat Punto, Seicento and Lancia Y on podium

Italy 2001: Fiat Punto leads, Ford Focus up to #2

Italy 2002: Fiat Punto, Panda and Ford Focus on podium

Italy 2003: Fiat Punto, Citroen C3, Fiat Seicento on top, new Panda arrives

Italy 2004: Fiat Punto and Panda dominate, Lancia Ypsilon #4

Italy 2005: Fiat Punto gives way to Grande Punto, Panda shines

Italy 2006: Fiat Punto close to 10%, Fiat Panda at 6.4%

Italy 2007: Fiat Punto and Panda lead, Bravo and 500 arrive

Italy 2008: Fiat Punto and Panda fight it out, Fiat 500 #3

Italy 2009: Fiat Punto, Panda and Ford Fiesta all stronger

Italy 2010: Fiat Punto #1 for 17th consecutive year

Italy 2011: An Alfa Romeo in the Top 10 for the first time since 1990!

Italy 2012: Fiat Panda ends 18 years of Punto domination in worst market since 1979

Italy 2013: Fiat Panda leads, Fiat 500L lands in 5th place, Top 5 All-Italian for the first time in 30 years

Italy 2014: Podium 100% Fiat for the 2nd time in 15 years

Italy 2015: Panda leads, Fiat 500X and Jeep Renegade superstars

Italy 2016: 6 Italian nameplates in the Top 7 for the first time in 32 years

Italy 2017: Fiat Tipo on podium in largest market this decade

Italy 2018: Fiat down 19.8% to 60-year low share, Renault Clio (#2) and Jeep Renegade (#5) break records

Italy 2018: Exclusive Top 20 models ranking for all 20 regions

Italy 2019: Fiat down to lowest-ever 14.9% share and 3rd lowest volume in 60 years, Dacia Duster up to #3

Italy 2020: Market falls -27.7% to lowest since 2014, Fiat hits lowest volume since 1959

Italy 2021: Fiat Panda and 500 dominate in market up 5.5%

Italy 2022: Fiat falls to lowest ever share, Toyota, Dacia break records, market down -9.7%

Italy 2023: Market up 19%, Volkswagen topples Fiat in December

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  1. Hi and congratulations for the really great site and for the accurate database! Anyhow I have to say that in Italy the Autobianchi Y10 was sold as Autobianchi for its whole career, and it never had the Lancia brand like in other european countries and as indicated in 1990-96 rankings. It was the last model to wear the Autobianchi marque until its demise on october 1996. Also, to be more precise the Innocenti Elba was a rebadged Fiat Duna Weekend, still based on the brazilian Fiat Uno CS and not on Italian Uno. Sorry for my imperfect english 🙂

    1. What’s the date of the Quattroruote magazine you got that Top 30 from? That will indicate which monthly ranking it is…
      Thanks Miguel

  2. Hi Miguel,

    Thank you very much for this! Comparing this ranking to the figures for 11 months of 1972 that Andrea shared with me it looks like your Top 30 may be a monthly ranking? Could this be the ranking for Italy in December 1972 and not the full year?? Looking at the ranking of new (in 1972) models like the Alfa Romeo Alfasud, #6 in your ranking but #23 over 11 months 1972 it looks like it could be the case…?

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