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Austria August 2012: 10 VAG models in Top 11!

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The Austrian new car market is down 5% year-on-year in August to 24,570 registrations, bringing the year-to-date total to 239,796 units, down 1% on 2011. While last month the Volkswagen Group (VAG) placed 7 models in the Top 8, in August its domination is even more extensive… For the third consecutive time, the Austrian podium is 100% Volkswagen: the Golf leads the way with 1.237 sales and 5% share, ahead of the Polo at 1,032 and 4.2% and the Tiguan at 704 and 2.9%, replicating the 2012 year-to-date ranking.

7 of the 8 models that follow are part of the VAG Group, making it 10 VAG models in the Top 11! The Seat Ibiza is up 4 spots on July to #4 with 519 units and 2.1%, the Skoda Octavia is down one to #6, the Audi A4 down 3 to #7, the VW Sharan up 4 to #8, the VW Passat up 4 to #9, the VW Bus up 13 to #10 and the Audi A3 stable at #11. Note there are 18 VAG models in the Top 30 this month. Year-to-date, the VAG domination is also striking, monopolising with the entire Top 6 with the Golf, Polo, Tiguan, Octavia, Fabia and Ibiza on top.

The Hyundai i20 is the only non-VAG model in the Top 11!

The only non-VAG model in the Top 11 this month is the Hyundai i20, up 5 ranks to a fantastic 5th place with 465 sales and 1.9%. Other great performers in August in Austria include the Peugeot 208 up 5 to #13, Kia Rio up from outside the Top 50 to #15 vs. #32 year-to-date, the Seat Leon up 25 spots to #20 vs. #50 year-to-date, the Seat Altea up 17 to #21 vs. #47 and the Mercedes C-Class up 10 to #30 vs. #58.

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Full August 2012 Top 50 Ranking Table below.

Austria August 2012:

1VW Golf1,2375.0%110,1674.2%11
2VW Polo1,0324.2%36,7992.8%22
3VW Tiguan7042.9%26,3132.6%310
4Seat Ibiza5192.1%84,5731.9%64
5Hyundai i204651.9%102,9911.2%2137
6Skoda Octavia4441.8%55,1272.1%46
7Audi A44421.8%43,4351.4%1212
8VW Sharan4071.7%123,1491.3%1611
9VW Passat3971.6%133,6141.5%109
10VW Bus3971.6%232,3271.0%3330
11Audi A33941.6%112,6721.1%2319
12Nissan Qashqai3851.6%153,2851.4%1327
13Peugeot 2083721.5%181,6470.7%54 –
14Skoda Fabia3671.5%75,0222.1%55
15Kia Rio3431.4%n/a2,3471.0%3285
16VW Touran3311.3%162,9821.2%1717
17Kia Cee’d3161.3%142,8771.2%1920
18Hyundai i303131.3%204,2351.8%77
19Opel Astra2931.2%223,7161.5%93
20Seat Leon2801.1%451,8140.8%5039
21Seat Altea2771.1%381,8560.8%4743
22Ford Focus2721.1%193,0431.3%1514
23Skoda Yeti2711.1%252,6491.1%2444
24Renault Scenic2681.1%93,2751.4%1116
25Fiat Panda2661.1%482,3251.0%3434
26Renault Clio2581.1%352,7191.1%2223
27VW Caddy2330.9%242,2320.9%3832
28VW Golf Plus2310.9%262,2640.9%3724
29Seat Alhambra2280.9%212,0860.9%4047
30Mercedes C Klasse2270.9%401,5480.6%5838
31BMW Serie 12260.9%372,4271.0%2961
32Hyundai ix202260.9%271,8320.8%4940
33Renault Megane2250.9%n/a2,7761.2%2018
35Opel Corsa2130.9%422,4581.0%2715
36Audi Q32120.9%342,2881.0%36158
37Ford C-Max2110.9%292,4141.0%3029
38Kia Sportage2090.9%491,8750.8%4450
39Fiat 5002070.8%172,3471.0%3126
40Opel Meriva2050.8%362,5191.1%268
41BMW Serie 32050.8%502,1260.9%3948
42BMW X32030.8%432,2991.0%3541
43Ford Galaxy1980.8%282,5911.1%2525
44Dacia Duster1980.8%322,0430.9%4136
45BMW X11970.8%n/a1,5090.6%5931
46Toyota Yaris1930.8%441,8830.8%4366
47Audi A61910.8%391,8660.8%4659
48Mercedes B Klasse1910.8%461,7560.7%5288
49Ford Fiesta1830.7%63,7711.6%813
50BMW Serie 51810.7%471,8420.8%4833


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  1. The domination of vag is evident in most of european countries and look the terrific sales numbers in china…..and in other continents too … sad to admit but They are clever to produce and to sell 🙂

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