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Italy 2005: Fiat Punto gives way to Grande Punto, Panda shines

Fiat Punto

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Car sales in Italy are stable in 2005 at 2,237,456 registrations (-1%). Big event in 2005: the Fiat Punto is replaced by the Grande Punto in September and together the two models sell 173,632 units to stay #1 at 7.8% share. The Fiat Panda goes from strength to strength, up 17% at 131,124 units and a very strong 5.9% share.

Fiat Grande Punto

Now let’s go into a bit more detail because UNRAE changed the way it reported Punto and Grande Punto figures just when it was getting interesting… The Fiat Punto held the #1 spot all the way through to August. In September, when the Grande Punto launched, the Punto dropped to 6.1%, giving up the leadership to the Fiat Panda, up to a best-ever (for the new generation) 6.3% share. It was the first time since October 93 that the Punto did not lead the Italian ranking.

Fiat Panda

The Panda was #1 again in October with 6.2% vs. 5.1% for the Punto. In the meantime, the Grande Punto sold 1,834 units in Sept (#32) and 5,555 in Oct (#4). In November, Punto and Grande Punto sales were fused together at 18,147 units and 10.1%, #1 by far. From now on sales of both models would be counted together.

A testimony to the fragmentation of the Italian market, the Ford Fiesta lodged sales virtually identical to last year at 69,964 units (3.1%) but jumped 4 spots to #3, ahead of the Lancia Ypsilon (2.9%), Toyota Yaris (2.8%) and Citroen C3 (2.6%).

Fiat Idea

The Opel Astra gains a massive 19 spots and 110% to land #7 with 55,018 sales. It was even #5 for four months. Other interesting performances include the Nissan Micra ranking 9th twice, the Opel Meriva breaking into the Top 10 for the first time in June, the Fiat Idea reaching #11 in June and the Mercedes A Class ranking #14 in August, both best-ever positions.

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Full Year Top 40 and every Monthly Top 10/20/30 Ranking Tables below.

You can check out each and every Top 10 (from January to March), Top 20 (April to August) and Top 30 (September to December) here:

Italy 2005 Month by Month

Italy Full Year 2005:

1Fiat Punto/Grande Punto173,6327.8%-2%177,0017.8%1
2Fiat Panda131,1245.9%17%112,1285.0%2
3Ford Fiesta69,9643.1%0%70,2833.1%7
4Lancia Ypsilon64,4692.9%-13%73,6873.3%4
5Toyota Yaris61,9142.8%-15%73,0923.2%5
6Citroen C358,2052.6%-20%72,6033.2%6
7Opel Astra55,0182.5%110%26,1461.2%26
8VW Golf47,8662.1%-14%55,4242.4%10
9Ford Focus46,3532.1%-39%75,9463.4%3
10Peugeot 20643,6692.0%-25%58,5272.6%8
11Fiat Seicento42,9951.9%-22%55,3082.4%11
12Fiat Stilo39,8791.8%-28%55,5732.5%9
13Renault Clio39,2291.8%-24%51,8892.3%12
14Opel Corsa38,4691.7%-24%50,7892.2%13
15VW Polo38,0331.7%6%35,8981.6%21
16Alfa Romeo 14735,6961.6%-11%40,0621.8%15
17Opel Meriva35,4161.6%-9%38,8221.7%18
18Nissan Micra33,2931.5%-23%43,1621.9%14
19Fiat Idea32,2871.4%-16%38,3211.7%19
20Renault Megane29,8011.3%-22%37,9931.7%20
21Renault Scenic29,1371.3%-26%39,2691.7%16
22Peugeot 30729,0861.3%-26%39,1691.7%17
23Smart Fortwo28,9751.3%7%27,1661.2%24
24Mercedes Classe A28,1471.3%103%13,8610.6%
25Renault Modus27,3121.2%277%7,2370.3%
26Lancia Musa26,1451.2%307%6,4210.3%
27Audi A426,1371.2%12%23,4281.0%27
28Citroen C224,5751.1%-27%33,7351.5%22
29BMW Serie 323,9391.1%16%20,6600.9%31
30Chevrolet Matiz23,7091.1%10%21,5951.0%29
31Fiat Multipla22,0751.0%56%14,1600.6%
33Audi A321,2661.0%6%20,1290.9%32
34Toyota RAV418,5640.8%-1%18,6970.8%34
35Opel Agila18,3820.8%-31%26,7271.2%25
36Citroen Xsara Picasso16,7030.7%-44%29,8111.3%23
37Ford Focus C-Max16,6970.7%n/an/an/a
38Citroen C416,6590.7%new2510.0%
39Seat Ibiza16,2560.7%-12%18,4370.8%35
40Opel Zafira16,2080.7%-16%19,2230.8%33

Source: UNRAE

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  1. According to quattroruote, in november the Grande Punto was second behind the Panda at 10281 sales and the Punto was third at 7716 sales, whereas in december the Grande Punto was second with 6883 sales and the Punto third at 5627 sales 😉

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