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** Full Year 2022 reports ** 146 markets available

The Peugeot 208 is #1 in France, the Netherlands, Denmark and Europe overall in 2022.

This article is the portal to all Full Year 2022 Reports, covering 94 countries and 52 states and regions, for a total of 146 markets.

You can find below the links to all updates already live. Please check again later if the country you are after isn’t on the list yet as this post is is updated in real time as more Reports get published.

Previous year:

See the Full Year 2021 reports for 138 markets here

All markets available in alphabetical order:

Argentina 2022: Toyota and Fiat Cronos repeat at #1, Peugeot 208 #2, market up 6.7%

Australia 2022: Hilux breaks all records, Kia above Hyundai for the first time, MG up to #7

Austria 2022: Skoda Octavia reclaims lead in market down a steep -10.3%

Azerbaijan 2022: Toyota RAV4 takes charge

Bahrain 2022: Nissan Sunny ends 8-year Land Cruiser domination

Belarus 2022: Geely topples Lada in market off -63.2%

Belgium 2022: BMW repeats at #1 above Volkswagen in market down -4%

Bosnia & Herzegovina 2022: Skoda Octavia celebrates 10 years at #1, sales up 5.6%

Brazil 2022: Fiat Strada and Hyundai HB20 repeat atop stable market (-0.8%)

Bulgaria 2022: Toyota and Corolla take control in strong market (+8%)

Canada 2022: Market at lowest in 13 years, Toyota Corolla topples Honda Civic to #1 car after 24 years

Chile 2022: Mitsubishi L200 and Maxus T60 to record market, Chinese hold 32.9% share

China wholesales 2022: BYD challenges Volkswagen, places Song Plus at #1 in market up 2.1%

China retail 2022: BYD surges 123.3%, Nissan Sylphy #1, market down -2.1%

China imports 2022: Lexus and ES dominate again, Porsche up 1.3% in market freefalling -19%

China LCV 2022: Wuling and Foton Light Truck dominate again in market off -21%

China New Energy 2022: Wuling Hongguang Mini EV, Tesla Model Y and BYD impress

Colombia 2022: Suzuki Swift roars to top spot in market up 4.8%

Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) 2022: Suzuki leaps to 36.5% share in market up 20.6%

Croatia 2022: Skoda Octavia reclaims lead, sales off -2.6%

Cyprus 2022: Toyota Yaris grabs lead in solid market (+9.4%)

Czech Republic 2022: Skoda Octavia back to #1 for 13th time in past 14 years, market down -7.1%

Denmark 2022: Peugeot 208 reclaims lead in market freefalling -20%

Ecuador 2022: Chevrolet marks 28 straight years at #1

Egypt 2022: Chery (+15.6%) stands out, Chevy T-Series #1 again in sinking market (-37.2%)

England (UK) 2022: Nissan Qashqai storms into pole position above Tesla Model Y, market down -2.7%

Estonia 2022: Toyota places RAV4 and Corolla atop market sliding -3.4%

Europe 2022: Peugeot 208 ends VW Golf’s 14-year domination, market down -4.1%

Finland 2022: Podium 100% Toyota (Corolla, Yaris, RAV4) in weakest market in 27 years

France 2022: Market falls -7.8% to lowest in 47 years, Peugeot #1, Dacia #3 above Citroen, Sandero #2 above Clio

Germany 2022: Last minute surge tilts market into positive (+1.1%), VW Golf challenged again

Ghana 2022: Toyota Hilux retains lead, Suzuki S-Presso in Top 10

Greece 2022: Toyota Yaris celebrates 10 straight years at #1, market up 4.3%

Hungary 2022: Suzuki S-Cross ends 6 years of Vitara domination, market down -8.5%

Iceland 2022: Tesla Model Y takes charge of euphoric market (+30.4%)

India 2022: Hyundai, Tata, Mahindra, Kia break records, Wagon R #1 in all-time high market (+23%)

Indonesia 2022: Honda Brio reclaims top spot in first millionaire market since 2019

Iran 2022: Saipa Tiba leads, Saipa Quick up 39.8%

Iraq 2022: Kia Frontier and Toyota Hilux on top

Ireland 2022: Hyundai Tucson repeats at #1 in stable market (+0.3%)

Israel 2022: Hyundai & Kia Picanto lead, Geely Geometry C & BYD Atto 3 instant blockbusters

Italy 2022: Fiat falls to lowest ever share, Toyota, Dacia break records, market down -9.7%

Japan 2022: Honda N-BOX and Toyota Yaris best-sellers in market off -5.6%

Jordan 2022: Toyota Land Cruiser Pickup at 15% share

Kazakhstan 2022: Chevrolet Cobalt and Hyundai Tucson top market up 5.3%

Kenya 2022: Isuzu D-Max #1, VW Tiguan and Proton Saga up

Kuwait 2022: Toyota Prado dislodges Land Cruiser is market up 11.4%

Latvia 2022: Toyota RAV4 #1, VW T-Cross and Dacia Duster shine in market up 16.5%

