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Europe November 2011: Opel Corsa up to third place

Opel Corsa

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Up until now, the European car market had been holding itself rather well given the continent’s economic situation and currency crisis. But November is down 5%, with Germany the only Big Five country to register a year-on-year increase (+3%), at 1,043,317 units, bringing the year-to-date total down to -1.2% and 12,510,265 units.

Volkswagen keeps its hold on the models ranking, placing the VW Golf at #1 with a solid 3.6% share thanks to 37,059 sales – identical to its 2011 year-to-date market share at 449,882 units, and the VW Polo at #2 with 2.7% and 28,413 sales, slightly above its 2.6% 2011 YTD share. Up two ranks on October, the Opel Corsa climbs on the podium for the second time in the last 3 months but without the help of an inflated UK market this time, at 23,886 sales and 2.3%.

Other good performers this month include the Opel Astra, up 3% year-on-year at #6, the VW Passat up a massive 116% on November 2011 to #7 and 19,432 sales. The Ford Focus is down a worrying 15% year-on-year in spite of the arrival of the new generation in dealerships in the meantime.

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Full November 2011 Top 10 Ranking Table below.

Europe November 2011:

1VW Golf37,0593.6%-2%1449,8823.6%-2%11
2VW Polo28,4132.7%0%2329,8912.6%0%23
3Opel Corsa23,8862.3%2%5288,8572.3%-1%45
4Ford Fiesta23,7532.3%-16%3322,9692.6%-15%32
5Renault Clio22,4142.1%-13%4273,7052.2%-12%54
6Opel Astra21,9562.1%3%8265,6742.1%-1%67
7VW Passat19,4321.9%116%6235,7241.9%57%822
8Renault Megane19,2071.8%-12%7221,3601.8%-9%109
9Ford Focus18,7591.8%-15%9260,7492.1%6%78
10Peugeot 20716,7071.6%-27%10225,8061.8%-20%96


Note: These figures include the 27 European Union countries plus Switzerland, Norway and Iceland, and minus Bulgaria, Romania and Malta.

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