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Norway: 1956-2022 Historical Data available

The Ford Cortina was #2 in Norway in 1963 and from 1965 to 1969

The direct links to 39 Norway Historical Data articles are below

Detailed Historical Data for Norway covering the past 65 years is now available. There is now a Top 10 models ranking for each and every year from 1956 to 1978, decade rankings for the eighties and nineties, a Top 50 models ranking for 1993, 94 and 96, a Top 10 for 1998, Top 15 for 1999 and from 2000 onwards there is at least a Top 20 for each year.

The 100,000th Norwegian VW Beetle delivered to its owner

The VW Beetle dominates the Norwegian models ranking during the fifties and the sixties, in pole position for 13 of the 15 years from 1956 to 1970 and peaking at 22.4% share in 1960. It is the best-selling model of all times in Norway with over 140,000 units sold in the country alone.

The Pobeda ranked #2 in Norway in 1956 (4wd version featured aka GAZ M-71)

The Volvo PV444/544 managed to interrupt this domination in 1957 and 1958, a feat that it didn’t achieve in its native Sweden as far as I know. Notice also the Pobeda (aka GAZ M-20) holding 11.7% of the market in 1956… A few Ford models had to do with 2nd place over the period: the Anglia peaked at 11.7% share in 1960 while the Cortina held that position 6 times from 1963 to 1969, peaking at 12% in 1963.

The Datsun Sunny was #8 in Norway in 1970

In 1970 the Japanese land and the Datsun Sunny is the first nippon model to rank within the year-end Norwegian Top 10 at #8. This will be improved to #6 in 1971 by the Mazda 1500, to #5 in 1973 by the Mazda 818 and to #2 in 1975 by the Toyota Corolla while the Mazda 929 reaches 5% of the market in 1976

The Mazda 1500 was #6 in Norway in 1971

In 1971 the Volvo 140 Series puts an end to the Beetle’s leadership and after 4 years on top passes the relay to the Volvo 240 Series in 1975. The VW Golf dominates the eighties as well as the ninetiesif you have detailed models ranking from 1979 to 1992 please make sure to get in touch by commenting on this post.

VW Golf

Up until 2017, either a Volkswagen or a Toyota held the pole position in Norway: the Golf did so 13 times (1998-2000 and 20082017), the Passat was #1 three times in 2001 and 2006-2007, as was the Corolla in 2002-2003 and 2005 while the Avensis ranked first in 2004. Symbolising the race towards no emissions the country has started engaging in the 2010s, the Nissan Leaf took the first spot in 2018, followed by the Tesla Model 3 in 2019 and 2021, the Audi e-Tron in 2020 and the Tesla Model Y in 2022.

Norway Historical Data:

Norway 1956: VW Beetle and Pobeda dominate

Norway 1957-1958: Volvo 444/544 takes the lead

Norway 1959-1960: VW Beetle reclaims #1 spot, hits 22.4% share

Norway 1961-1962: VW Beetle and Ford Anglia on top

Norway 1963: VW Beetle and Ford Cortina dominate

Norway 1964: VW Beetle at 10,000+ sales, Ford Taunus 12M/15M #2

Norway 1965-1967: Beetle, Ford Cortina and Volvo Amazon shine

Norway 1968-1969: Beetle, Cortina and Kadett on podium

Norway 1970: Last year at #1 for the VW Beetle, the Japanese land

Norway 1971: Volvo 140 takes the lead

Norway 1972-1973: Volvo 140, Beetle and Ford Taunus on podium

Norway 1974: Volvo 140 leads, Passat now VW’s best-seller

Norway 1975-1976: Volvo 240 #1, Toyota Corolla on podium!

Norway 1977-1978: Volvo 240 and Ford Granada most popular

Norway 1980-1989: VW Golf and Ford Sierra dominate

Norway 1993-1994: VW Golf and Ford Mondeo strong

Norway 1996: VW Golf #1, Hyundai Accent #10

Norway 1990-2000: VW Golf, Toyota Corolla and Opel Astra on top

Norway 1998-2000: VW Golf in command

Norway 2001: VW Passat and Ford Mondeo dominate

Norway 2002-2003: Toyota Corolla takes the lead

Norway 2004: Toyota Avensis new leader

Norway 2005: Toyota Corolla climbs back on top, VW Passat #3

Norway 2006-2007: VW Passat clear leader

Norway 2008: VW Golf reclaims lead, Ford Mondeo #2

Norway 2009: VW Golf #1 again, Toyota Avensis up to #2

Norway 2010: VW Golf leader for the third consecutive year

Norway 2011: VW Golf and Passat lead, Mitsubishi ASX at its best in the world

Norway 2012: VW Tiguan and Nissan Leaf impress

Norway 2013: VW Golf #1, Nissan Leaf on podium, Tesla Model S tops monthly ranking twice

Norway 2014: Tesla Model S doubles sales to land in Top 5

Norway 2015: e-variant boosts VW Golf up 69% to 10.9% share

Norway 2016: VW Golf #1, Mitsubishi Outlander and BMW i3 shine

Norway 2017: Green cars hold world-record 52.2% share, Tesla up to #7

Norway 2018: Green cars hit world-best 60.2% share, Nissan Leaf snaps first annual top spot, Renault Zoe in Top 10

Norway 2019: Tesla Model 3 storms into top spot in world-leading market for electrified vehicles (68.3%) and EVs (42.4%)

Norway 2020: Audi e-Tron, Tesla Model 3, VW ID.3 best-sellers, electrified share up to 83.4%

Norway 2021: Tesla #1 brand, electrified share up to 91.7% in record market (+24.7%)

Norway 2022: Tesla Model Y breaks VW Beetle’s 53 year-old record, BEVs hold 79.3% share

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