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Monthly Data needed for Thailand, Indonesia and Belgium!

This Thai magazine publishes models sales data monthly. Please get in touch if you read it!

You may have noticed that Best Selling Cars Blog now covers even more countries monthly…51 exactly. Thanks to Tuga I can now share with you a monthly models ranking for Portugal, and thanks to Ldman I now have monthly data for Egypt and possibly all countries of the Gulf Coperation Council (Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and UAE) for which you had a thorough update last month.

But of course I want to give you more! There are still 3 very large markets for which I don’t have monthly or regular data:

Thailand – A market of over 800,000 annual units and the latest info I have is the Full Year 2010 Top 10, I would love to be able to share monthly data so you can all follow the Toyota Hilux/Isuzu D-Max fight as it unfolds, and the first steps of all new pick-ups built there, plus the impact of the recent floods on the market. Here goes: I know there is one local magazine (see above) that publishes monthly sales data, can anyone of you who buys this mag get in touch with me please? Or even knows how to subscribe online? Just comment on here and I will email you.

Indonesia – Another 800,000 units-market and the latest I have is a Top 10 for June 2011 thanks to wolfsburg and based on an article by Indonedian car website Detik Oto that doesn’t seem to publish data monthly sadly. No organisation seems to be publishing models data? Can anyone living in Indonesia help please?

The Renault Megane was the best-selling model in Belgium in 2010. And in December 2011?

Belgium – The last info I have is an article saying 2011 was a record year at 572,211 salesa Top 20 for July 2011 and a meagre Full Year 2010 Top 10. Is there anyone among you living in Belgium that can shed more light on sales data in the country of Tintin? Febiac only publishes closed data and never any models ranking… Help please! This is the latest large European market that still hasn’t been cracked by BSCB! But not for long hopefully! 🙂

It would be fantastic if you could comment on here if you know how to get monthly models data for any of these 3 countries! Thanking you in advance for all your help!

The other markets in pressing need of info are ColombiaSwitzerlandHungaryUkraine and Uzbekistan: see details by clicking on ‘Read more’ below.

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