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Norway Full Year 2017: Green cars hold world-record 52.2%, Tesla #7

Tesla was the best-selling carmaker in Norway in December with 15.3% market share.

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The Norwegian new car market hits its third highest ever annual volume in 2017 thanks to deliveries up 2.6% to 158.650 units. Only in 1986 (167.352) and 1985 (159.079) were there more new cars purchased in a single year in Norway. Local association OFV forecasts a stable market in 2018 at 157.700 units (-0.6%). Even more so than in 2016, Norway reaffirms its world domination when it comes to green car sales, becoming the first country in the world to see more than half of its annual new car sales go to eco-friendly vehicles. In 2017, 82.758 new green cars were registered in Norway or 52.2% of the market, up 33.2% from 62.144 and 40.2% in 2016 and just 7% share only five years ago in 2012. Of these, 33.025 were electric, up 36.3% for a 20.8% market share (the highest in the world) and OFV forecasts 25% in 2018, 29.233 were plug-in hybrids, up 41.5% for a 18.4% market share and 20.500 were regular hybrids, up 18.8% for a 12.9% share.

Evolution of green car sales in Norway, 2012-2017 

Evolution of total car sales in Norway, 1960-2017

Volkswagen remains the most popular carmaker in the county despite a 13% drop to just 14.6% share vs. 17.2% a year ago, followed like last year by Toyota (+3%) and BMW (+8%). Volvo (+34%) overtakes Mercedes (+18%) for 4th place overall, with Skoda (+16%) and most strikingly Tesla (+143%) also outpacing the market. Let’s pause on Tesla for a minute as its overall 7th place – the highest in the world (it ranks #4 in Hong Kong which is technically not a country) – hides wildly varying volumes month-on-month. The U.S. luxury electric carmaker thus broke its monthly volume and market share record twice in 2017 and became for the first time ever in any country in the world the best-selling carmaker in Norway in December with a record 2.455 sales and 15.3% share, with its previous records dating back to just three months before: September 2017 when it sold 2.003 units for a 14.9% share. That month, the Model X (1.429 sales, a new record) and Model S (1.026) were the 2 best-selling models in the country. Further down, Alfa Romeo (+449%), Aston Martin (+200%), Maserati (+191%), Smart (+154%), Ferrari (+100%), Porsche (+64%), Hyundai (+38%) and Renault (+19%) also impress.

The VW Golf has now been the best-selling vehicle in Norway for 10 consecutive years.

Model-wise, the VW Golf celebrates ten consecutive years in the annual Norwegian pole position despite a 7% drop, with 55% of its sales electric and 20% PHEV. That’s still more than double the amount of the #2, the BMW i3 up 27% to 3.2% while the Toyota RAV4 (-3%, 99.7% hybrid) holds onto its #3 ranking. The Tesla Model X shoots up 232% to #4 overall vs. #34 in 2016, needless to say this is its highest annual ranking anywhere in the world, the VW Passat is down 6% to #5 (71% PHEV) and the Mitsubishi Outlander down 25% to #6 (95% PHEV). The Tesla Model S is up 81% to also break into the Top 10 at #8 and the Toyota C-HR, launched in late 2016, ends its first full year on the Norwegian market at a stunning 10th place (90% hybrid). Other great performers include the Volvo V90 up to #11 also for its first full year (24% PHEV), the Mercedes GLC up 147% to #14 (94% PHEV), the Renault Zoe up 39% to #15, Hyundai Ioniq up 175% to #19, Peugeot 3008 up 446% to #21, Volvo XC90 up 42% to #23 (93% PHEV) and the Kia Niro up 259% to #28. The Skoda Kodiaq (#24) is the best-seller new launch for 2017, ahead of the Opel Ampera-e (#45) and the Toyota Proace (#128).

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