Albania 2012: VW Golf and Opel Astra on top?

2013 VW Golf Albania 20122013 VW Golf: the favourite of Albanian consumers?

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We stay in the Balkan area to go to Albania, which I have left alone for almost two years simply because official sales data is inexistent. With the knowledge of the best-selling models in the region (Macedonia, Bosnia and Serbia) and after visualising a few more recent street videos of capital city Tirana I will venture a new estimate of the most popular vehicles in the country for 2012.

Opel Astra Albania 2012Chances are the Opel Astra (including the previous gen still on sale) is close to the top in Albania.

Last time I did this exercise with the help of Matthias from Germany, I estimated the Range Rover topped the models ranking in Albania in 2010-2011. Although I still see it rank very high, even in such a small market as Albania it is probably not realistic to expect it to rank #1. Taking the cue from Macedonia and based on all generations of the models being visible in the streets of Tirana, I would say that the VW Golf and Opel Astra could lead the way in 2012, with other successful models being the Opel Corsa, Ford Fiesta, Audi A3, VW Caddy, Skoda Fabia and Fiat Panda.

Tirana Street SceneTirana street. Picture by MrSco, all rights reserved.

One particularity of the Albanian car landscape is the extremely high occurrence of Mercedes 200/300 and E-Class. I haven’t included them in the most popular new models as most seem to have come to the country as second-hand cars from Germany most probably. Still, it makes travelling within the bustling streets of Tirana a striking experience…

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Albania 2011 UPDATED: The land of luxury SUVs

Range Rover

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The Albanian car market is very particular, with as much as 1 in every 3 cars in circulation in Tirana and Durres second-hand Mercedes. The best selling new cars are also unique: a mix of luxury SUV’s dominated by the Range Rover, BMW X5, Mercedes M-Class, Porsche Cayenne, Range Rover Sport and Mercedes GL-Class!

Only then normal passenger cars follow, among them the Chevrolet Aveo, Fiat Punto, VW Golf and Opel Corsa. A few models have Albania as their only European port of call like the VW Gol, Chery QQ and Toyota Avanza… So a very interesting market indeed.

This rough speculation is based on Matthias’s observations in the streets of Tirana and Durres. Thanks again Matthias!

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