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Norway Full Year 2023: Tesla Model Y up to 18.2% share, BEVs at 82.4% of devastated market

The Tesla Model Y holds 18.2% of the Norwegian market in 2023.

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Significant price increases due to tax changes from 1 January 2023 have hit the Norwegian market hard in 2023 with sales off a daunting -27.2% to 126,948 just as the rest of Europe returns to positive. Electrified vehicle sales drop -24.8% to 122,343 and 96.4% share vs. 93.3% in 2022, 91.7% in 2021, 40.2% in 2017 and 7% in 2012. BEVs decline -24.4% to 104,590 and 82.4% share vs. 79.3% last year and 54.3% in 2020. PHEVs freefall -36.9% to 10,169 and 8% share vs. 8.5% last year and HEVs are down -25.3% to 7,584 and 6% share vs. 5.4% a year ago. Petrol sales are down to 1.2% share and diesel down to 2.5%.

Tesla (+19.3%) spectacularly goes against the negative market to improve its share from 12.2% last year to 20% this year. It is followed by Toyota (+13.6%) also euphoric at 12.4% of the market vs. 8% in 2021. Volkswagen (-32.1%) is down one spot to #3, Volvo (-30.9%) up one to #4, Skoda (-21.8%) up three to #5 and BMW (-57.5%) down three to #6. Hyundai (-39.4%) also loses share but gains two ranks to #7. Nissan (+27.3%) is the only additional gainer in the Top 14, up six spots to #8. Below, Opel (+2.9%), Lexus (+13%), Xpeng (+10.6%) and Subaru (+21.3%) stand out. 

Model-wise, the Tesla Model Y (+33%) tightens its hold on the market with a surreal 18.2% share and over 23,000 sales. This means it breaks its own record for most annual sales recorded by any model in Norway. Its previous best was 17,356 last year and the next model is the VW Beetle with 16,699 sales back in 1969. The Model Y hit a record 38.4% share in March. The VW ID.4 (-42.8%) stays in 2nd place despite a drastic loss while the Skoda Enyaq (-24.1%) is #3 again and improve its market share slightly. The Toyota bZ4X (+518.7%) lands at #4 for its first full year in market, distancing the Volvo XC40 (-8.8%), Ford Mustang Mach-E (-10.3%) and Toyota RAV4 (-15.2%) all holding well in context. The VW ID.3 (+14.5%) and Hyundai Kona (+16.6%) post splendid gains in the remainder of the Top 10 while the Nissan Ariya (+386.2%) climbs to #11 for its first full year.

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