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Sponsored post: Best cars for 2.4 children

Children. Picture courtesy of wallcoo via scenicreflections

When you’ve got a family, the things that you look for in a car begin to subtly change. Rather than looking at top speed, acceleration and cool little extras while you’re shopping around for a new car, your mind becomes more focused instead on its size, reliability and safety, among other things. If you’re in the market for a new family car, take a look at some of the best cars available for a family with 2.4 children.


In a bid to discover which family car was the most reliable on the market, Warranty Direct, in its 2013 survey, analysed the breakdown rates of its some 30,000 policy holders. The survey saw the 2001-2007 Toyota Corolla emerge as the clear winner when it comes to the reliability of family cars, with an annual breakdown rate of just 7 per cent. In addition, and finishing in a close second place, the Honda Civic had a breakdown rate of just 10 per cent, annually. If your primary concern when purchasing a new family car is reliability, therefore, the results of this survey highlighted what many of us already knew; Japanese cars are the most reliable family cars on the market.


The safety of your children is a firm consideration for any parent when purchasing a new car, especially if you’ve got young children. When it comes to safety, Volvo’s reputation is unparalleled, and the company’s latest offering, the Volvo V40, continues to solidify that reputation. Perfectly suited to young families, owing to it being a little smaller than some of our other suggestions, the V40 scored an impressive 98 per cent for adult protection, while its in-built technology ensured it scored 100 per cent in the Safety Assist category of its testing. In addition to its sterling safety scores, the Volvo V40 is also more than a match for its competitors in the looks department, making it a viable option for the style and safety conscious family.

Best all-rounder

When it comes to selecting the best all-round family car, it’s the Ford Mondeo that leads the field. Named What Car? family car of the year in 2013, the Ford Mondeo 1.6 TDCi 115 Eco Zetec is fuel efficient, emitting just 114g/km of CO2, making it cheaper on car insurance, handles with the precision of a much smaller car and contains an impressive 528 litre boot. With room for 5 adults, the Ford Mondeo is the perfect size for a family with 2.4 children, making it probably the most spacious, comfortable and relaxing family-friendly car on the market.

Making a sound investment

Choosing the right car for your family is an important decision, which requires the consideration of factors such as safety, space and reliability; if you’re considering purchasing a new car some of these considerations do also tend to come with a price tag. This price tag, however, should not be discouraging as companies such as Car Loan 4U can help with your car finance , making that investment in your family’s safety all the more manageable.

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