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Italy May 2019: Dacia (+42.4%) shines again, Fiat 500 (+57.8%) on podium in market down -1.5%

The Fiat 500 scores its first podium finish at home in over a year.

New car sales in Italy are back in negative territory for the 8th time in the past 10 months at -1.5% in May to 197.876 units, leading to a year-to-date volume now down -4.1% to 913.120. Once again private sales fare poorly at -7.6% to 104.661 units and 52.9% share vs. 56.4% in May 2018. Company sales drop even further at -15.4% to just 30.926 and 15.6% share vs. 18.2%. Hero this month are rental sales, bulking up in preparation for Summer at +22.1% to 62.289 and 31.5% share vs. 25.4% a year ago. Short-term rental gain 35.6% to 25.446 and long-term leases shoot up 18.1% to 33.300. Year-to-date, this time private sales stand tall at +1.5% to 516.190 and 56.5% share vs. 53.4% over the same period in 2018, whereas company sales dive -23.8% to 141.496 and 15.5% vs. 19.5% and rental sales dip -1.1% to 255.434 and 28% vs. 27.1%, with short-term up 1.8% to 103.087 and long-term down -2.6% to 135.776. Petrol sales soar 22.5% to 86.487, holding onto a thin advantage over diesel sales (-20.2%) at 82.810 in a situation vastly different from the rest of Europe where diesel registrations have for the most part been annihilated. GPL sales gain 5.1% to 13.016, hybrids are up 34.7% to 10.597 and EVs up 91.6% to a meagre 1.167. Year-to-date, petrol is up 23.9% to 396.167, diesel down 24.1% to 391.073, GPL up 5.7% to 60.583, hybrid up 32.5% to 48.465 and EV up 94.3% to 3.518. Crossovers (+15.7% to 64.299) and multi-spaces (+24.2% to 3.302) are the only segments in positive while YTD only crossovers (+12.6%) stay afloat at 291.735 units and 31.9% share vs. 27.2% in 2018.

In the brands ranking, Fiat (-1.2%) manages to contain its fall to the single-digits for the second month in a row and in the past 15 months, reaching its highest share in a year at 17.7% but its YTD volume remains in hell at -14.5%. Volkswagen (+5.4%) and Opel (+5.9%) are the only Top 6 carmakers in positive just as Renault (-14.2%), Ford (-6.7%) and Peugeot (-1.4%) skid down. Dacia (+42.4%) is by far the largest gainer in the Top 10 for the third straight month – but also the Top 25 – remaining at a record 7th place, with Toyota (+6.2%) and Citroen (+5.8%) also stepping up inside the Top 10. Further down, Tesla (+492.6%), Lamborghini (+182.4%), Mitsubishi (+103.3%), DS (+62.5%), Mahindra (+55.6%), Lexus (+52.5%), DR Motor (+35.8%), Porsche (+33.5%), Seat (+33.4%), Lancia (+20.2%), Skoda (+17.7%) and Mazda (+14.1%) impress with spectacular gains.

Model-wise, the Fiat Panda (-0.9%) endures its first year-on-year decline since last October but remains frankly in the lead, selling more than double the amount of the #2, the Renault Clio (+9%) up to its best ranking since August 2018 when it took the overall lead. The Fiat 500 (+57.8%) for its part loads up on Summer rentals, scoring its first podium finish at home since February 2018 and distancing the Lancia Ypsilon (+20.2%), Fiat 500X (+26.3%) and Jeep Renegade (+3.3%). Even if it is down to #3 SUV in Italy, the Dacia Duster (+83.6%) nevertheless manages the largest gain in the Top 35, ranking at an excellent 7th place. The VW T-Roc (+54.8%) clocks in a 5th straight Top 10 finish, with the Toyota RAV4 (+132.9%), Opel Karl (+59.3%), Fiat Qubo (+56.7%), Mercedes A-Class (+40.2%), Kia Picanto (+35.3%), Peugeot 2008 (+32.7%), Ford Ecosport (+23.7%) and Renault Kadjar (+22.6%) also making waves in the Top 50. The VW T-Cross is up 23 spots on April to a record 26th place, the only new launch in the Top 50 just as the Toyota Corolla is knocked out to #53.

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Full May 2019 Top 45 brands and Top 50 models below.

Italy May 2019 – brands:

22Alfa Romeo2,3481.2%-50.9%2211,8461.3%-49.8%2018
25Land Rover1,1720.6%-29.1%257,5920.8%-17.5%2525
36DR Motor1860.1%35.8%351,1990.1%159.0%3336
42Aston Martin40.0%100.0%43210.0%162.5%4344
43Lada30.0%200.0% –240.0%14.3%4242
45Great Wall00.0%n/a –00.0%-100.0%4545
 –Others240.0%33.3% –1760.0%15.8% – –

Italy May 2019 – models:

