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Italy 2006: Fiat Punto close to 10%, Panda up to 6.4%

Fiat Grande Punto

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The Italian car market is up 4% this year at 2,321,321 registrations. The Top 5 best selling models are unchanged, with the Fiat Punto/Grande Punto in the lead at 229,649 sales and 9.9% share, up 32%. This figure is split between 167,414 Grande Puntos and 62,235 Puntos (Bestsellingcars estimation).

Fiat Panda

The Fiat Panda continues to progress year after year, at 148,908 units and 6.4% in 2006. It passed another benchmark this year: after debuting at 4.2% share in October 2003, passing 5% in December 2003 and 6% in July 2005, it was above 7% share for the first time in September 2006.

The Ford Fiesta is very solid at #3 and 3.3%, ahead of the Toyota Yaris and Lancia Ypsilon, both at 2.8%. The Renault Clio is up 5 spots at #8. The Opel Corsa new generation was an instant hit in Italy, already ranking 5th in November. The all new Peugeot 207 peaked at #6 in September, the Opel Meriva was at best-ever #9 in June and the Toyota Aygo delivered an amazing 5th place in December.

Alfa Romeo 159

Other models lodging their best-ever position this year include the BMW 3 Series, #12 in December, the Lancia Musa, #12 in June and the Fiat Croma, #18 in November. The best new entrant in the Top 50 is the Alfa Romeo 159 at #21 with 26,925 sales and 1.2%, peaking at #16 in May.

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Full Year Top 50 and every Monthly Top 40 Ranking Tables below.

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Evolution of the Fiat Panda’s market share in Italy between October 2003 and September 2006:


Italy Full Year 2006:

1Fiat Punto/Grande Punto229,6499.9%32%173,6327.8%1
2Fiat Panda148,9086.4%14%131,1245.9%2
3Ford Fiesta77,1903.3%10%69,9643.1%3
4Toyota Yaris65,1642.8%5%61,9142.8%4
5Lancia Ypsilon64,5972.8%0%64,4692.9%5
6Ford Focus52,7272.3%14%46,3532.1%9
7Opel Astra50,4612.2%-8%55,0182.5%7
8Renault Clio49,4052.1%26%39,2291.8%13
9Citroen C345,4682.0%-22%58,2052.6%6
10VW Golf43,1991.9%-10%47,8662.1%8
11VW Polo42,2131.8%11%38,0331.7%15
12Fiat Seicento37,4271.6%-13%42,9951.9%12
13Opel Corsa36,9361.6%-4%38,4691.7%14
14Alfa Romeo 14735,9721.5%1%35,6961.6%16
15Opel Meriva34,3041.5%-3%35,4161.6%17
16BMW 3 Series33,1761.4%39%23,9391.1%29
17Lancia Musa29,6521.3%13%26,1451.2%26
18Fiat Stilo29,3801.3%-26%39,8791.8%12
19VW Passat27,5991.2%73%15,9100.7%41
20Fiat Idea27,4631.2%-15%32,2871.4%19
21Alfa Romeo 15926,9251.2%new3,5010.2%
22Fiat Croma26,2941.1%118%12,0470.5%53
23Mercedes A Class26,2661.1%-7%28,1471.3%24
24Toyota Aygo25,8081.1%310%6,2870.3%
25Nissan Micra25,0651.1%-25%33,2931.5%18
26Peugeot 20724,7741.1%new00.0%
27Opel Zafira24,5121.1%51%16,2080.7%40
28Smart Fortwo23,6881.0%-18%28,9751.3%23
29Chevrolet Matiz23,5011.0%-1%23,7091.1%30
30Renault Scenic23,3121.0%-20%29,1371.3%21
31Citroen C123,3011.0%393%4,7270.2%
32Fiat Multipla22,7931.0%3%22,0751.0%31
33Peugeot 20622,6121.0%-48%43,6692.0%10
34Renault Megane22,4501.0%-25%29,8011.3%20
35Peugeot 30722,0370.9%-24%29,0861.3%22
36Audi A321,2830.9%0%21,2661.0%33
37Audi A420,1410.9%-23%26,1371.2%27
38Toyota RAV419,9670.9%8%18,5640.8%34
40Ford Focus C-Max18,7480.8%12%16,6970.7%37
41Toyota Corolla18,4160.8%20%15,3020.7%43
42Peugeot 10717,8270.8%433%3,3440.1%
43Citroen Xsara Picasso17,2130.7%3%16,7030.7%36
44Citroen C217,0510.7%-31%24,5751.1%28
45Renault Modus16,5870.7%-39%27,3121.2%25
46Ford Fusion16,4750.7%4%15,7940.7%42
47Seat Ibiza16,0700.7%-1%16,2560.7%39
48Citroen C413,8240.6%-17%16,6590.7%38
49Hyundai Atos13,2470.6%-1%13,4150.6%46
50Opel Agila13,1860.6%-28%18,3820.8%35

Source: UNRAE

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