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Who else would take a pic of himself with a Toyota Avanza, right?

Hi and welcome to BestSellingCarsBlog!

I’m Matt, originally from France and now living in Sydney, Australia. Yep this is good old me above, posing next to a new generation Toyota Avanza at Denpasar International Airport, Bali Indonesia in May 2012…

Following car sales figures around the world has been a bit of a hobby for me since my childhood, and I thought instead of keeping it to myself I should share it on a blog, so here it is! I hope you’ll enjoy it, feel free to leave comments if you have info to add or if you think of anything I could do better.

BestSellingCarsBlog now covers all countries in the world with more than 1 million inhabitants, this equals to 177 countries and territories, all listed on the right hand side of the page, so your country must be there! If it is not, it is because there is less than a million people living there, but if you do have detailed data for any other country that doesn’t feature on the blog please do let me know by commenting here! You will see a few countries are listed that have less than 1m population (Iceland, Bhutan, Luxembourg, Monaco), this is because I was able to get official data, and this takes priority over the population size.

There are now 107 countries and territories with official data thanks to many of you sharing information with me. But there are still 64 unloved countries on this blog for which I haven’t managed to get my hands on any official car sales data yet. What I have done for these is watch hundreds of hours of recent YouTube videos of their streets, and based on the cars I could see I have ventured an estimation of the best-selling models. Far from perfect, which is why I need official data!

So this is where I need your help dear readers! You will find below the full list of countries still missing official data. If you have any info about any of them, simply comment on this page or fill in the ‘Contact Us’ form by clicking on the tab on the top left side of your screen. Anything at all will help and I thank you in advance for any data you may be able to share to make this site even better!



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Countries still missing official data on Best Selling Cars Blog:

Afghanistan: Toyota Corolla and Hilux most popular

Albania: The land of luxury SUVs

Angola: Toyota Hilux and Mitsubishi L200 could top a dynamic market

Armenia: Lada still leads the way, Toyota Corolla popular

Azerbaijan: Lada, Toyota Camry and Hyundai Sonata successful

Bangladesh: Toyota Corolla and Noah most popular

Benin: Toyota Prado and Hilux dominate

Bolivia: Toyota Hilux, Frontier and 4Runner in command

Botswana: Toyota Corolla and Hilux should be in the lead

Burkina Faso: Toyota Hilux master of the roads

Burundi: Toyota Corolla leader

Cambodia: Toyota Camry potential best-seller

Cameroon: Toyota Hilux possibly on top

Central African Republic: Toyota Hilux should lead sales

Chad: Toyota Hilux and Corolla most popular new cars

Congo (Dem Rep): Toyota Hilux and Prado strong sellers

Congo (Rep of the): Toyota Hilux should be on top

Costa Rica: Daihatsu BeGo Terios possible leader

Cuba: Purchase of new cars now legalised

El Salvador: Toyota Hilux should lead a pack of pick-ups

Eritrea: Toyota Hilux likely leader, Kia Rio taxi of choice

Ethiopia: Hilux and Corolla favourites, Holland Car gets noticed

Gambia: Mitsubishi L200 likely leader

Georgia: Toyota Corolla should be on top

Ghana: Mitsubishi Pajero very popular

Guatemala: Toyota Yaris, Hilux and Chevrolet Aveo on top

Guinea: Toyota Prado possible leader, Renault 19 rules the streets

Guinea Bissau: Information needed

Haiti: Ford Ranger and Nissan Frontier favourites

Honduras: Mitsubishi L200 possible leader

Jamaica: Toyota Corolla likely leader

Kyrgyzstan: Toyota Camry should lead sales

Laos: Toyota Hilux in the lead, Chinese models on the up

Lesotho: Toyota Hilux and VW Polo Vivo should lead

Liberia: Toyota Hilux leader, Nissan rules the streets

Libya: Chevrolet Optra possible leader

Malawi: Toyota Hilux leads the way

Mali: Toyota Hilux dominates, old Mercedes come here to die… 

Malta: Toyota Yaris should be on top

Mauritania: (Also) where old Mercedes go to die…

Mongolia: Hyundai Accent and Sonata possible leaders

Mozambique: Toyota Hilux potentially in the lead

Myanmar: More information needed

Namibia: Toyota Hilux in the lead

Nicaragua: Toyota Hilux and Vios dominate

Niger: Toyota king, Corolla should rule

Nigeria: Toyota Corolla king of the roads

North Korea: Pyeonghwa Samchunri should lead the ranking

Rwanda: Toyota Corolla the car of choice

Senegal: Toyota Hilux and Dacia Logan popular, Peugeot losing grip

Sierra Leone: Ford Ranger potential leader

Somalia: Toyota Land Cruiser possible leader in limited market

Sri Lanka: Nissan Sunny continues long-term domination

Sudan: Toyota Hilux ahead of an armada of Hyundais

Swaziland: Toyota Hilux and VW Polo Vivo should lead 

Tajikistan: Changhe Freedom and Toyota Camry most popular

Tanzania: Toyota Corolla real king

Togo: Toyota Prado possible leader

Trinidad & Tobago: Toyota Hilux should hold pole position

Turkmenistan: Toyota Camry and Lada kings of the roads

Uganda: Toyota Corolla should lead the way

Uzbekistan: Locally produced Uz-Daewoo Nexia should be in pole position

Zambia: Toyota king

Zimbabwe: Toyota Corolla sovereign, info needed

Note: most car pictures come from and Netcarshow

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