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Italy 1928-1950: Annual sales volumes now available

Fiat 514 Saloon (1929)

Exclusive annual sales data covering almost 25 years from 1928 onwards is now available for Italy, sourced from ANVIA and UNRAE.

Fiat 527 Ardita (1934)

The market remains very limited over the period, with a peak at 33.436 units in 1929 (+108%) on the previous years, which would remain a national record for 8 years. Sales plunge to less than 15.000 by 1931 at the height of the global economic crisis, rebound to over 30.000 in 1934 to then fall again to just above 20.000 in 1936.

Fiat 500 Topolino (1936)

The volume record is then broken twice: in 1937 (34.208) and 1938 (38.675). The Second World War put an end to the Italian market’s expansion, with sales grinding to a total halt (zero) from 1943 to 1945. The post-war recovery is fast, reaching almost 33.000 sales in 1948 to then smash the Italian annual volume record in 1949 (48.883) and 1950 (79.826).

Full Year 1928-1950 Italian annual sales volumes below.

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