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Norway March 2019: Tesla Model 3 at 29% share, breaks all models monthly sales record, Audi e-Tron #5, EVs at record 58.4% share

Almost 1 in 3 new cars sold in Norway in March is a Tesla Model 3.

The Norwegian new car maker shoots up by a whopping 27.6% year-on-year in March to 18.375 registrations, lifting the YTD cume up 13.9% to 38.485. There is one main culprit for this surge: the Tesla Model 3 which has triggered an avalanche of records this month. Firstly total EV sales double year-on-year (+100.1%) to a new record 10.732 units, accounting for an all-time high 58.4% share of Norwegian sales vs. 37.2% a year ago in March 2018. This is the highest EV share ever reached anywhere in the world and the first time a country ever purchases more than 50% EVs in a single month. In contrast, hybrid sales drop from 26.8% to 18.9% share, petrol sales are down to 12.3% share and diesel sales down to an all-time low 10.4%.

Now that some US production of the Tesla Model 3 has switched its destination to Europe, thousands or pre-sales clocked in over the past 3 years can finally be honoured and it makes for gargantuan sales figures. In March, the Tesla Model 3 sells an incredible 5.315 units in Norway alone, accounting for an out-of-this-world 28.9% share. Never before had a single nameplate sold that many monthly units in Norway. A caveat to this record volume is that these are registrations of models sold over a period of a few years, it’s not instant buyers turning up at a dealership, but still, these are astoundingly high volumes nevertheless. To put these figures in perspective, the monthly records for other Teslas in Norway are for the Model X: 1.429 sales (December 2017) and 11.6% share (September 2018), and for the Model S: 1.493 sales and 10.8% (September 2013), which were already spectacular world-best scores of their own. This means Tesla has now managed to place all its models to-date in the Norwegian monthly pole position.

The Audi e-Tron is the 5th best-selling car in Norway in March.

Accordingly, the Model 3 single-handedly lifts Tesla (+315%) to the #1 brand spot in Norway for the month with a record 5.822 sales and 31.7%, shattering the brand’s previous volume and share records which were 2.455 sales in December 2017 and 19% share in September 2018. Tesla also takes control of the Norwegian charts YTD at 7.024 units and 18.3% (+313.4%) well above last year’s leader Volkswagen at 4.737 and 12.3%. Interestingly, Tesla isn’t the only brand to post very strong results this month, in fact the entire podium is in excellent shape with Volkswagen (+21.7%) and Toyota (+12.6%) in tow. Jaguar (+1723.1%), Audi (+103.5%), Hyundai (+97%), Mitsubishi (+75.3%), Suzuki (+51.4%) and Kia (+14.7%) also shine below.

Back to the models ranking where the VW Golf (+40.5%), Mitsubishi Outlander (+85.5%) and BMW i3 (+48.5%) also post spectacular year-on-year gains, while the Audi e-Tron directly breaks into the Top 5 for its first appearance in the Norwegian Top 20. The Jaguar i-Pace remains at a world-best #7, with the Hyundai Kona (+1800%), Ford Focus (+167.9%), Kia Niro (+92.1%) and Hyundai Ioniq (+44.6%) also impressive in the remainder of the Top 20.

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Full March 2019 Top 20 brands and models below.

Note these rankings feature the Top 20 brands and models YTD ordered based on their March 2019 sales and may therefore not be 100% accurate.

Norway March 2019 – brands:


Norway March 2019 – models:

1Tesla Model 35,31528.9%new26,12315.9%new1 –
2VW Golf9795.3%40.5%12,6376.9%25.3%22
3Mitsubishi Outlander8594.7%85.5%31,8634.8%127.2%35
4BMW i37844.3%48.5%61,7994.7%18.4%53
5Audi e-Tron6803.7%newn/a7982.1%new9 –
6Nissan Leaf6183.4%-71.5%41,7994.7%-40.0%41
7Jaguar i-Pace4422.4%new79122.4%new8n/a
8Hyundai Ioniq3632.0%44.6%81,0492.7%61.1%713
9Renault Zoe3441.9%-0.9%147071.8%-7.9%1110
10Hyundai Kona3421.9%1800.0%51,0852.8%1595.3%6n/a
11Tesla Model X3411.9%-53.1%206321.6%-28.6%154
12Kia Niro2921.6%92.1%155781.5%43.1%17n/a
13Toyota Yaris2481.3%-0.8%107051.8%-18.7%126
14Volvo XC602451.3%-27.7%186671.7%-7.5%137
15Volvo V902361.3%-47.9%n/a5161.3%-55.2%2014
16Toyota RAV42211.2%-25.1%97491.9%-6.0%109
17Toyota C-HR2161.2%-1.4%136491.7%5.9%1412
18Ford Focus2091.1%167.9%165201.4%148.8%19n/a
19Skoda Octavia2071.1%-11.2%125851.5%-8.7%1611
20VW T-Roc1320.7%-15.4%115531.4%50.7%1818

Source: OFV AS

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