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COVID-19 Dashboard: Sales – Forecasts – How we can help

The COVID-19 pandemic has upended car markets globally.

This is our Coronavirus portal, updated live with all relevant sales data and forecast information, which you can find below. BSCB will support you throughout the COVID-19 crisis in a variety of ways. We are accelerating the pace of our publications (March 2020 data published for 45 markets in 8 days) and adding intermediary and preliminary updates for some of the most affected markets such as China, France and the US.

We rely on 15 years of experience analysing 180 global car markets and on a network of industry contacts in over 60 countries to keep track of each region’s specific situation as it develops. This means we can build on some countries’ experiences and best practices to help drive others during the lockdown and recovery periods. Our particular attention paid to the Chinese and US markets over the years has come handy for one of our Australian clients already.

You can lean on our extensive global knowledge and experience to best forecast your activity over the coming months. Please contact us here to start a conversation.

You can see a detailed list of the Market Services we offer as well as our client’s feedback here.

Here are the links to the latest articles for the largest global markets impacted by COVID-19:

World: U-shaped recovery, 2020 forecast: 73.3m (-18%) by IHS Markit updated 7/04

China: February preliminary -81%, February wholesales -79.1%, February retail -79.2%, March preliminary -40%, March wholesales -43.3%, 1-12 April -12%, 2020 forecast: 21.8m (-14%) by IHS Markit updated 7/04

USA: Post 15 March -36%, March -39%, 2020 forecast: 12.6m (-26%) by IHS Markit updated 7/04

Europe: March -51.8%, 2020 forecast: 17.1m (-17%) by IHS Markit updated 7/04

Germany: March -37.7%

India: March -51.1%, 2020 forecast: 2.3m (-21%) by BSCB updated 16/04

Brazil: March -21.9%

France: 1-14 March -23%, 15-23 March -87%March -72.2%

UK: March -44.4%, 2020 forecast: 1.73m (-25%) by SMMT updated 5/04

Italy: February -8.8%March -85.4%, 2020 forecast: 1 to 1.3m (-32% to -48%) by UNRAE updated 2/04

Canada: March -48%

South Korea: February: -19.6%, March +9.6%

Spain: March -69.3%

Australia: March -17.9%

Belgium: March -47.5%

All missing 2020 forecasts are in the process of being calculated and will be uploaded to this page shortly. Please also let us know if you would like additional information to be displayed on this COVID-19 Dashboard by commenting on this article.

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