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Hungary: 1993-2023 Historical Data now available

The Suzuki Swift held 23.5% of the Hungarian market in 1999

The direct links to 26 Historical Data post are below.

Today we are extending our Historical coverage of Hungary by 5 years, now going back to 1993 and spanning close to 30 years. We have added All-brands data from 1993 to 2000. Hungary is a fascinating market that has completely changed its structure over the period. While in 1993 Lada was still the most popular brand, this quickly shifted to Opel from 1994 to 1996. From 1997 up until the 2009 recession that saw the market crumble down by 60%, local producer Suzuki completely obliterated the market and placed one of its nameplate in the annual Hungarian pole position each year except 2003 (Skoda Fabia). The Suzuki Swift held an immense 23.5% market share in 1999, the Wagon R+ led in 2002, the Ignis in 2004 and back to Swift from 2005 to 2008. In 2007, Suzuki even monopolised the Hungarian podium, placing the Swift at #1, SX4 at #2 and Ignis at #3.

The Suzuki Ignis was the Hungarian best-seller in 2004

2009 changed everything: the Ford Focus took the lead and kept it in 2010 before being passed by the Skoda Octavia in 2011. The previous generation Opel Astra, renamed Astra Classic, was the best-seller in 2012 but its discontinuation the following year left an open field for the Skoda Octavia to reclaim its throne from 2013 onwards. 2015 marked the first time in seven years that Suzuki had to wait until 2016 marked the first time in eight years a Suzuki was the best-seller in Hungary (the Vitara). The brand also reclaimed its throne that year.

Hungary Historical Data:

Hungary 1993: Last year of reign for Lada

Hungary 1994-1995: Opel best-seller, Suzuki up, Daewoo lands

Hungary 1996: Opel, Suzuki and Daewoo on top

Hungary 1997: Suzuki takes control

Hungary 1998-1999: Suzuki Swift and Opel Astra dominate

Hungary 2000: Suzuki down 12% to 21.1% in record market

Hungary 2002: Suzuki Wagon R+ best-seller

Hungary 2003: Skoda Fabia takes the lead

Hungary 2004: Suzuki Ignis in pole position

Hungary 2005: New generation Suzuki Swift starts with a bang

Hungary 2006: Suzuki celebrates 10 consecutive years at #1

Hungary 2007: Suzuki places 3 models on podium

Hungary 2008: Suzuki Swift and SX4 on top, Splash arrives

Hungary 2009: Ford Focus takes the lead in dire market

Hungary 2010: Ford Focus, Skoda Octavia and Opel Astra on podium

Hungary 2011: Skoda Octavia spreads its wings

Hungary 2012: Previous gen Opel Astra new #1

Hungary 2013: Skoda Octavia reclaims top spot

Hungary 2014: Skoda Octavia #1, Opel Mokka at world best

Hungary 2015: Suzuki Vitara lands at #2 in market up 14%

Hungary 2016: Suzuki resumes domination after 8 year-lull

Hungary 2017: Suzuki and Vitara #1 again, biggest volume since 2008

Hungary 2018: Suzuki places two models on podium for first time in 10 years: Vitara (#1) and SX4 S-Cross (#3)

Hungary 2019: 6th straight double-digit gain (+15.6%), Suzuki scores first 1-2 since 2008 with Vitara and SX4 S-Cross

Hungary 2020: Suzuki and Vitara #1, Toyota (+15.6%), Fiat (+22%) go against market down -18.9%

Hungary 2021: Suzuki Vitara and SX4 S-Cross on top again in market off -4.8%

Hungary 2022: Suzuki S-Cross ends 6 years of Vitara domination, market down -8.5%

Hungary 2023: Toyota #1, Suzuki S-Cross in the lead again

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