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Austria: 1977-2023 Historical Info now available

The VW Golf Plus was #1 in Austria in December 2005, beating the Golf.

The direct links to all Historical posts are below.

You have now access to Historical new car sales info for Austria for the past four decades. From 1977 to 1992 the only info I have is that the VW Golf is likely to have remained the best-seller in the country for the whole period. If you have more detailed car sales data for that time or before 1977 please make sure you get in touch by commenting on this article.

The VW Golf is likely to have been #1 at year-end in Austria for 42 years.

The last 40 years of car sales in Austria could almost be summarised in one word: Golf. It has been on top of the sales charts potentially each year since 1977 but has seen its market share weaken over the period, in line with the increased fragmentation of most European car markets. It went from 10.9% in 1994 to a lowest ever 3.7% in 2006 then swung back up to 6.3% in 2014 only to fall back down to 3.6% again in 2018. Earthquake in 2019 when the Skoda Octavia puts an end to a possible 42 consecutive years of Golf domination, repeating that feat in 2020. The Fiat 500 lineup took the relay in 2021 while the Skoda Octavia reclaimed the lead in 2022 with 2.1% share, the lowest ever for a #1. It repeats in 2023.

Seat Ibiza

From 2003 onwards there is a monthly ranking available and it shows that up until 2019 the VW Golf has only sporadically given up the monthly crown, and only 11 times during the 2010 decade… The VW Polo was #1 ten times over the period (September 2003August 2005, August-October 2006, October 2009, December 2018July, August and December 2019), the Skoda Octavia 6 times (February 2009, (April, May, June, September and November 2019) and the VW Passat 3 times (October-November 2005 and January 2006).

The Skoda Fabia ranked #2 in Austria in 2004 and 2008

All other nameplates only managed one monthly win: the VW Sharan in December 2004, the Opel Astra in July 2005, the VW Golf Plus in December 2005, the Skoda Fabia in July 2006, the Audi A4 in August 2008, the Seat Ibiza in June 2009, the VW Tiguan in October 2012 and the Hyundai Tucson in September 2018. Note there is an incredible 6 years gap (October 2012- September 2018) or 72 months when the VW Golf is always #1 in the Austrian monthly charts. Another note: up to 2019 the Tucson was the only non VW Group model to manage a monthly pole position in Austria in the last 15 years alongside the Opel Astra for one lonely month in July 2005… From 2020 onwards the ranking is a lot more flexible.

Austria Historical Data:

Austria 1977-1992: VW Golf likely leader

Austria 1993-1994: VW Golf above 10% share, Mazda 323 #5

Austria 1996: Audi A4, VW Polo and Skoda Felicia shine

Austria 1998: VW Golf, Passat and Opel Astra on podium

Austria 2001-2002: VW Golf, Passat and Polo strongest

Austria 2003: VW Golf at 5.4%, Polo and Fabia follow

Austria 2004: VW Golf V leads the way, Sharan shines

Austria 2005: Golf and Astra dominate, Golf Plus shines

Austria 2006-2007: VW Golf, Passat and Polo on podium

Austria 2008: VW Golf leads, Audi A4 up to #3

Austria 2009: VW Golf and Polo on top, Seat Ibiza #3

Austria 2010: VW Golf, Polo and Hyundai i30 in the lead

Austria 2011: VW Golf, Polo and Opel Astra on podium

Austria 2012: VW Golf leads, Tiguan star of the show

Austria 2013: VW Golf, Polo and Tiguan on top, Hyundai #2 brand

Austria 2014: VW Golf leads, Hyundai i20 on podium

Austria 2015: Volkswagen and Opel on top, Passat and Astra up

Austria 2016: VW Golf celebrates 40 consecutive years at #1

Austria 2017: VW Golf unbeatable, Toyota up 43%

Austria 2018: VW Group monopolises Top 7 for the first time in history, VW T-Roc at world-best #5

Austria 2019: Skoda Octavia ends 42 years of VW Golf domination, Seat scores first ever podium

Austria 2020: Skoda Octavia repeats at #1, VW places 6 models in Top 9, sales down -24.5%

Austria 2021: Fiat 500 lineup topples Skoda Octavia in market down -3.6%

Austria 2022: Skoda Octavia reclaims lead in market down a steep -10.3%

Austria 2023: Skoda Octavia and Tesla Model Y top market up 11.2%

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