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Italy: 1974-1978 more detailed Historical Data now available!

Alfa Romeo Alfasud L Italy 1977The Alfa Romeo Alfasud was the 5th most produced car in Italy in 1977.

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Thanks to Andrea, I can now share with you detailed data for the 1974-1976 period in Italy which had been a little dusty until now. Full models and brands rankings are now available in intermediary rankings!

Italy 1974: Fiat 127 takes the lead, Autobianchi A112 up to #4

Italy 1975: Fiat 127 above 20% share, Fiat 131 lands at #5, VW Golf appears

Italy 1976: Renault 5 first foreigner to break into Top 5 in at least 20 years

Italy 1977-1978: Fiat 127 still on top, Fiat Ritmo lands

Lancia Beta Italy 1975The Lancia Beta ranked #13 over the first 3 months of 1975 in Italy.

Witness the continuous reign of the Fiat 127, above 20% share in 1975, the gearing up of the Fiat 131 to #2 most produced model in 1978, the Autobianchi A112 camping at #4 in 1974 and 1975, the Lancia Beta flirting with the Top 10 over the period and the Renault 5 breaking into the Top 5 in 1976, a first for a foreign model since potentially the VW Beetle, or even ever which enabled Renault to grab the #2 brand spot that year. Notice also the first appearance of the legendary VW Golf in the Italian Top 20 in 1975 and the 5th place of the Alfa Romeo Alfasud in the 1977 Italian production rankings.

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