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Europe Full Year 2011: VW Polo up to second spot for the first time

The VW Polo delivers its highest ever European ranking in 2011

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The VW Golf is the best-selling car in Europe for the fourth consecutive year with 484,547 sales, down just 2% and peaking at 53,055 units in March. It is the 26th time in the last 30 years that the VW Golf leads the European models ranking. The Golf was #1 every month this year, and as at December it has been leading the market for 21 consecutive months, the last time it wasn't in pole position being March 2010. It has been #1 for 43 of the last 45 months! The Golf is #1 in GermanyAustriaBelgiumSwitzerland, Norway, and possibly Luxembourg.

VW Golf

The fight for the 2nd place was very contested this year and the winner is the VW Polo, reaching its highest ranking in Europe since the launch of the Polo nameplate in 1975! It is also the first time ever Volkswagen holds the first 2 spots in the European ranking. The Polo finishes the year at 356,490 units, stable on 2010. It peaked at 39,311 units in March and was #2 for 7 months this year. The Polo is #1 in the Netherlands.

Ford Fiesta

Down one spot and 13% to 348,365 sales, the Ford Fiesta peaked at 50,534 units in March and still managed to rank #2 four times in 2011. It is #1 in the UK. Up one rank to #4 in spite of sales down 2%, the Opel Corsa sells 313,325 units this year and ranked within the podium 3 times, beating the Polo twice. The Renault Clio is down 13% to #5 and 294,172 sales but is the fourth model to manage to rank at least #2 this year - in February.

VW Passat

Both the Opel Astra (-1%) and Ford Focus (+7%) gain one spot to #6 and #7 respectively, while the Peugeot 207 loses the most ground (-21% to #8) and the Renault Megane stays #9. The best performer in the Top 10 is by far the VW Passat, up a huge 46% and 14 ranks on 2010 to land in 10th position with 233,330 sales. It peaked at #5 in April, the first time Volkswagen ever placed 3 models in the European Top 5 in any given month... Notice also the Nissan Qashqai appearing in the Top 10 in September for only the 2nd time ever.

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  1. March 26th, 2012 at 07:46 | #1

    vw as always one of the first

  2. January 24th, 2012 at 02:52 | #2

    Greece – full year 2011: source: http://www.forocoches.com or http://www.forocoches.es
    1.Toyota 12.128
    2.Opel 11.440
    3.VW 9.466
    4.Ford 6.427
    5.Fiat 5.816
    6.Nissan 5.687
    7.Hyundai 4.885
    8.Skoda 4.688
    9.Citroën 3.609
    10.Peugeot 3.419
    11.Suzuki 3.103
    12.SEAT 3.029
    13.Audi 2.513
    14.Kia 2.328
    15.Mercedes 2.078
    16.BMW 2.021
    17.Chevrolet 1.860
    18.Alfa Romeo 1.679
    19.Renault 1.523
    20.Smart 1.492
    21.Volvo 1.445
    22.Mitsubishi 1.440
    23.Honda 1.189
    24.MINI 946
    25.Daihatsu 943
    26.Dacia 778
    27.Mazda 450
    28.Subaru 339
    29.Chrysler 220
    30.Lancia 212
    31.Saab 152
    32.Lexus 146
    33.Abarth 81
    34.Porsche 37
    35.Land Rover 30
    36.HX Auto 27
    37.Lada 16
    38.Jaguar 5
    39.Dongfeng 4
    40.SsangYong 4
    41.Shuanghuan 3
    42.Changan 2
    43.Infiniti 2
    44.Aston Martin 2
    45.Maserati 2
    46.JAC 1
    47.Caterham 1
    48.Piaggio 1
    49. Rolls Royce 1
    50. Ferrari 1

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