Iran: 1967-2016 Historical Info available


Historical Info for Iran all the way up to 1967 is now available on BSCB, with the #1 best-seller only available for the 1967-2001 period. Please get in touch if you have more detailed info.

Iran 1967-2001: Paykan monopolises the market

Iran 2002-2004: Saipa Pride & Paykan most popular

Iran 2010: Saipa Pride rules, Tiba lands, Peugeot 405 still #2

Iran 2011: Last good showing for Peugeot…

Iran 2012: Saipa Pride still #2, Iran Khodro Runna continues to improve

Iran 2013/1392: Now with Top 20 most produced models

Iran 2013/1392: Now with Top 90 best-selling imports

Iran 2015/1394: Exclusive production and imports figures available

Iran 2016/1395: Saipa Pride & Peugeot 405 lead, Brilliance H330 in Top 10

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