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Russia Full Year 2022: Market collapses -58.8%, Russian and Chinese carmakers stronger

Russian carmakers hold 67.6% of their home market in December.

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Hit full frontal by economic sanctions triggered by its invasion of Ukraine, Russian new light vehicle sales collapse -58.8% year-on-year in 2022 to just 687,370 units. SUV sales account for 48.7% of the market vs. 47.3% a year ago at 334,933 units (-57.5%), LCVs hold 11.8% vs. 7.8% at 81,060 units (-38%) pickups are at 1% vs. 0.6% at 6,961 units (-30.5%) and BEVs are down -16.1% to 840 sales. The Russian market exhibits three clear trends in 2022:

1. Most brands present in Russia exited the country and therefore show devastating year-on-year losses.

2. Russian carmakers see their share grow each month to reach 67.6% in December, their highest level since 2004. For the Full Year 2022 they stand at 38.6% share vs. 26.4% a year ago with sales down -39.7% to 265,127. In December, the Top 6 best-selling models were all Russian, something that hasn’t happened in well over two decades. The Russian market is caving in on itself.

3. Chinese brands are filling the void left by all departing brands and even manage to see a year-on-year lift at +6.8% to 123,572 sales and 18% share vs. just 6.9% in 2021.

As expected Lada (-46.2%) resists better than its home market and sees its share grow from 21% to 27.4%, peaking at 46.8% in November. Kia (-67.9%) and Hyundai (-67.2%) drop to 9.6% and 8% share respectively and keep the podium unchanged on 2021. GAZ (-25.4%) advances four spots to #4 while Renault (-69.9%) rounds out the Top 5. Chery (+3.7%) leads the Chinese charge with a positive year-on-year evolution at #6 with 5.6% share ahead of Haval (-14%) at #8 and 4.9% and Geely (-0.7%) at #9 and 3.6%. UAZ (+4.6%) is also up and gains 7 spots on last year to #7. Notice the return of Great Wall (#29) and the arrival of Omoda (#31), a Chery brand, Evolute (#42) a Russian EV brand selling rebadged Dongfeng’s, and Sollers (#52) a Russian carmaker owner of UAZ.

Model-wise, the Lada Granta (-14%) spectacularly reclaims the top spot and doubles its market share from 6.7% to a record 13.9%. The Granta reached 28% share in November. The valiant Lada Niva (-24.3%) is up four spots on last year to #2 and 5.6% share while the GAZ Gazelle (-31.3%) and Lada Vesta (-74.3%) ensure the Top 4 is 100% Russian. The Kia Rio (-70.2%) and Hyundai Solaris (-70.4%) are the best of the rest at #5 and #6 respectively. The Haval Jolion (+73.3%), UAZ Classic Commercial (+27.4%) and Geely Coolray (+5.3%) break into the Top 20 at #7, #9 and #12 respectively. The UAZ Patriot (-18.7%), GAZ Sobol (+3.7%) and Haval F7 (-39.9%) are new in the Top 30.

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