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Norway September 2018: Tesla leads, breaks record share at 19%

The Tesla Model X is the best-selling vehicle in Norway in September with 11.6% share.

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Although not part of the European Union, the Norwegian new car market is still impacted by the WLTP changeover due to the lack of available stock of compliant vehicles then sold in the country. As a result September sales plunge 21.2% to 10.620, pulling the year-to-date tally down 4.2% to 111.500 units. A new record is beaten this month in Norway: electric vehicles surge 24.7% year-on-year to 4.802 units, hitting an all-time high 45.3% share of the total market. Add 1.585 plug-in hybrid and the share of EV/PHEV shoots up to 60.1%, also a record.

The Tesla Model S ranks 3rd this month.

Traditionally a lot stronger in end-of-quarters (albeit artificially as it pushes deliveries to March, June, September and December), Tesla (+1%) replicates its performance of September 2017 with a third ever 2.000+ monthly volume in Norway, snapping its 2nd largest volume in the country below the 2.455 sales of December 2017 and snapping the overall brand leadership for the 2nd time ever since, again, last December. This month Tesla holds 19% of the Norwegian market, a new record for the brand in any country in the world, almost double Nissan (+223%) at 10.9% and Toyota (-18%) at 10.5%. Volvo (+0.4%) and BMW (-17%) also overtake YTD leader Volkswagen (-74%) with Audi (-76%), Honda (-66%), Skoda (-57%), Mercedes (-51%), Lexus (-49%), Ford (-46%), Opel (-39%) and Suzuki (-31%) also freefalling. In contrast, Jaguar (+381%), Smart (+141%), Hyundai (+63%) and Renault (+46%) all post spectacular gains.

Jaguar is up 381% year-on-year thanks to the arrival of the electric i-Pace.

Model-wise, the Tesla Model X (+24%) takes the lead for the 2nd time ever in Norway after last December, breaking the symbolic 10% share milestone for the first time at 11.6%. The Model X now ranks #4 year-to-date. It distances the Nissan Leaf (+865%) at a strong 10.1% share vs. 8.1% so far in 2018, and the Tesla Model S (-22%) at 7.4% vs. 2.5% year-to-date. The BMW i3 (+46%) and Volvo XC60 (+70%) round up the Top 5 with the Renault Zoe (+224%), Hyundai Ioniq (+95%) and Mazda CX-5 (+77%) also in outstanding shape in the Top 10 whereas the VW Golf (-80%), Audi A3 (+78%), VW Passat (-76%), Volvo V90 (-67%), Mercedes GLC (-65%) and Skoda Octavia (-55%) all implode.

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