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Italy 1964: Fiat 500 takes the relay in market down -12.8%

Fiat 500

In 1964, the Italian market takes a breather after exponential growth that saw it climb from just 209.215 units in 1958 to 951.704 in 1963. 1964 sales are down -12.8% to 830.175 registrations. Fiat holds 70.3% of the market ahead of Alfa Romeo at 5.7% with Volkswagen remaining on the podium for the second straight year. Autobianchi and Opel rounds out the Top 5 above Simca and Lancia. Even though the Fiat 500 launched in 1957, two years after the 600, for 7 years it sold less than its bigger sister, only taking the lead of Italian car sales in 1964. It would then stay on top for 8 years.

Full Year 1964 Top 20 brands ranking below.

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