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Iran 2001: Iran Khodro Paykan celebrates 35 years as best-seller in record market (365.932)

The Iran Khodro Paykan has now been #1 in Iran for 35 consecutive years.

The Iranian new car market continues to gallop ahead with a stunning 28% surge in 2001 to a new record 365.932 units, cementing a 7th consecutive record year and an almost 5-fold increase since 1995 (77.500). Iran Khodro (+14.4%) sees its market share slip under 40%, Saipa (+24.1%) also edges down to 23% but Peugeot (+58.6%) improves to 20.5% and Nissan (+59.5%) to 6.6%. Korean carmaker Daewoo (+61.7%) overtakes Renault (-9%) to break into the Top 5.

Model-wise, the Iran Khodro Paykan (+13.8%) celebrates 35 consecutive years atop the Iranian charts with an imposing 34% share, adding the Saipa Pride (+23.2%) at 22.8% share means these two symbolic vehicles still hold 56.8% of the Iranian market in 2001. The Peugeot RD (+8%) holds onto the third spot but this time the Peugeot 405 (+57.7%) is catching up, knocking the Paykan Pickup (+11.2%) down to #5. The Peugeot 206 sedan lands directly at #7, distancing the Daewoo Cielo (+87.9%) and Renault Sepand (-9%). Launched in 2000, the Paykan replacement, the Iran Khodro Samand, creeps up to #17 with a meagre 1.345 sales this year.

Full Year 2001 Top 15 All-brands and Top 25 All-models below.

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