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Romania: 1969-2023 detailed Historical Data now available

A 1998 facelift enabled the Dacia 1310 to rank #1 until 2000.

May 2020 update: Now with All-brands and All-models from 1995 to 2006 and annual volumes from 1985 onwards (4 new articles and 6 updated articles). The links to all 26 Historical articles for Romania are below.

BSCB is offering you coverage of the Romanian market for the past 50 years, with specific brands and models data starting in 1995. Over the period, Dacia first surged to an almost unfathomable 86.7% share in 1997 to then fall to 37.4% in 2006 under the weight of numerous imported brands arriving into the market. Local producer Daewoo manages to hold almost 20% of the Romanian market in 1995 and 1996 but would never match that level again, while Renault crossed the symbolic 10% share milestone for the first time in 2006.

The Dacia Solenza topped the Romanian charts in 2003 and 2004.

Model-wise, witness the successive leaderships of the Dacia 1300/1310, a rebadged Renault 12, leader in Romania for three decades (19692000), the short reigns of the SupeRNova (2001-2002) and Solenza (20032004) before the launch of the Dacia Logan in September 2004. Instantly grabbing 33% of the market that month and growing to a record 44% share May 2006, the Logan would trigger one of the biggest global success story in the automotive industry. It has ranked #1 for 18 years but would see its streak of 198 consecutive months at #1 stop in March 2021 when the Dacia Duster ranked #1.

The Dacia Logan started an 18 year-long reign at home in 2005.

Romania Historical Data:

Romania 1969-1984: Dacia 1300/1310 moulds the country’s car landscape

Romania 1985-1994: Car market survives troubled times (new)

Romania 1995: Dacia 1310 above 60% share (new)

Romania 1996: Dacia crosses 70% share milestone in market above 100.000 units (new)

Romania 1997: Dacia leaps to record 86.7% share, monopolises podium (new)

Romania 1998-2000: Last years of domination for the Dacia 1310 (updated)

Romania 2001-2002: Dacia SupeRNova new best seller (updated)

Romania 2003: Dacia Solenza takes the lead (updated)

Romania 2004: Dacia Solenza repeats at #1, Logan launches in record market (updated)

Romania 2005: Dacia Logan takes charge at 35.1% share in record market (251.407) (updated)

Romania 2006: Logan reaches record 44% share of passenger cars in May (updated)

Romania 2007: Logan’s volume stable, share down to 30%

Romania 2008: Logan at 25%, Sandero arrives

Romania 2009: Logan at 24%, Sandero #2

Romania 2010: Logan at 26.4%, Duster #4

Romania 2011: Logan at its lowest, Duster #3

Romania 2012: Logan #1 for 8th year in a row

Romania 2013: Dacia Logan and Duster on top

Romania 2014: Dacia Logan celebrates one decade on top

Romania 2015: Dacia Logan celebrates 11 years in pole position

Romania 2016: Dacia Logan leads strongest market this decade

Romania 2017: Logan, Duster, Sandero: podium 100% Dacia for the first time

Romania 2018: Logan, Duster and Sandero make podium 100% Dacia again in highest market this decade

Romania 2019: Dacia Logan enjoys 15th straight win, Duster and Sandero break records in 6th consecutive double-digit market gain (+23.4%)

Romania 2020: Dacia Logan at lowest share, Duster and Sandero at highest in market down -21.8%

Romania 2021: Dacia Logan challenged by Duster, Spring, market off -4%

Romania 2022: Dacia Logan below 10% for the first time, Top 4 100% Dacia

Romania 2023: Dacia Logan resumes complete domination, Top 5 100% Dacia

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  1. Hello, I would like to state that I think the data after 2004 may be inaccurate. I know they are taken from APIA (Auto Producer and Importer Association in Romanian), but Renault and Dacia official websites quote different, higher values.

    First of all, it’s not extremely unlikely that Renault is exagerating, but if they are, then so are all other car makers, so I would rather trust them and Wikipedia than some association.

    Second, data presented here in Top 10 tables does not mention sales of the pick-up and station wagon models, so that may be the cause of the differences.

    I will try to investigate on my own and will post again if I find out anything useful, but for anyone looking for reliable stats, I would recommend wikipedia for post-2004 data.

    1. Hi Bogdy,
      Thanks for your comment.
      The APIA is the only official Romanian body that publishes car sales data in Romania.
      The APIA figures I have selected do not include commercial vehicles so this is why they are lower. The station wagon (MCV) version of the Dacia Logan is included in the Logan sales each year, unless otherwise stated.
      The wikipedia link you included details sales for Dacia models around the world, not just in Romania.
      I stand by the APIA 🙂

      1. Hello again

        Matt, you’re prefectly right. Well, I’ve done some research and compiled this file (it regards the sales of Dacia, perhaps not entirely relevant to this website’s purpose):

        Most of the numbers seem to fall in place, but I’m not sure what to make of the graph from this page:

        Oh well… congratulations for your blog, Matt, it’s a delight for stat-enthusiasts like myself

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