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Media post: 6 Interior Features You Need to Check Before Buying a Car

Recent car models come with a myriad of new features, dealer installed accessories and packages to increase sales. While most people mind much about the outward appearance and performance of a car, they don’t put much emphasis on the interiors. Considering the amount of time you will be spending inside your car, it’s important to check whether all the features you desire are included. We have compiled some interior essentials to check when shopping for a car.

The Music System

Entertainment is a major part of every vehicle. When you want to listen to your favorite jam when heading to work or going on a road trip with your friend, you need a good music system. Besides sampling the speakers and other hardware, check whether the radio has an updated head unit.

The most ideal head unit is one that incorporates the recent operating systems such as android. Such a system will incorporate familiar smartphone features to your car’s infotainment system. It also enhances the functionality of your car stereo. Check out how you can identify the perfect head unit for your car.

Quality Seats

Good quality seats enhance comfort, especially when driving for long distances. The seats must be comfortable, long-lasting, beautiful and easy to clean. The most recommended material is leather because it feels nice and is easy to clean. This is especially ideal for people with kids due to spillage of foods and other staining products. It will be an added advantage if you can get a car with heated seats. These come in handy during cold weather.

Auto-Dimming Rear-View Mirror

One of the challenges that most drivers face is dealing with glare. When the driver behind you is in full light, the reflection can blind your vision and lead to serious accidents. Vehicle manufacturers have identified a more effective way of avoiding the effects of glare through the installation of auto-dimming mirrors. This mirror has a sensor that detects ambient light levels. If the glare is too much, the mirror will auto adjust to the desired level.

Fast Charging USB Outlet

It’s always disappointing to have a phone go off while it’s still plugged into your car charger. Older vehicle models have USB outlets that charge at 0.5 amps. This is not enough to keep your phone on for long. Recent models, however, come with at least 1.5 amps outlets for fast charging. This enhances fast charging and helps a lot when you are in a remote place.


A sunroof not only makes your car look fancy but offers great convenience during summer and spring. This feature enables the driver to enjoy some cool breeze and sunlight at the convenience of their car. Modern cars have an electric sunroof that is easy to use. Although this might seem like an unnecessary addition, it will bring extra convenience to your driving experience.

Color and Texture of the Fabrics

If the interior of the car you want to buy is made of fabric, you need to mind about the color. For instance, white fabric is likely to stain whenever you accidentally pour coffee or food on the seats. The material covering the door handles is also likely to stain due to frequent handling. Make sure the floor, seats and other interior parts have the right color. You should also check the texture of the fabric to ensure it feels smooth and comfortable.

Bottom Line

Great interior makes a car more comfortable and enjoyable to drive. Make sure you check all the fine details before buying a vehicle.

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