1Fiat Panda13,7366.9%-0.9%168,6047.5%18.6%11
2Renault Clio6,4213.2%9.0%523,0952.5%-3.6%32
3Fiat 5006,3613.2%57.8%619,6992.2%-18.2%89
4Lancia Ypsilon6,0903.1%20.2%230,3323.3%31.0%24
5Fiat 500X5,5032.8%26.3%1021,1122.3%-17.8%53
6Jeep Renegade5,2682.7%3.3%1119,1342.1%-6.3%105
7Dacia Duster4,4422.2%83.6%320,6442.3%57.0%621
8Fiat 500L4,4162.2%-7.2%1416,5311.8%-21.7%1414
9Citroen C34,0832.1%6.7%821,1582.3%-2.5%46
10VW T-Roc4,0212.0%54.8%720,3892.2%113.6%723
11Dacia Sandero3,8682.0%11.7%916,6211.8%25.1%1319
12VW Golf3,5411.8%-18.3%2214,2131.6%-31.5%1813
13Toyota Yaris3,3191.7%7.4%1318,7222.1%8.5%1111
14VW Polo3,0851.6%-31.8%1219,3662.1%-6.6%97
15Ford Ecosport3,0701.6%23.7%1913,8681.5%15.8%1920
16Jeep Compass2,9681.5%-33.9%1817,8762.0%-4.2%1212
17Peugeot 2082,8821.5%-7.7%1715,7941.7%-9.3%1515
18Ford Fiesta2,8431.4%-24.0%1615,0441.6%-32.7%1610
19Fiat Tipo2,8161.4%-36.2%414,6531.6%-40.1%178
20Opel Karl2,7061.4%59.3%2710,0191.1%36.5%2629
21VW Tiguan2,6901.4%-15.5%2510,8601.2%-28.7%2516
22Renault Captur2,6871.4%-19.6%2313,0621.4%-5.0%2017
23Nissan Qashqai2,3951.2%-21.5%2012,8271.4%-15.8%2218
24Opel Corsa2,3931.2%-10.5%1512,8541.4%10.3%2124
25Peugeot 20082,2661.1%32.7%2410,9321.2%6.1%2425
26VW T-Cross2,2461.1%new493,2660.4%new58 –
27Peugeot 30082,1161.1%-15.7%2112,3641.4%12.6%2322
28Renault Kadjar2,0271.0%22.6%367,7500.8%13.4%3439
29Ford Focus1,9691.0%-7.2%288,3830.9%20.1%3044
30Opel Crossland X1,9181.0%16.0%379,6311.1%33.5%2837
31Mercedes A Class1,8280.9%40.2%358,6710.9%22.8%2940
32Citroen C3 Aircross1,7320.9%-16.9%269,9901.1%16.7%2731
33Opel Mokka1,6910.9%-0.1%297,5300.8%-20.8%3528
34VW Up!1,6740.8%5.5%397,8590.9%10.7%3330
35Toyota C-HR1,5240.8%-30.3%338,1720.9%-7.8%3127
36Toyota RAV41,5140.8%132.9%484,8070.5%21.0%5074
37Smart Fortwo1,4660.7%-11.5%326,9040.8%-12.3%3734
38Ford Kuga1,4570.7%-11.5%417,4370.8%-8.1%3632
39BMW Serie 11,4240.7%n/an/a5,4630.6%n/a4351
40Fiat Qubo1,4230.7%56.7%n/a3,8150.4%-4.9%5562
41Toyota Aygo1,4150.7%-9.6%386,4820.7%-2.9%3843
42Peugeot 3081,3980.7%-18.2%318,0380.9%-4.1%3236
43Audi Q31,3190.7%10.9%445,2140.6%24.4%4768
44Audi A31,3030.7%-9.3%436,1020.7%-14.5%4042
45Hyundai Kona1,2050.6%n/an/a5,5440.6%n/a4252
46Ford Ka+1,1870.6%13.4%406,2350.7%3.8%3949
47Hyundai Tucson1,1740.6%-24.6%465,9510.7%-17.6%4135
48Kia Picanto1,1420.6%35.3%345,4600.6%22.3%4450
49Hyundai i101,1030.6%6.2%n/a4,1100.5%-19.8%5247
50Alfa Romeo Stelvio1,0960.6%-17.4%455,2410.6%-20.1%4645

Source: UNRAE

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    1. I agree Javier, “all Fiat need is LOVE” to quote a famous song… Not much attention paid to this brand in the past decade or so, sadly. FCA too busy caring for Jeep and Ram.

      1. At least Jeep and Ram are both succeeding. Alfa and Maserati have been given love as well, but Giulia, Stelvio and Levante are not paying back. I dream of a Lancia Delta, with an Integrale version…

  1. So, basically 19826 Italians woke up in May and said “I really need to spend 12-13 000 euro today and buy a new car, which is actually a 8 years old model, which will depreciate at the moment I buy it!” And 13 736 of them went to the dealership and bought a Panda, while another 6090 of them bought Ypsilon! But it’s getting worse, because 6361 of them woke up with even a worse idea in mind – they went and bought a 12 years old model – 500, spending at least 14-15 000 euro for it!
    Why? Why? Why? It doesn’t make any sense!

    1. You just described a nightmarish scenario! But help is on its way: Renault (if it is to merge with FCA and as such will infuse the antediluvian model FIat line up with fresh platforms, best of breed engines etc).

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