Lebanon 2022: Mitsubishi L200 #1 with 13.6% share above Toyota Hilux

Liechtenstein 2022: Toyota Yaris topples VW Transporter in market down -6.3%

Lithuania 2022: Toyota RAV4 #1, Nissan Qashqai and Toyota Yaris Cross impress, sales off -18.6%

London (UK) 2022: Tesla Model Y and Kia Niro lead in market up 3.1%

Luxembourg 2022: Volkswagen widens gap with Mercedes, market down -5.2%

Malawi 2022: Toyota Hilux and Land Cruiser on top

Mauritius 2022: Suzuki takes the lead in record market

Mexico 2022: Nissan survives Chevrolet assault, Kia Rio topples Nissan Versa to #1

Moldova 2022: Dacia Duster edges into #1 in surging market (+13.5%)

Monaco 2022: Porsche #2, Ferrari in Top 10

Morocco 2022: Dacia clear leader in market off -8%

Netherlands 2022: Peugeot 208 snaps first win, Lynk & Co 01 up to #7

New Caledonia (France) 2022: Toyota and Hilux tighten grip on market up 1.2%

New Zealand 2022: Ford Ranger scores 8th straight win, Tesla Model Y wins one month

Northern Ireland (UK) 2022: Hyundai Tucson repeats at #1 in market up 4.8%

North Macedonia 2022: Toyota Corolla snaps lead in market off -10.5%

Norway 2022: Tesla Model Y breaks VW Beetle’s 53 year-old record, BEVs hold 79.3% share

Oman 2022: MG (43.5%), Changan (+85.7%) ignore market off -10.3%, Hilux and Land Cruiser on top

Pakistan 2022: Suzuki Alto improves to 29.2% share in market down -4.2%

Paraguay 2022: Toyota and Hilux snap lead in strong market

Peru 2022: Toyota Hilux and DFSK Glory best-sellers

Philippines 2022: Toyota places 8 models in Top 10, sales up 26.6%

Poland 2022: Toyota Corolla, Yaris and Kia Sportage lead in market off -6.3%

Portugal 2022: Peugeot 2008 and Dacia Sandero top market up 6.6%

Puerto Rico (USA) 2022: Toyota and Corolla strengthen lead, Hyundai Accent up to #3

Qatar Full Year 2022: Toyota Land Cruiser at 16.7% share, sales up 35.5%

Romania 2022: Dacia Logan below 10% for the first time, Top 4 100% Dacia

Russia 2022: Market collapses -58.8%, Russian and Chinese carmakers stronger

Saudi Arabia Full Year 2022: Toyota Camry #1 again, Geely (+67%) in Top 10, market up 12.1%

Scotland (UK) 2022: Vauxhall Corsa signs 12th win in past 15 years, Mokka up to #3

Serbia 2022: Skoda Fabia and Fiat Tipo top market down -5.6%

Singapore 2022: Market sinks -31.9%, Toyota and Mercedes on top again

Slovakia 2022: Hyundai i30 ends 30 years of Skoda domination

Slovenia 2022: Skoda Octavia ends 25 years of Renault Clio domination, market at lowest in at least two decades

South Africa 2022: Toyota Hilux celebrates 10 straight years at #1, solid market (+13.9%)

South Korea 2022: Kia threatens Hyundai for #1, Hyundai Porter and Kia Sorento on top

Spain 2022: Toyota, Hyundai Tucson score first wins in weakest market in 9 years

Sweden 2022: Volvo XC40 signs first ever win, VW ID.4 up to #4

Switzerland 2022: Tesla Model Y takes charge, sales off -5.3%

Syria 2022: Hyundai ultra dominant, less than 500 sales in total

Taiwan 2022: Toyota Corolla Cross #1 again, podium 100% Toyota in market off -4.5%

Turkey 2022: Fiat (+20.8%), Renault (+22.6%) top market up 6.2%, Fiat Egea scores 6th straight win

Uganda 2022: Toyota holds 64.2% share

UK 2022: Nissan Qashqai first Asian model #1, Tesla Model Y #2, market down to lowest in 29 years

United Arab Emirates 2022: Toyota Hilux takes the lead in market up 13.3%

Uruguay 2022: Chevrolet takes charge in market up 7.2%

USA 2022: Weakest market in 11 years (-7.9%), Ford F-Series, Toyota RAV4 and Camry keep segment leads

USA 2022: Exclusive State by State rankings now available

Vietnam 2022: Toyota Vios reclaims lead in record market (+24.1%)

Wales (UK) 2022: Ford Puma repeats at #1, two MGs in Top 4

Yemen 2022: Toyota Hilux at 45.3% share, MG lands

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