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Norway 1968-1969: Beetle, Cortina and Kadett on podium

The 100,000th VW Beetle sold in Norway

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While in 1968 the Norwegian car market gains only 0.1% to 65,229 registrations, in 1969 it shoots up by a huge 51% to 98,529 units! It will go back down to around 70,000 units the following year so it is fair to assume that ’69 figures must have been influenced by a major legislation change like a tax hike put in place on January 1, 1970. If you have any more info about this please get in touch by commenting on this article.

The VW Beetle keeps a comfortable lead in both years, selling 11,309 units at 17.3% in ’68 and 16,699 at 17.2% in ’69, both figures being by far the highest annual sales figures ever delivered by any model in Norway so far. In fact the podium stays unchanged over the period: the Ford Cortina is #2 with 8.4% then 7% and the Opel Kadett is #3 with 6.8% then 6.1%. The Ford Escort appears for the first time in the Norwegian Top 10 in ’68 at #7 and ranks #6 in ’69.

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Full Year 1968 and 1969 Top 10 Ranking Tables below.

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