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Honda Civic

The Honda Civic is a now legendary piece of Japanese engineering that has served to raise the bar for automotive economy, reliability, and durability for decades. Officially considered to be a compact car when first released, this line of vehicles has been one of the cornerstones of Honda’s most popular vehicles ever since the 1990’s. Since first hitting the market, the Civic has expanded in size and certainly grown in popularity among car buyers the world over. The combination of quality and affordability has been a real automotive home run for Honda.

Although the Civic reached the pinnacle of its popularity in the 90’s, it was first released as a two-door vehicle in 1972. At this time, it featured an 1169 cc engine and front-wheel drive that was similar to miniature vehicles being released in Britain during the same period. Its meagre standard features included a heater, AM radio, two-speed windshield wipers, and steel rims. Such features are laughably modest when compared to the standard options on the modern Civic. Today, drivers enjoy satellite navigation, full-power windows and locks, six-speed manual or automatic transmissions, and leather upholstery.

The word began to spread about this vehicle based on the Civic’s fuel-efficiency, environmental compatibility, and lack of required maintenance. The Civic’s excellent reputation has also given it considerable value in the used Honda market. The Civic has not relied exclusively on its efficiency and other utilitarian dimensions in order to maintain its popularity, however. New designs on the interior and exterior for various models have played a big part in enticing buyers over time. Refining a sports car-type appearance and feel for the Civic has been a big concern for the company in recent releases. The lighter and younger fit that comes with achieving this goal has been extremely successful in the Civic SiR, the GTi, and the Civic Type-R.

Honda has enjoyed record sales from the Civic line that extend to every nation on the globe. Worldwide, the Civic line had sold a total of 16.5 million units by 2006. Only 7.3 million of these sales occurred in the United States. Jump ahead to 2012, and we find that the Civic holds the record as the number-one selling car in Canada for 14 years running.

We now find the Civic going through yet another transformation along with the majority of cars in its class. As drivers make the switch to hybrid and purely electric vehicles, the Civic is following suit. The production of non-hybrid Civics for the domestic market ceased in 2010. Only hybrid Civics for export into the world market are planned for the future. The new Honda Civic click here is a Sedan that still draws in buyers the world over. Honda is yet to fail in putting cutting-edge technology and unbeatable value in every Civic that hits the market. Whether you are buying a used Honda or a brand new one, it is very important to buy from trusted dealerships such as Vertu Honda. In doing this you can rest assured you are getting a reliable and professional service.

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